Kurt fell asleep with his head in Blaine's lap while they were watching the movie, snoring just the tiniest bit. Blaine smiled to himself and responded to his phone's buzzing. The text he got confirmed that they had to be at rehearsal in 10 minutes. He looked down at the sleeping boy in his lap. I can't wake him up, Blaine thought, he looks like an angel. He picked up the lanky boy once more and carried him over to the bed. Kurt didn't stir much; only to grasp a bit of blanket in his hand when he was laid down. Blaine covered him tenderly and left to go to rehearsal.

. . .

The other boys did ask him where Kurt was, and he shared that Kurt had gotten hurt. He didn't tell them much about what had gone on, only saying that they've watched some tv. Other guys nodded- they'd been bored. What he'd thought was a rehearsal turned out to be a surprise performance of their hits for the other guests at the Inn who had been stranded. The audience enjoyed the show and their donations went to support the local Pioneer High School music department. Kurt would probably be really angry that he'd missed a performance. Blaine just didn't have the heart to wake him up.

He would have to soon, though. The snow had let up (finally) and plow trucks and another bus were on their way to collect the wayward Warblers. He rejected a few more offers of numbers, three from some sisters and one from a very forward young man, and headed back to the room. Then only had about 2 more hours before they were going to get another bus here.

Kurt hadn't moved much during the concert. Blaine took some time to study the china-white features of his friend's face. Almost thoughtlessly he started to hum, and then to sing "I was running late for work,
So I didn't change my shirt. The evening's drinks left a lingering taste in my mouth. And when I left you were fast asleep, tangled in the sheets, and on the bus I could have sworn it was all a dream- it didn't happen to me.
" Kurt's eyes fluttered open to meet Blaine's.

"And then I felt the scrapes from the slippery subway grate. Oh how you laughed at my complete lack of grace. But I could not recall a more perfect fall, 'cause when I looked up into your eyes it didn't hurt at all!"

Kurt added his voice to the song. "And I thought, be still my heart- This could be a brand new start, with you. And it will be clear, If I wake up and you're still here with me in the morning."

Blaine leaned down and very gently kissed the counter-tenor on the lips. Kurt kissed back, but his eyes were clouded in confusion when they pulled apart. "Kurt, there's something I need to tell you. I think... I don't think I've been very clear about my feelings for you. Partly because they weren't even clear to me. I... I care deeply about you, Kurt. More than anybody I've ever met. I can't imagine dating (Kurt thrilled at the term) anybody other than you, not ever. I would be so honored if you would consider me your boyfriend."

Kurt considered for a moment, and answered with a laugh. "Well, Blaine, why don't I do you one better? Why don't I consider you my lover." Blaine's smile spoke ages and he bent down to kiss Kurt again. Kurt grabbed his tie and pulled the older boy down onto the bed and set about learning exactly what "lover" entailed.

. . .

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