"Agent Cameron, I have to secure the jets and get the medical kit ready. I'll be leading the the second helicopter. Meet me when you have got the Morgans, we'll need all the help we can get when they are in our custody" Andrew said as a helicopter approached us

"Alright, we'll be over soon just get to Joe."

"Please hurry. Just listen to her" He said and then he was gone.

"What does he mean? What are you guys talking about?" Liz asked flustered and confused by the turn of events.

"Where is Cammie?" Macey demanded. Thank you someone gets to the point.

"I will explain, but we need to hurry. Please everybody get into the helicopter, everything will be explained" Agent Cameron urging us into the helicopter. I just wanted my Gallagher girl so i went, everyone else followed, i think they all just wanted Cammie back.

"Okay, were in. Now tell us" Bex demanded

"Cammie was taken by a terrorist group we call the COC, Circle of Cavan. They were the one who had taken Cammie's parents years ago. Matt and Rachel were the leaders who were on their case. Before they were taken Rachel had contacted me saying that she had a lead but she was scared since there was proof of double agents in the CIA, she needed people to go in as double agents and join with those who were in the CIA. In the time Joe volunteered to go in with Matt, Rachel could not go because she had Cammie. Joe and Matt were somewhat successful in mission, that was until the leader got her eyes stuck on Joe. At that point we lost Joe. Matt got out and Joe stayed saying that it was for the mission. I was sent in to retrieve him, but it was already too late Joe had given up Matt and Rachel and i was too late to save them." Abby was a little chocked up at this point, but then became angry "We had caught Joe and kept him in containment, I was sent to kill him, but i saw something in him. He was drugged or some sort of brainwashed and i was determined to clean him.

"I told the director of what happened, and we used this to our advantage. Joe felt immensely guilty, so he made it his personal mission to look after Cammie. On the side we worked on this mission. The only way to get back Matt and Rachel was for Joe to go back in. He had contacts that absorbed any chemicals that entered his body. We needed to get the leaders trust so we have long enough to get in get Matt and Rachel and then Joe will get Cammie. Its the only way."

"So what happened? Why is this all coming back?" I asked.

"When Matt was in the COC he stole something and crashed most of the equipment getting out. What he stole was a vital piece for the COC. It was the codes to all of their secrets there is only one, and even if we haven't cracked it yet, they desperately wanted it back. Matt gave the codes to Rachel in a form of a necklace, an don that night Rachel gave it to Cammie and after that all was lost. The machines have been rebuilt, but they need that last piece. Through the years the COC did come after her, but living with the director had its advantages and we took car of the others."

The captain spoke of us getting to our destination. "We are on an Island on the Indian Ocean, The main Island is just across. There are not a lot of guards here. There is a team ready to get Rachel and Matt , but we need a small figure to go in and block getting us from getting detected on the main island. They keep all there systems on this island" I could see why. It was plain and ordinary looking. There was no trace of any civilization what so ever.

At this point we all looked at Liz.

"No, no, no, no. I don't do field work. I strictly sit in my chair and work" Liz said

"Lizzie i would happily go in your place but we need you you. No one but you can do this. Cammie needs you. Please sweetie, lets finish this and go home" Macey pleaded

"Its all up to yo . You can go in or we have to wait another day to get a forensics scientist in" Abby said

Liz took a deep breath "Okay i'll do it"

"Very well. Bex and Macey will go in with you for protection. You stay in between them and run. Zach, Grant, Jason will go in and take down anyone else who could get out a signal to anyone on the other island. Jonas you stay here and communicate with Liz. There are computers on the side you have to accept everything she feeds you and try and keep eyes on out men."

We all nodded. "Okay guys lets kick some butt" Bex said excitedly

We all jumped out of the helicopter and broke off. "The entrance for the girls is north-east of your location about 12 feet. I've already cracked the code so go in, but there 3 guys on the other side.

"The boys go straight and you'll have about 8 guys waiting for you"

We made our way. I could hear grunts of the girls fighting and then Jason and Grant beside me. Me and Grant took down 3 and jason took down the other 2.

"Okay were in the computer room, It will be 5 minutes to get the entire feed through and then shut everything down." Liz said through the com.

"Guys you have 10 men on your tails."

We headed to their direction. I climbed one of the trees and got ready for a surprise attack. Grant and Jason quickly followed on their own trees. I looked at them and counted to 3 and then we jumped. Jason took down 4 and Grant and I got the other 6.

"We have 6 agents getting the Morgans as we speak. They have just reached them but may need you help. Head south west of your location you'll see them"

We headed towards that direction. We saw 4 figures one holding a slim weak man, whose muscles looked that they were once highly defined, and someone who i needed to fear while dating his daughter. Another man was holding a beautiful woman whose beauty was damaged, but not wasted. She looked worse than the man. Both of them were scratched and bleeding horribly. "We have "

All of a sudden we heard the alarms ringing. Oh shit.

