My Redemption

A Roxie Hart oneshot

Background: This is a first person account of how Roxie felt about lying on the stand about being pregnant with Fred Casely's baby and how her and Amos get their relationship back on track. Disclaimer: I own nothing of Chicago Kander and Ebb do.

As much as I appreciate Billy Flynn and all her did for me for my trial one thing I didn't like was having to lie about being pregnant with Fred Casely's baby. I went along with that anyway even though I felt nasty about lying. The press was all over me but the attention wore off on me after a while. Amos actually looked excited that I was pregnant and I hated to see his crestfallen face when I said the baby (which wasn't even real to begin with) wasn't his. Fred Casely messed up my life and got me in jail.

After I found out I got acquitted the first thing I did was go home and go talk to Amos. The trial had gotten him so emotionally overwrought that he didn't even know what to with himself.

I let myself in through the back door and quietly went into the bed room to unpack my bag… not that it had much in it. Just a few nice outfits Billy had purchased for me for the trial and my bedclothes.. which smelled rancid and needed serious washing.. I then went out to the front of the house where Amos was working diligently on fixing an engine on a Chevy.

"So they let you go free, huh?"

He didn't look all that happy to see me.

"Aren't you glad?"

Amos glanced at me forlornly, there was silence for a few minutes.


Amos let out a long sigh.

"Yes, Roxie I am happy to see you. I'm just worried about us that's all."

In all honesty I could see why he would be worried. After all that had been said during the trial he had every single right to be uncertain. I had to clear things up immediately.

"What's got you so worried?"

"All this sneaking around."

"What sneaking around?"

"The sneaking around you were doing with Fred."

"Fred was a lunatic drunk who followed me home. I love you Amos, you know that."

"You weren't lying when you said you shot him out of self-defense?"

"Of course not, he tried to rape me. I was kind of mad you didn't call the cops on him."

I thought to myself 'That would have made things so much easier. The whole trial could have been avoided. We wouldn't even be having this conversation.'

"I've just felt so ignored by you Roxie.. you being so busy with your shows and all that. IT seems like you have no time for me."

My heart broke into a million pieces. I never knew he felt that way. I felt absolutely terrible.

"Amos I really am sorry. I promise to do better."

" What about the whole thing about the baby. Was that true?"

I couldn't look at him right away out of pure shame, I felt so horribly guilty about that whole aspect of the trail.

"That was Billy's idea to get attention from the press."

I then saw a way of hope at the end of this dismal conversation. Why couldn't we have kids someday?

"Amos , do you want to start over brand new? Maybe start a family of our own?"

I lifted my eyes to meet his. His eyes were gleaming with joy.

" I definitely want to start a family. That's what I've dreamed off since the day I met you."

I smiled.

'Here's to a new lease on life.' I thought to myself and went over to embrace my husband.