Chapter 34

Cristina went and put Kevin in the daycare, she said a quick hi to her Goddaughters Zola and Sofia and then headed down towards the residents locker room. Cristina knew everyone was going to be talking so she decided to act totally normal and show everyone that she was totally fine with the whole Burke situation.

As soon as Cristina walked in she saw Mer sitting there with 2 coffees and a huge fake smile on her face

"Hey! There you are! I bought you a coffee!"

Mer never bought Cristina coffee unless something happened

"Why did you buy me a coffee Mer?"

"Well I just thought that you needed one and I was here early so I thought you would like one!"

"Thank you for the coffee...and I'm fine you only buy me something when you think I am going to freak out or something I am ok, I'm not going to think about the Burke thing we had a conversation and he's gone for good, well I hope he's gone for good but I don't think I will ever see him again"

"You talked to him? Oh my god! How did that go?"

"Well let's just say he thought we would have a pleasant conversation, and I was thinking the total opposite! I mean come on the man leaves me at the altar in the dress with no freakin eyebrows and he wants to sit down have coffee while we chat pleasantly about our lives? He's such an arrogant jerk! But anyways I pretty much summed up everything I felt about him and actually kind of got some closure from it"

"Soooo you're not going to freak out and start singing or something?"

One time Cristina had a bit of a breakdown again over Burke and all she did all day was go to the morgue and harvest hearts for Hahn while singing Like a Virgin

"No, I am fine totally fine I just want to work today! Get a good surgery and forget about him!"

As soon as Cristina said that Kepner came into the locker room with assignments for the day

"Grey your with Shepard, Avery your with Altman, Karev with Robbins, and Yang your with Bailey"

"What the hell! I'm not on Cardio today?"

"Not today! Bailey requested you actually...Have a good day everyone!"

Cristina made her way out to find Bailey

"Dr. Bailey you requested me today?"

"Uhhhh what? Who said that no I didn't!"

Bailey did request Cristina because wanted to make sure she was ok from what happened with the Burke thing yesterday and didn't want Cristina to know about it, she did not want to appear soft to her former interns, but she still cared a lot about them all. She also wanted to give her a solo surgery, Cristina deserved it after coming back from maternity leave she had, in some ways, become a better surgeon then she already was.

"Oh well Kepner told me you did."

"What is she talking about? I need to speak to that girl…So I heard you got a bit of a surprise yesterday from someone"

"Yes I did but I'm fine and I'm just ready to work!"

Bailey gave her the usual Bailey face like saying are you sure you're ok?

"Really Bailey I'm ok, I'm totally over it and I just want to have a good day at work and get some surgeries in, I want to cut today please I need to cut!"

"Alright you can cut because your flying solo today, you've got an appendectomy waiting for you here's the chart!"

"Really? Oh my god! Thank you Bailey!"

Cristina had done solo surgeries before but this was her first one since she was back from her maternity leave and she was very excited about it, even though it was just an appendectomy.

Cristina went into the patient's room and got her prepped and ready for surgery.

Meanwhile Owen was still doing a bunch of paperwork that he had to get finished by the end of the day, he was going to do all of it yesterday but he got a bit distracted. As he was in the middle of doing something he heard a knock at the door.

"Come in!"

"Are you busy?"

It was Teddy, she figured she better go and talk to Owen about what happened yesterday. Owen looked up.

"No actually I wanted to talk to you"

"I know Owen I am so sorry about Dr. Burke coming here, but I just thought he could help me with the surgery since I had never done a humpty dumpty before, but I didn't expect him to show up early either and I was going to call him like you said and tell him not to come but then he just came here so you can't really blame me for that. And Cristina seemed fine; Dr. Burke was actually very nice and a little charming."

"Oh so you thought he was charming? Well if you call charming an arrogant control freak then yeah sure the guy is charming! And Cristina was not fine she had not seen that man since he left her at the altar Teddy! She was not fine yesterday and she might put on a front like she was but inside she was not ok with him being here! Would you want to see a man that practically changed who you were then asked to marry you and left you up at the altar?"