"The computer was hot. It was a triggered. All the feeds have gone through, but the other Island has been alerted You guys need to get back, I can finish up and meet you." Liz said

"Thats not an option, get out now everyone." Abby ordered

"But it won't al go through" Liz said

"I don't care, my mission is to get you all out. so get out NOW!"

"Were on our way" Bex said and i could hear the typing cease, and the girls running

"Were heading back now" Grant said

"Hurry we need to get Joe and Cammie. There are already yachts and jets coming to collect the COC members, we need to get Joe and Cammie"

We all reached the helicopter within 2 minutes and set off to the next island. There was smoke coming from the ground. That was not a good sign. Andrew was running towards our helicopter. "We have eyes on them both, but their separate. There is no way Joe could get to her. Orders were given from the leader for Joe to get out of there. Cammie won't make it" Joe said with a sad voice, he looked as if he would cry, if that were not against out protocols.

Screw that I'm getting my girl. I ran out of the copter and followed the clouds of smoke. I ripped my comms unit out as the others shouted their protest. I didn't care, i needed her, i couldn't live with out her. I saw a huge cloud of smoke coming out from behind a tree and i knew that was the entrance. I quickly made my way down and followed the opposite direction that everyone else was following. I saw some stairs leading down, she must be there somewhere. I went down. There was a long dark hallway, this had to be my path. I quickly made my way, and then i heard it a scream of terror and fright. It was definitely the right way. I saw the door that had the screaming coming out and i quickly kicked it down.

"Oh who is this eye candy?" A women said as she held Cammie by her hair. Cammie looked as if she had no fight left in her. She was covered in dirt beaten and bruised badly. I walked forward and was determined to get Cammie, "Uh uh uh, i wouldn't do that Zachary" the women said toying with a dagger, she held it up to Cammie's throat.

"This is all your fault, all you had to do was co-operate, it would've been so easy, we would have taken down the CIA, have control over most of the states and pretty soon take over most of the world. Thats all i ever dreamed of."

"That is one messed up dream" I said furiously.

"Is it dear?" she asked sweetly

"Yes. You have no where to go, its over. Now give me Cammie and this can all be over quick and painless."

"No no i put too much into this. I want my revenge and this is the only way" she said digging the knife into Cammie's throat

"NO!, Stop, take me" i begged, and that stopped her. I had to do something

"Isn't that sweet? He loves you enough to give up his own life" she said talking to Cammie

"No" Cammie cried

"This could work, watching your own lover die in front of your eyes"

"Not gonna happen" I heard 6 voices chime all of them holding up there guns. Liz, Jonas, Jason, Bex, Macey, and Grant all came down for us.

"Well seeing as i'm going to die" she made a move to dig the knife into Cammies throat but 6 guns went off all hitting her in the chest, she was walking backwards and hit the wall, her body falling and leaving a trail of blood on the wall.

I ran full tilt to Cammie, she was breathing and her neck had a small scratch on her neck and she was passed out, i quickly checked her over, the room started to fill with smoke, everyone started to cough

"Come on we have to get out" Grant said.

I grabbed Cammie and we all ran for it. Behind us i could hear the the roof collapsing. "Hurry" Bex said

I ran as fast as i could, running with Cammie in my arms. i could see the exit. Just a few more. We ran as fast as we could. The roof was starting to come down. there was a pile near the door. Everyone started to climb out

"Zach, hand me Cammie," Jason said i did as he said, and climbed out. Finally.

"Thanks Jason" I reached out for her and felt immensely better once she was in my arms.

"Come on lets head back."


We got to the copter and Abby lectured me about how stupid i was but then she thanked me furiously for saving her niece.

We reached the hospital at the CIA and the doctor came out "The Morgans are up and they want to see you." the doctor said talking to Abby.

"Is Cammie up?" Liz asked.

"Yeah but she's a little out of it, you guys can go in two at a time" the doctor said.

I let everybody go ahead of me so i could have the most time with her. Bex and Grant went first, then Macey and Jason, and then finally Liz and Jonas. When it was finally my turn i was both nervous and excited.

I entered but i wasn't sure if she was awake. I walked to her bed said and grabbed her hand.

"Hey baby, we have to stop coming back to this position." i started by chuckling.

"Zach" she said weekly, i guess she was awake

"I'm here baby" i said stroking her cheek

"Love you" she said

and this time without any hesitation i could positively say that i did love her in return. "I love you too sweetie" i knew it was true, everything about her i loved, i would do anything to put a beautiful smile on her face, i want nothing more than to hold her in her times of sorrow and in time of fright, i want to keep her happy, and help her through her hard times, i love her.

"Mmmm k, sleep time, sleep Zach" she said and i just chuckled

"Okay" i said kissing her head