Warning! This is not a real event in the history of the world; it is my own vast imagination. Also, this is yaoi! People, who don't like it shouldn't read it, then make annoying comments on it! Flames will keep me warm because I'm a pyromaniac!

Disclaimer: I wish this was my show, but then it wouldn't be as good *sad*

This belongs to the maker and writer of this wonderful manga and anime and has copyright on all of the characters.

The Only Exception

Germany ran though the crowd, trying to find the little Italian nation that he was so in love with. Running past the people yelling, barrels rolling, and the clip-clop of the horses feet on the pavement, he finally arrived at the place when he knew Italy would go.

He would go to the hillside.

Looking only for a few minutes, Germany found Italy curled up in a ball by the place when they left each other when they were younger, him as the Holy Roman Empire and Italy as his much younger self. He felt so sad that day when he had to run away from his home, his life, his Italy. Never again will Italy have to cry like this, never again will he be afraid.

He gently took Feliciano into a warm hug, noticing how the Italian gasped and tensed up. "Don't worry." Ludwig said into his Feli's ear.

"I won't go away this time."


…..I needed that...for some odd reason... This took me about half a year to finish THIS!...I suck at writing .;;; Not cool man, not cool.