The kidnapping of Claudia Krelborne

By; Dusty the Innocent and Showtunediva

Chapter 1

"Patches!" Claudia called to the little brown and red puppy excepting him to come immediately after laying her stuff down. No Patches. She found this odd because ever since the family had gotten from Trevor, the puppy had taken a real attachment to her. Shrugging, she crossed over to the living room, laid her crutches down and hobbled over to the couch. After resting her ankle on a pillow she grabbed a sketch book and began sketching her bear which oddly sat on the floor in front of her. As she was sketching she heard Patches little squeaky bark from the closet. "Patches?" she said, raising up and began making her way to the closet. She was almost there when she felt someone grab her from behind. Taking from shock and forgetting that her cousin was out with his wife, began letting out muffled screams for him. She kicked in her attacker's arms as he tried to drag her way and that leading her to the little room where she painted and such sending markers, crayons, colored pencils, brushes flying everywhere. The paint jars shattered making paint stain the carpet. She felt something pierce her arm, and she limped. Her attack began dragging her out, making sure to stop once by the kitchen to stick a note to the door, and ignoring the dog's barking, went outside and threw the little girl in his car and drove off

Notes: This is a collaboration between myself and Dusty The Innocent which is a sequel to our first fic titled Danger To A Young Child. That fic can be found on Dusty The Innocent's profile. DTI will be writing the odd numbered chapters and I will be writing the even numbered chapters. Neither of us own the rights to any Little Shop characters. Claudia and Patches are Dusty The Innocent's original characters.

Plot Synopsis : Criminal master mind or kidnapping victim? Claudia gets kidnapped. The ransom : The secret formula Seymour used to keep Audrey II alive. But the detective handling the case seems to think Claudia planned it all. Is it true or false?