VicTORious: After Sleepover at Sikowitz






Set right after Sleepover at Sokowitz

Tori's POV

I had just won Sikowitz's challenge. I ran out of his house, down the pathway and headed home. When I entered my house, I was surprised to see my friends sitting on the couch. When I saw Jade's bandaged hand, I frowned. When she looked at me, I smiled weakly. "Hey" I said, mostly to Jade.

"Hey Tori, where's Beck?" Cat asked. "I think he's still at Sikowitz. I ran outta there all happy about winnning" I explained.

"Yay, you won Tori!" Cat jumped up from the couch and hugged me. "Nice job Vega" I heard Jade say. I looked over at her and noticed her wince in pain. I frowned again. Jade noticed and got up. She took my hand and pulled me upstairs.

In Tori's bedroom

I shut the door, still frowning. "Okay first, I gotta say, You look really cute as a police officer Vega" Jade said, smiling. "And second" She continued, "I'll be fine in a couple weeks" She took my had again and pulled me over to the bed. We layed down next to each other. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my chin on her shoulder. "You haven't told anybody, have you?" She asked. "Told anybody about what?" I asked, confused. "About us seeing each other for the past few days" Jade answered. "No I haven't told anyone and I don't plan to unless you want to" I assured her. I kissed her cheek.

"Tori, Jade, you guys okay up there?" Andre called. We pulled away from each other, got up and went back downstairs. "We're fine Andre"

I noticed Cat had left. "Where's Cat?" I asked. "She went to get Beck from Sikowitz's house" Robbie answered.

A little while later

"Hey, we're back" Cat said, walking in with Beck behind her. "Hey babe" He said to Jade. I instantly was jealous. To lighten the mood Jade said, "Hey beck, I hear you got beat by a girl" All of us, exept Beck, started laughing.

I walked over to Jade and whispered, "I think we should tell them, if you want to" Jade turned and took my hand. She intertwined our fingers. "Alright, let's tell them" Jade said. We turned back to our friends. "Guys, Tori and I have been dating for a few days now"

Cat gasped. "You and Tori?"

"Yes" Jade answered. She turned to Beck, "I'm sorry Beck, but we were always better off as friends" Beck nodded. "I understand" He said. "There's actually someone I have my eye on"




End of chapter 1