Chapter One: I'm your what?

So this is my first Final Fantasy XIII story. Enjoy!

"I'm your guys what now?" Hope yelled as he stared wide-eyed at Snow and Serah. The two lovers looked at each other then back at the young man before them.

"Well we feel that you are the most capable to—"Snow began but was interrupted by Hope.

"Plan your wedding?" Hope yelled once again. He was way too young to plan a wedding.

"Now Hope." Serah began, ignoring the agitated glare she was receiving from the young silver haired boy. "We would've asked Lightning but we feel that she isn't the kind of "girl" to plan a romantic and wonderful wedding and an after party. Plus, we didn't want to waste time finding a real wedding planner. So I guess we were—"Serah was cut off by Hope.

"Desperate?" Hope finished the sentence with annoyance clear in his voice.

"Desperate is such a—"Snow was about to finish until a pillow was thrown at him. He looked at Hope, who was now carrying another pillow.

"Please Hope, do it for us?" Serah said in a soft tone, giving him puppy dog eyes. Hope just stood there until he finally nodded his head. Serah looked to Snow who was grinning.

"But..." Hope said. Both Snow and Serah looked at the young teen. "You have to do something for me."

"Like?" Serah asked.

"First, you have to convince my dad to let me go to your guys wedding after party, since I am planning it." Serah nodded as did Snow. "Second…" A grin suddenly appeared on his face, which made the couple nervous. "You two must promise to take me to the new amusement park that was just recently built on the island where your honeymoon is located." Hope finished.

"Oh hell—"Snow was about to yell until Serah's hand covered his mouth.

"Deal." Serah said.

"What?" Snow said with his mouth still covered.

"We should Snow. It's kind of what we get for giving Hope such a big responsibility to fulfill." Serah said and released her hand from Snow's mouth.

"But, but, but—"Snow stuttered until he was interrupted, yet again, but this time by Hope.

"I'm glad we could work things out. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to be alone so I can start planning your wedding." Hope said in a satisfied tone and walked out of his living room.

"I can't believe you said deal." Snow grumbled in small anger.

"Snow, don't be mad. Besides, like I said, we owe him. Nothing will go wrong." And with that said, she stood up and walked out of the room.

"I hope so." Snow said and followed his soon-to-be wife out of the room.

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