Long awaited Sequel to 'The Hunted'. Hermione and Ginny are back at Hogwarts for the seventh year while Ron and Harry are away at Auror Training. Hermione is keen to get her studies back on track but not everyone at Hogwarts shares her enthusiasm. Not everyone is thrilled to have her there. Meanwhile, Harry and Ron endure the hard tasks ahead of them in order to become Aurors. Begins at Hogwarts and transitions into the real world after studies and training. Rated T for language, sexual themes and violence.

The Fallen

by Emma Brown


Dear Ron,

Hermione lifted her quill off her parchment and glanced around her. It was quite late in the evening and her roommates had all gone to bed hours ago. Hermione, however, could not for the life of her fall asleep. She had so many thoughts running through her mind about the week she had just had-her first week back at Hogwarts. She wasn't sure if she would consider it a decent first week back or a dreadful one.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Returning to Hogwarts, I mean. I'm not sure it was such a good idea after all. I can't enter a corridor or classroom without imagining the battle.

She sighed and glanced at her roommates. Ginny was sound asleep, her red hair fanned out over her white pillow. Jade was snoring slightly, her short blonde hair covered in curlers and bows. Romilda slept silently, the blankets covering her completely from head to toe.

Jade and Romilda are really quite nice. Much better roommates than Lavender and Pavarti ever were. They ask a lot of questions, though. Everyone does. This leads me to believe that returning to Hogwarts was a mistake. Everyone treats me as though I'm some sort of celebrity. I now know what Harry's been feeling like all these years and it's dreadful. I get asked to recount our adventures over the last year at least three times a day. Ginny and Luna are always great when they see someone doing this. They tell them to get lost, or just start talking about Wrackspurts. I'll let you guess who does what.

Her quill lifted off the parchment again and Hermione flexed her hand as she felt a cramp setting in. She knew she should be getting to bed room. She had an early Potions lesson in the morning that she had to be awake for-however she knew the moment she closed her eyes, thoughts would start speeding through her mind a mile a minute. It was impossible to sleep when your mind was awake.

I miss you so much Ron. It's so different-being here without you. I find myself waiting for you in the Common Room each morning to get breakfast. I turn around in my seat during lessons thinking I'm going to find you sitting behind me. The castle is so large but it feels so empty without you in it. I hope you're having a good time with your training and staying safe. Please, stay safe. I don't want you to get a scratch, understand? Please give my love to Harry. Tell him the same rules apply. I love you so much Ron and I can't wait to see you.

Love always,


PS: Hagrid says hello.

Hermione sighed loudly and cringed, shooting her roommates a glance. She saw that they were not disturbed from their slumber. She quickly sealed her envelope and set it on her bedside table. She leaned backwards and allowed her head to rest on her pillow. After a few minutes, she tossed her duvet off, extremely frustrated with herself for being such an insomniac. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and slipped her feet inside her slippers. She tied her dressing gown around her body and picked up her letter to Ron.

Quietly creeping out of the girls dormitories, Hermione walked into the common room, pausing only to wake up a sleeping third year that had fallen asleep on the couch. She was no longer a prefect and she did not get elected Head Girl, but that did not mean she would not take charge and help those who needed it. Once she saw that the young boy was up the steps towards the dormitories, she continued on her journey.

The corridors were dark-illuminated only by a few torches that hung on the wall. She walked swiftly, not wanting to be caught by Filtch on her night-time stroll. She found her desired staircase and took two steps at a time. Once she reached the owlery, her legs were burning and her breaths were coming out in short gasps. There were only a few owls fluttering around. Most of the school owls were lost during the battle. The few remaining were only to be used during emergencies. Hermione knew that writing to her boyfriend would not be considered an emergency, but she did not have an owl of her own and she needed to converse with him. It was hard enough not being able to see him every day.

'Hey there,' Hermione whispered soothingly to a grey coloured owl who perched itself a few feet away from her. 'Would you like to deliver this for me?'

The owl hooted excitedly. Hermione grinned and stroked its neck before gently tying her letter to its leg.

