United States of Hetalia Production

I thought of this mini-series while traveling out of state yet again. This is no attempt to bash airports or anything. This is just a guess about what nations have to go through every time they go to meetings. And things that tick people off whenever you travel a lot.

I don't own Hetalia. Or Airports.

Side note: America and Canada work for the airport. Cuz I say so.

England quickly got out of the gate after the plane landed.

The next day's meeting was at America's house, so England had to go through this process yet again.

England enjoys travel as much as the next nation, but there was one part of the airport he detested.

The luggage claim.

England scowled as he saw the people crowd around the conveyor full of luggage. He managed to squeeze his way into the crowd and started search for his luggage.

"Um... Arthur?" one of his fairies asked.


"Did you remember to tie the pink and green ribbons to your luggage so you can see which ones are yours?"

"... Oh son of a-"

"Look! There's one of your bags!"

England rolled up his sleeves and grabbed his bag. He pulled as hard as he could... and it wasn't much... in fact the luggage claim was dragging the nation along...

"Why I put so many spell books in here?" England hissed.

The security guard raised an eyebrow. "Uh... You need help with that, dude?"

"No! No! I can handle it!"

Five seconds later...

"Yeah. I need backup. We have a B14. 'British dude stuck in the luggage claim door' again."

England sighed, then tried once again to get himself and his luggage out of the exit hole. "Bloody hell..."

Random mini-series idea.