Another idea. How could I possibly forget this?

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"Romano! Can I have the window seat?"

"Fine, whatever, tomato-bastard."

Romano and Spain just got into the plane. They were on their way to a meeting in Florence.

"Attention passengers," the pilot said. "There seems to be storm heading this way, so the flight is going to be delayed, eh. Just sit there until the storm passes, eh."

Romano groaned. "Great! Just great!"

"Relajarse, Romano! It isn't that bad!"

Cue the random dude, that smelled strongly of potatoes, sitting next to Romano. Romano glared at Spain in a way that said 'This is your fault, bastard.'

Two hours later...

"Attention, passengers, the storm has passed and we can leave now, eh."


Kick. Romano looked at the grouchy little kid behind his chair.

"You mind, kid?"

Kick. Kick.

'Just ignore it, Romano... Just a brat."

Kick. Kick. Kick.


"R-Romano!" Spain had to wrestle Romano back into his seat. "Calm down! The flight attendant with the snacks is coming!"

Romano immediately relaxed and got his 'happy face' on. He turned to the aisle with a smooth "Ciao~."

"Hey, dude." said the MALE flight attendant. "What do you want?"

Romano slouched back into his seat. "Nothing." Dammit.

Spain looked at Romano. "Estas bien? You look mad."

Romano glared at Spain. "I AM mad, you stupid bas-"

"Romano! Don't swear, there are children here." Spain noticed his companion sink lower into his chair. "Maybe you need a siesta."

Romano sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe he did need a siesta-

Cue the crying baby.

'Ignore it, Romano. Just take your f_ing siesta.'

Kick. Kick. Kick.

'Ignore it. Ignore it! IGNORE IT, DAMMIT!'

Suddenly there was a weight on his shoulder. Romano looked to see that Spain had fallen asleep, and was using him as a pillow.

"Remember, passengers. Three more hours of our flight, eh."

'I f_ing hate flying.'

Me: Ah~. Why did I not type this sooner? ^_^

Romano: ... Why the hell did it have to be me?

Me: Easiest to annoy, Roma~.

Romano: (sigh) Review, dammit.