disclaimer: Pokemon isn't mine.
for: Bijjou, hope you like it. :)
notes: The italics are Pokemon moves- just fire and electric.

sunny day
in the end all you need is warmth.

You approach her asking her to give a fiery, hot battle— just so your friend may actually feel the passion of battling again. There were many other trainers there, but her flame was brighter than any other flame there. You were envious, but you were also curious— this girl, Dawn, she was like a sunny day, giving energy to the flames of his Pokémon.

She gave Volkner energy, after all.

After that, Volkner wouldn't stop talking about her and it irritated you. She hasn't arrived to battle the Elite Four yet, still opting to stay in Sunyshore City for a while. Volkner follows her, charms her with his spark. And she laughs and giggles because she is a girl— and Volkner, he's nothing like you.

Volkner is suave, and just the ideal prince for girls just like her— stealing the other men's thunder, without even trying. He's also your best friend.

You on the other hand, are just an eruption of emotions, overheating from the feelings that you think could be love. Love is a sacred fire, and you still don't understand, how you can have some emotion for a girl— she's a mere child, but she's so much more.

She's your Sunny Day, but she's the reason of Volkner's Spark.

One day, she arrives— you can see the fire spin in her eyes, as she grips the pokéball with confidence that you dreamed of. (she is nothing but a child that managed to get under your skin, but somehow she is so much more— you've known this for a while; the battle just confirmed it. and as you lost, lost, lost— it didn't really matter, as you ruffled her hair and told her never to lose her flame.)

In the end, she lost to Cynthia (and it was so heartbreaking seeing her cry, cry; cry about this defeat— and all you could do was watch her as she ran back from the rooms that she came from, when she finally broke down.)

You offer to train her with your fire punch and blaze kick, and she laughed at your jokes— and you smiled, because her tears are a weakness, she is a weakness. A beautiful one, though. And little by little you watch as she glows brighter than any fire. (but in the end, she refused your offer. she is a strong child, who just wants to stand on her own two feet on her own.)

And slowly her resolve of standing alone is breaking, her heart is floundering, fluttering and somehow your smiles are carving a spot on her heart. (there are days though, when the sky is full of thunderbolts and thunder in which the mention of Volkner's name— a faraway look in her eyes occur, and she misses him. secretly, those are the days you hate most because on those days, only he can make her smile.)

But after thunder and rainfall comes sunshine, warmth. And she is your Sunny Day, she is the one who yearns for warmth. And you realize, and maybe one day she'll realize that only you can give her warmth.