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Chapter 1.

" I really dono what I could have done for him to react like that, all I told him was that I was adopted and then I found him with that slut." I was so over that relationship.

" Bella you honestly think it's cause you're adopted that he cheated, he was a scumbag there is no excuse he could dare give you, now you go for a shower and get ready, we're going out tonight, Jasper told me about a new club that's just after opening up, Phoenix I think he called it." I knew Rosalie was serious at that stage, I saw how her nose crinkled up and her crease between her eyebrows became more prominent.

Rosalie and me have been friends since I moved to Forks when I was 17, now 9 years later we're like sisters, she was more of a family to me then my adoptive parents Renee and Charlie.

Renee had really tried when I first arrived but it seemed almost like she was scared of me. I knew about my family history but it never mattered to anyone before that, I was relieved that no one in Forks knew about it.

Charlie was more of the silent type, I only saw him on weekends for maybe an hour, he was always working but Renee really did try making up for him.

" Ok but I jus' wan' you to know I will not be enjoying myself tonight... I'm only out to keep you quiet."

I hopped in the shower as Rose went to her room to get ready . When I came out I found my outfit ready on my bed, a royal blue strapless dress to the knee with my red peep toes and a red bow in my hair. My hair pieces were my trademark as Rose and Jazz had reminded me numerous times.

I met Jazz in orientation in my freshman year of collage and now we are both working as professors in the very same university. He was an amazing friend, he was always there for me and we had tried to make our friendship more but it never worked out.

As I walked out of my room I saw a hint of Rose and my self confidence went down the toilet, she was amazingly stunning, she had long blonde hair and the most amazing body. She was the epitome of every man's dreams and she knew it. She was wearing a red one shoulder dress and heels that made it look like her legs went on for days.

" Hey daydreamer, you all set?"

"Yup, lets go." I knew I might as well try to enjoy myself, its not like James would be at home crying into a duvet about me, I doubted he even cared about me while we were together not to mention now that I'm not his problem any more.

As we arrived I noticed the line of people into the club, as per usual Rose walked up to the bouncer as if she owned the club and got us in in a minute. She really was talented. Jacob ,Irina and Jasper were already waiting for us in the club .

I followed Rose to the bar and then went to the table the guys were after getting for us. As the night went on the drink was flowing and I suddenly decided I wanted to dance so I was begging Jacob to come dancing with me.

" I know its your favourite song Bells but you know you'll prob injure me and everybody else here." Jacob laughed as he wrapped his arms round me.

" Shut up and just dance with me , there's a good boy!" I waddled my ass as I patted him on the head like a little puppy.

Yeah , yeah, im in charge now

Im a star and I bought my fucking cast out,

I live a very very very wild lifestyle,

Heidi and Audrina eat your heart out,

I used to listen to you dont wanna bring arms house

I got so many clothes I keeps em in ma aunts house,

Disturbing London baby we about to branch out,

Soon ill be the king like Prince Charles Child, Yeah!

As the song played on I moved my hips and tried to not fall over my feet as Jacob grinded up against me. I was best friends with Jacob since my 18th birthday when I bought my first car and got a puncture driving it back home only to be rescued by Jacob and now he's teaching mechanics. I could feel him breathing heavily on my neck untill I felt him being yanked away from me.

"So here you are, trying to cheat on me already? Really Isabella?" I recognised that voice, I turned around and tripped from the speed of my movement and the amount of alcohol in my system, I flinched as I was about to meet the ground but James grabbed me and propped me up.

"James…. Wh…what are you doin' here?" I could hear myself slurring the words and suddenly became very aware of what I was wearing and I tried covering up a little bit by folding my arms around my chest. James didn't really like me in dresses, he never wanted other men to ogle me.

" Oh don't act coy little Isabella, I knew this was guna happen… You know your coming home with me ya?" with that James grabbed my arm roughly and tried pulling me away, only then did I realise that Jacob was being held back by two of James's cousins, Demetri and Felix.

" Jus' fucking leave her James you know she doesn't want to go home with you, leave now and there'll be no trouble. " I saw James turn around to Jacob and punch him square in the stomach, I didn't realise what I had done till I felt the sting on my hand, I was after slapping James across the face.

" Oh you will regret this., oh and Jacob I will take Bells is it? Home. She is mine after all." He always did this possessive shit with me when we were together and I hated it so I have no idea what was going through his head at that very moment , where were the bouncers in this club right now?

" Firstly leave Jacob go and I'll go home with you, and secondly I am no ones James so give this possessive shit a rest ." I spat the words with such rage. How dare he talk to me like I was his.

I felt him grab my by the waist and pinch my sides as he whispered, " Oh just wait , you will be mine." I tried pushing him away but he held me even tighter.

" James you're hurting me, please let me go I can walk myself."

" No way, you'll run over there to those bitches in the corner." I could hear it from his voice he was getting so angry with me. I knew if I said one wrong word there would be trouble.

"I think she made it clear she doesn't want to go home with you. Now get your hands off her James and get the fuck out of my club." I heard a velvety voice shout from behind me as James was dragged away from me. When I turned around I saw the most amazing sight. He was amazing, he had unruly golden sex-hair, piercing green eyes and a chiselled jaw. I looked him up and down trying to take him all in he had a fitted black t-shirt on with dark jeans.

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