Hey everybody this is my first story so please be gentle.

I was sitting the local coffee shop waiting for my partner to show up. I wasn't sure who he was the director just said that we had to meet at the coffee shop close to my apartment.

I was waiting their for a while the shop was completely empty, except for a couple in the corner. My partner was 45 minutes late, tardiness would not be acceptable in this field of work. Just as i was about to leave when the bells on the door chimed, and their stood a handsome man with run-your-fingers-through soft brown hair, and blue eyes, that looked like they were contacts.

"Are you chameleon?" He had asked, his voice was angelic but manly, rugged but soft. He seemed a bit cocky just by his appearance and that smirk that was constantly plastered on his face it was vey annoying. I'm not so sure were going to get along so well during this mission, but i'll just have to grin and bear it. He was wearing a white fitted shirt that clung to his muscular body, and slim cut dark jeans that complimented his body very well and outlined this upper body very well.

"Yes, i presume you must be shadow then" I replied

"sorry for the delay, i had a run in with an ex and i won't go on boring you with the details. I have our mission folders in my car maybe we should go somewhere private to discuss details." he had said quietly, trying not to draw any attention to our conversation.

I just nodded my head and relied "sure my apartment is just a few blocks from here maybe we should go there and talk"

"Okay lead the way"

We had gotten into my apartment in 3 minutes. We were silent to the whole way i guess he wanted to wait till we were in a safe zone to discuss details.

When we were in my apartment he had started "Thank god we can finally talk i was getting bored back there, I'm Zachary Goode but i prefer to be called Zach"

"uh Cammie Morgan" I said informally introducing myself."so whats this mission about?"

"Were supposed to tail a man around Rome. There has been a suspicion that he is involved in some kind of terrorist attacks, and their is going to be another one in the St. Peter's Basilica." He handed me my folder.

Cameron Morgan

Name: Angela Jennings

Status: In Rome on her honeymoon with her husband Jake Jennings(a.k.a JJ).

Appearance: Long dirty blond hair, Blue eyes, prefers lengthy clothing, and is colorful.

Personality: Kind, Lovable, can be a snob,

Likes: PDA with her husband, Dogs, Healthy active living, Extreme sports, Fruits and Jogging in the morning, Hiking, making her husband jealous, and spending quality time with her husband.

Dislikes: Junk food, Being lazy, Cats, and being out of the loop, girls hitting on her husband, and slutty girls

after reading through my cover I saw that Zach had just finished reading his so i asked "when do we leave?"

"tonight if possible, were going to be on this mission for a while. I'm already packed my stuff is in the car, how long do you think it'll take you to pack?" He asked

"about half an hour maybe less"

He just nodded and gestures for me to go on.

"As i was packing my suitcase i remembered i had a dress that would be prefect if we went out for dinner. I was trying to reach it, it was on the top of my closet. How did that get there? All well as i was reaching for it a dark smooth hand grabbed it before i cold.

"Here you go"

"Thanks. I'm done i just need to pack this and we can go"

"okay i'll get get the car ready and take this down" He said as he grabbed my suitcase

"It's okay i got it" I said trying to reach for it but he just pulled it out of my reach and started walking towards the door.

As we we were leaving my room, when 6 hooded figures appeared out of no where...

So what did you think so far? i thought i'd make my first chapter in my first story a little cliffy.