'You must take this to the Ministry,' Hermione said. 'The Auror department.'

She hated not knowing where Ron was, but the locations of the Auror's were never disclosed, even if it was just training. She was to send all her letters to the Auror department at the Ministry and they would forward them to their recipients.

The owl nipped her finger affectionately before flying off into the night. Hermione walked towards the railings and looked out over the dark grounds. Everything was so peaceful this time of night. The forest was quiet, the lake, soundless. Hagrid's hut was dark, causing Hermione to grin as she thought about the sleeping giant inside. After a few more moments, Hermione took a deep breath and walked back towards Gryffindor tower, wanting to salvage the remaining hours of darkness to try and get to sleep.

'Where did you go last night?'

Hermione stopped short after exiting the loo. She was met with Ginny who was sitting on her bed, waiting for her. The redhead wore a knowing smile, her head resting in her palm.

'I just went to send a letter,' Hermione answered, fixing her tie. She did not miss wearing a uniform, but she had to admit, it was better than having to choose a different outfit each and every day. 'Sorry if I woke you.'

'Was the letter to Ron?' Romilda asked, still lying in bed.

'If you must know, yes.' Hermione said, walking towards her new roommate. 'And you better get yourself ready or you'll be late for lessons.'

Romilda rolled her eyes. 'That would be quite a shame, wouldn't it? If I missed Potions this morning?'

'It would. We're taking our N.E.W.T.S this year, girls. We need to be present for every class until the exams.'

'Every class?' Romilda asked, her brown eyes widening. 'You're joking!'

'She's not,' Ginny said knowingly. She stood up and moved towards the mirror and began plaiting her hair. 'Seriously Hermione, you're going to get top grades like you always do. You don't have to be so uptight about everything,'

Hermione stared at her friend. 'I'm not uptight.'

'Hermione, we've only been friends for a week, but I've known you for about six years. You're kind of uptight.' said Jade, patting Hermione's shoulder. 'It's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean...if I was like you maybe I would have gotten more O.W.L.S and I would be in Potions with the three of you this morning.'

'I'm not uptight,' Hermione repeated, her voice rising a bit. 'Is it really so wrong that I want to get good grades?' They said nothing. 'I mean, I don't have to be here. I didn't have to come back, did I? I obviously chose getting an education and I've been given a second chance-why would I spoil it by missing lessons and not trying my hardest?'

Jade glanced at Romilda who glanced at Ginny. Ginny walked towards her friend with wide eyes, her hair half done. 'Hermione, we were just joking...is everything alright?'

'Of course,' Hermione answered, her voice returning to her normal volume. 'Of course, I'm sorry. I'm just tired. I didn't get much sleep last night-as you know. Sorry,'

'Don't apologize.' Jade said swiftly. There was a pause. 'Well, we should get breakfast. It'll be cleared away soon and lessons start in thirty minutes. Romilda, go on and get dressed.'

Romilda nodded and quickly jumped out of bed, running towards the loo. Hermione watched as Ginny went back to tending her hair while Jade began applying makeup. She let out a soft sigh and ran her fingers through her wild mane. She had to control herself-she wanted this year to be amazing. She didn't want to cause problems with her roommates already and she certainly did not want Jade and Romilda to think she was nutters.

'You girls ready?' Romilda asked, walking out of the loo a few moments later. They all nodded and started out of the dormitories, Ginny linking her arm with Hermione's.'I hope there's bacon,'

Just a simple start. I have big ideas for this story, so I hope you stay tuned.

Now, just a few things: some of you may be wondering why Hermione is not Head Girl. I debated long and hard if she would be elected into the position and decided that since Hermione isn't with her fellow students in her grade, it would be wrong to take the position away from another student who could have been working just as hard to get the job. Also, know that Hermione wouldn't want special treatment once she returned to Hogwarts just because of what she's done the pervious year.

Another thing, don't worry! This story is not going to only be Ron and Hermione conversing through letters, although for awhile that might be the case. They will have their moments, through letters and in person so don't fret.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter and stick with me for the remaining chapters.