Deidara never got better. Sasori wasn't surprised at the mood swings or paranoia any longer; it was natural to him. Dealing with his partner's insanity had become second nature to him, which surprised most of the other Akatsuki members. While they didn't particularly hate the blond, he was just...tough to deal with.

Thankfully, the bomber had never figured out about the shadows. In fact, once he heard that the "intruders" were taken care of, he seemed to forget all about it.

Three weeks later, he was sitting on top of the gate, tapping at the structure's top. Sasori sat next to him, watching the blond with a bored look on his face. They had been sitting there for nearly two hours, and his partner hadn't said a word. "Danna, when's our next mission, un?" he finally asked. For the first time in weeks, he was having trouble start a conversation. Where had that come from?

Sasori almost asked the blond if he was sick, but decided against it. "Tomorrow, I think."

"Okay, un."

Silence lapsed over the two artists again. Why was he having such a hard time talking all of a sudden. "Have you been working on anything new?"

The blond shook his head. "Not really. I just made some C3 bombs the other day, but nothing more than that, un," he explained quickly, not even looking up from the structure. His fingernails were beginning to chip away at the paint, but not enough to be extremely noticeable. There were a few slivers of red missing, but they were only the size of his fingernail tips.

Rolling his eyes, Sasori grabbed hold of his partner's chin, forcing the younger boy to look at him. He didn't bother to ask the boy if he was all right; he already knew the response he'd get. Instead, he leaned forward and kissed him. Immediately, he was given the response of a tongue brushing over his lips.

Maybe everything was fine, and maybe it wasn't. How was that any different from usual? The blond was always temperamental, almost always freaking out about something, or gushing like a teenaged girl.

Nothing out of the ordinary by now.

So Sasori pulled away and let his boyfriend continue tapping at the structure. Later, he'd definitely hear what was on the blond's mind. Now just wasn't the time. And if he pushed the bomber a bit too far, they'd just get into a vicious argument.

As patiently as he could, the redhead watched his partner continue his thinking, still in silence. That was all right; he could deal with some quiet for a little while. He stretched himself out and threw his legs over the side of the structure.

That kid had always been crazy anyway.