Prompt: Coffee

Pairings: Klaine

Prompter: voldyismouldy

Title: New York mornings

Summary: Kurt loves coffee, especially in the morning.

Rating: T

New York mornings

The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted under Kurt's nose, assaulting his senses. His body went slightly limp thanks to the deliciousness of the smell, but then instantly went rigid. He and Rachel, upon their arrival to New York, never had enough money to buy a coffee machine; much less use said machine.

His body shot up in eager anticipation and fear as to whom in the world could possibly have overtaken his rundown apartment making that heavenly scent. Daintily, he stepped out of bed only to pass his mirror. After appraising his looks he agreed with himself that he looked 'fashionably rumpled'. He padded off to the kitchen, only following the scent trail.

Attempting to grasp the situation at hand, Kurt began thinking aloud to himself. "It can't be Rachel, she informed me last night she wouldn't be back from set until mid afternoon." He pondered, slightly jealous of the short Jewish songstress. She was already cast into an off-off-Broadway musical after 3 short weeks. "Blaine is at school and Finn doesn't know how to make instant coffee to save his life; much less barista style coffee."

Scratching the early morning tiredness from his eyes as he continued to follow the scent, he began formulating a plan on how to spend the day. His inner thoughts and ramblings were interrupted when his line of vision, securely fastened to somewhere above the ground, was assaulted by a blue and red striped apron. Why do those colours look so familiar, he thought to himself. His gaze faltered as his brain went into overdrive, his eyes gradually making their slow travel over the apron-clad mysterious person.

As his eyes hit the person's chest his eyes bulged when he saw dark brown chest hair peeking out of the white shirt the mystery man had donned. It reminded him of some, but he only came to his sense when he continued his appraisal. The mad had a soft chiselled jaw line and on further assessment his chin was covered with a smattering of stubble.

"Blaine!" he shrieked in happiness, forgetting his sudden urge for a cup of coffee. "Why- What are you doing here? Wh-How did you get this machine? And how in Lady Gaga's fashions sense did you ever get it to work?" The questions rolled off his tongue easily, one after the other.

Blaine smiled softly in return only to turn around and grab for something on the counter which Kurt failed to notice. "When in a dorm with boys who are addicted to coffee, I was forced to take a 8 weeks brooster course." Blaine explained. "You'll thank me."

Kurt looked with widened eyes at his boyfriend as he cupped the mug in his hands feeling the warmth through the ceramic. "You remembered." He sighed as he took a sip. "I love you."

"Of course" Blaine smiled at Kurt and his cute movements. "I love you too."