Pairing: Shiki/Izaya

Prompt: Izaya loses his memory and Shiki is the one who finds him. He can still be an informant and do his regular work. And because Izaya meets Shiki first (or Shiki saves him) Izaya is more attached to Shiki than before.

At first Shiki thought that it was another of Izaya's antics. He knew full well that Izaya, as useful as he was, was prone to fits of mischievous behavior. It was just one of those things to keep in mind when dealing with Izaya. Normally Shiki would steer away from such an unpredictable element but Izaya's good points more than outweighed his occasional detours from sanity.
So when Shiki found Izaya blinking uncertainly and walking down a street with a puzzled expression, he was sure that something was up.
"What are you doing this side of town?"
Like any yakuza worth his salt Shiki could not help but be territorial by nature. To him the entire city was divided into a grid of power players and areas of influence. Izaya jumped and looked left and right then behind.
"Are you talking to me, sir?"
Shiki narrowed his eyes slightly.
"Izaya, stop fooling around."
Normally Izaya was not foolish enough to let his trippy ways affect his business relationship with Shiki but there was something a bit off.
"Izaya...? Could it be that you know me? I can't remember anything- I've been looking through my clothes for a cell phone but-"
He snapped into silence and stood with eyes that were far too wide and a look of frozen panic spelled all over his features. Shiki lighted a cigarette and gave him a good hard stare that he could see intimidated Izaya to no end.
"Come with me. And you better not be up to a prank as usual."
Izaya hesitated. The goons that shielded Shiki caught his attention.
"Don't worry, we can talk over there."
Shiki gestured to a café and Izaya relaxed immediately. He joined Shiki across a table and ordered green tea. Shiki was still not completely convinced and decided to test him.
"It's a shame that you should lose your memory just now. I just received intel about a way of awakening your package."
Izaya tilted his head to the side and sighed.
"I knew it, I'm not an honest and upright citizen. All this talk about 'packages', it sounds shady."
And Shiki embodied 'shady' to respectably groomed shady but still.
"You don't know what I'm talking about?"
Izaya shook his head slowly. He held the cup with both hands and looked into the green liquid where a single stem floated upwards.
"All I remember was waking up in an alley, alone. I walked around and was looking through my pockets for a clues as to who I was- and what had happened- when I found a knife- and then I got too scared to ring anyone up on the list. And couldn't go to the police either."
Izaya's hands began to tremble and the tremor ran up his arms until his entire body was shaking. He took a deep breath and blurted,
"But you seem to know me and not be hostile so I figured I could talk to you. Also I don't think you'd be shocked about switchblades."
Izaya glanced at Shiki's cuff. Shiki wore well tailored suits at all times and made it a point of honor to always wear long sleeves but Izaya had caught a glimpse of tattooed skin just flickering underneath the gold watch. By now Shiki was half-convinced that Izaya was not faking it.
"I see. So what do you think I do for a living."
Another hesitation. Izaya lifted his eyes, gulped to steady himself and said.
Shiki managed the silence that followed. Then produced his cell phone.
"For starters let me show you that I do indeed know you."
Izaya nearly fell off his seat as his own phone began to rang and he picked it using only the tips of his fingers as if he was afraid it would contaminate him.
Izaya picked up the phone just to make sure and sure enough, he could hear the man sitting opposite him both in person and directly into his ear.
"That's me."
Izaya put aside the phone and looked rather stunned. A television hooked in a conspicuous spot delivered a special report about a teenage girl that had been found dead, police was still trying to identify the body. He pointed to it.
"This city is getting more dangerous by the second."
Izaya glanced at the screen. The news was on repeat stating again that authorities were still trying to confirm the identity. Izaya was simply wan.
"Yes, Shiki-san, who exactly am I?"
It was then that Shiki knew without a shadow of a doubt that Orihara Izaya had indeed no idea of how to answer this question.