Okay, so this is written, for all intents and purposes, to be 100% fluffy drabbly gooey awesomeness of cute. It's written before Kurt and Blaine have kissed. Now, I'm not saying that the contents of this fic are doing it better than it was done on the show (because that was awesome!) but I just love writing stories about people getting together. Now, enough about me! ((oh wait: disclaimer I don't actually .. any of it. None of it is mine. Boo. ))


Why a Valentine's Day concert in Massachusetts seemed like a good idea at the time was beyond anybody in the Warblers at this point. It all seemed like a bad plot out of a movie when their coach bus jolted off the road and into a ditch. It stalled out and made a low grinding noise. The bus driver swore and jumped out of the bus. The chaperone/school administrator shouted at everybody to stay on the bus or else! And followed.

Soft snowflakes fell in sheets, but the night sky was still bright and the stars couldn't help but glow through holes in the clouds. Feet of sparkling white glitter coated the ground, illuminated in yellow only at the front of the bus by the headlights. Not too far away windows in a large house (an inn?) alit, making it look like some sort of bizarre smiling jack-o-lantern. A man and a woman emerged from the house and walked towards the quiet bus. Some not so savory curse words coming from the driver could be heard even through the downy, muffling snow.

Kurt Hummel looked around him with wide eyes. The sleeping boy next to him, whose head had been rolling around for hours only to find its home on Kurt's shoulder, had not yet awoken. It hadn't, after all, been a very loud experience. Soft, messy curls were half-gelled and molded to the shape of the head rest. Bushy eyebrows stuck out like prows over beautiful long lashes that rested on olive-skinned cheeks. An improbably sculpted nose was neither too large or too small. Lips so unforgivably and unimaginably kissable- "Blaine" Kurt whispered "Blaine- I .. We stopped moving"... Well, to be fair, he hadn't woken up when the bus went off the road either.

Convincing himself it was the right thing to do, Kurt licked his finger and Wet-Willied the inside of Blaine's ear. Blaine jumped bolt upright in his seat. "I'M UP!" he yelled, and everybody snickered. Quickly assessing, through bleary senses, that it was quiet-time right then, he whispered "What happened?"

"The bus went off the road, " Wes said, from the seat in front of them, "don't know what that means yet."

"Oh.. well.. thanks for waking me up... I guess?" Blaine glared at Kurt.

"You're welcome!" Kurt said brightly, but quietly and a little panicked. There were other murmurs all around the bus. It was the middle of the night and most boys had been sleeping. Kurt had been thinking about nothing in particular... ('nothing in particular' can be read as 'Blaine').

By this time, the couple from the large house had reached the bus and were talking to the adults. The snow was coming down heavier again, and the only light was from the headlights and the house. Kurt was starting to get scared, and unconsciously he sought comfort from Blaine by leaning into him. Blaine squeezed Kurt's knee affirmatively and started to stand up to see what was going on. The chaperone/school administrator/agitated middle aged balding man came back on the bus.

He cleared his throat a couple times unnecessarily, and then once more for good measure. "It seems that we have broken down. When I give you the okay, you will exit the bus. The nice couple from that inn over there has rooms that they are willing to give to us in return for a benefit concert that we will discuss later. Do not grab your bags from under the bus. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. We will walk in an orderly fashion over there, get our roomkeys in an orderly fashion, and then fashion ourselves orderly into beds ASAP. We'll see what we can do about your things and the bus in the morning. Okay. Go!"

In a disorganized and tragically unfashionable way, the boys grabbed their things, jumped off the bus, and ran towards the Inn. Who was going to get the Presidential Suite?


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