Ch11- how it's supposed to be

Rain poured down like a raging sea coming down from a gray sky. It was the only sound I could hear. The silence was deafening. Was everybody….dead?

I panted as I forced myself up off my stomach and onto my knees. My byakugan was still activated and I looked around the tangled mass of bloody bodies. "IS ANY ONE ALIVE" I yelled out with all the voice I had left. Blood was pouring from my side near my rib cage. I felt my body going numb.

I crawled over to where I saw Kakashi lying. "sensei" I said quietly as I pulled him into my arms. "Hinata" he touched my face with his hand.

"don't die" I cried softly into the hand he had on my face.

"Hinata, you need to know that you're amazing."

"I don't feel amazing" I whimpered feeling my breath hitch.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up "Naruto?"

He smiled at me "everyone's alright. Except for Ino…..and well N..Neji"

I bit my lower lip still holding onto Kakashi "only those two?"

He nodded "yeah just them"

I wanted to cry for the loss of Neji but everyone else was alright and that was something to be thankful for "what wonderful news" I plastered a fake smile to my face.

I watched as the others held each other and cried tears of sadness and happiness.

I looked down at the man in my arms "please don't leave me"


I whispered "yes?" and his lips caught mine in a chaste kiss. I felt my face go red despite the fact I felt like I was going to pass out from blood loss. I kissed back for a moment and I felt one of his arms wrap around my waist. Then my body fell limp and everything went black.

I opened my eyes like I had many times before in the Kohona infirmary. With Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi at my bed side waiting for me to wake up after a fainting spell. "what happened" I smiled softly propping myself up on my elbows.

Kakashi's hand was closed around mine "you lost a lot of blood"

"shouldn't you be in the hospital?" I asked quietly.

He shook his head "I'm fine now. Tsunade and Sakura took good care of me"

Sasuke rustled my already messy hair with his large pale hand "and I got off easy, I just can't go on any missions or carry weapons until she trusts me again"

Naruto punched him in the shoulder "and he's gotta have an Anbu with him at all times if Kakashi sensei's not around"

I laughed softly and my fingers laced with Kakashi's. our eyes met and he gave me a soft smile. "Come on dope" Sasuke grabbed Naruto's ear and dragged him out of the hospital room.

"I love you, Hinata" he said softly.

I smiled and pushed his mask down around his neck with my fingers. "I love you to" I tilted my head up and my eyes fluttered closed and his lips touched mine. It started off a gentle kiss and then turned into my arms around his neck and his around my waist. A love that had waited in silence for more than four years could grow and actually be something now.

His touch made my heart race and it seemed like I couldn't hold him close enough. I felt his fingers tangle in my hair and it only made me wanna hold him closer. He whispered soft 'I love you's' in between kisses and made me blush.

One month later.

I laughed and my head fell back as I glided effortlessly across the icy pond on my ice skates. Sasuke smiled softly at me as he skated a circle around me. Kakashi was tying the laces on his skates sitting in the snow next to my Anbu mask.

I twirled around and my braided hair fell over my shoulder when I leaned over in front of my boyfriend. Kakashi smiled up at me "you know were all proud of you"

I nodded and stole a quick kiss from his lips. "WAHAAAAA" Naruto flew into me throwing my slender frame down onto of Kakashi where he now lay on his back in the snow. I blushed staring into his eyes.

"IDIOT' Sasuke yelled. I laughed as Kakashi helped me to my feet. It was just one of those days where we were slacking off. It was so good to laugh with Sasuke again. So good to have everyone around. Neji and Ino's funeral was the last sad incident of my life. I still missed Neji every now and then. That was to be expected though, he was family.

I raised an eye brow at Sasuke and reminded him that he was still on probation as he raised a hand to punch Naruto. He sighed and skated away from the blond. "I swear they never change" I laughed softly as Kakashi's arm draped around my shoulders.

"they might change physically, Hinata….they just don't age mentally… all" he muttered kissing my cheek. I grabbed his hand and led him out onto the ice "skate with us"

He smiled and gave in. Sasuke Kakashi and I all seemed to skate pretty well, but then we all laughed when ever Naruto slipped and slid all over the place. I rested my head on my lovers shoulder "this is how it's supposed to be" I smiled when Naruto jumped onto Sasuke's back and Sasuke slid across the pond, forced to piggy back the laughing blond.

Kakashi nodded "I agree."