Teddy didn't know that much about Burke and Cristina's past she knew they were engaged but she thought they broke up before they were supposed to get married

"He left her at the altar? I didn't know that! And what do you mean he changed her? Who could change her? She's Cristina, hard-core Cristina Yang!"

"Teddy there was a lot that went on between them that I don't want to get into but he was no good for her! And I know it wasn't your fault that he showed up, I know that! But just next time when you need a consult find someone else any other world renowned cardio surgeon; he is not welcome in this hospital Teddy"

"Ok Owen, I'm sorry next time I will get someone else but hopefully I won't need to call anyone next time, Burke told me Cristina pretty much did that surgery on her own…She will be back on my service tomorrow"

"Ok thank you Teddy"

Teddy walked out of Owens office. Owen needed to just get away for a bit the thought of Burke still made him a little mad, he knew just the place to go to get his mind off of things.

Cristina was feeling very good she did her appendectomy start to finish with no problems and no help from Bailey; she was on her way to see Owen in his office to tell him about her solo surgery.

When she got there he wasn't there she thought he would be doing a ton of paperwork, she knew the next place to check. Cristina made her way up to the daycare as she was about to walk in she stopped for a minute to look through the window. She saw her husband lying on the floor with Kevin in his arms, and Zola and Sofia crawling all over him.

Owen was tickling Kevin, and making funny faces at Zola and Sofia the kids were having such a fun time with Owen they couldn't stop laughing.

When Cristina walked in the daycare worker came up to Cristina

"Dr. Yang your husband likes getting the kids all worked up and then I have to be the one to calm them all down….but it is so cute how he is with them!"

Cristina laughed

"Yeah sorry about that he can be one big kid himself, you wouldn't think he was the Chief of Surgery when he's around this many kids!"

Owen looked up to see Cristina standing there just watching him

"Oh hey! I didn't see you there! I was just having some fun with the kids, needed a break from that mound of paperwork on my desk"

"Crissy, Crissy!"

Zola and Sofia came running over to Cristina they called her Crissy, Cristina tried to get both the girls to say Aunt Cristina but somehow Crissy stuck.

"Hey girls! Are you having fun with Uncle Owen?"

Zola and Sofia pulled at Cristina's hands; they wanted her to sit on the floor so they could crawl all over you. Cristina complied and sat on the floor next to Owen so the girls could play, they mainly played with her black curly hair.

"Hey little man! Are you feeling better today Kevin?"

Kevin smiled at his mum

"His fever is gone I gave him the antibiotics anyway just to get whatever it was out of his system but he seems to be doing much better"

"That's good! So guess what I got to do today?"

"What did you get to do?"

"Bailey gave me a solo surgery, it was just an appendectomy but it was my first since my maternity leave it felt really good I had no problems and didn't even need Baileys help"

"Congratulations Mrs. Hunt! Well I have some good news for you to; you're going to be back on Teddy's service tomorrow, I talked to her today"

"Oh thank god! I need to be back on Cardio ASAP! How did the talk with Teddy go?"

"It was fine I just told her to think before she called on a consult and told her to pick another surgeon to consult with"

Owen didn't want to tell Cristina about what Teddy had said about Burke being charming, Cristina seemed happy and didn't want to ruin that because Burke was anything but charming.

"Alright well I think we need to get back to work"

"Yeah I have to check on my patient"

Cristina and Owen said bye to the kids and headed back to where they needed to be. The end of the day rolled around and they were both very ready to go home and have a relaxing night with their son. Owen played his guitar and sang to Kevin and Cristina, they both played with Kevin for a bit until he fell asleep. Once Kevin was sound asleep in bed Cristina and Owen made their way to bed and had some very hot passionate sex to make things pretty from their quick and dirty sex they had that morning, and then fell asleep.

Cristina and Owen loved their life together and with their son, Cristina was so happy and so grateful for the huge life Owen had given her and could not imagine her life any different or with any other man.