Fragile Dreams two: Welcome, Home Of The Dawn

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"Wandering around alone… Looking at the moon by myself… I'm sick of it!"

- Seto, Fragile Dreams; Farewell, Ruins Of The Moon.

Chapter one: A new world

What woke the young boy up was the light pops of a babbling brook. His eyes opened, his dark, amethyst-purple eyes blinked away sunlight before the boy sat up, shaking ferns away from his short, burgundy-red hair. He looked around the meadow and brook that surrounded him and he stood to his feet, brushing away dirt that had gotten on his light blue coat over night. He cupped his hands around his eyes and used them like a pair of binoculars. Where had Ren gone?

"Seto, I found us some food and I've got some word from Nico and the others! They found five more survivors in a old warehouse!" The boy called Seto turned and saw his friend, a girl with snow-silver hair and violet-purple eyes, walk over to him. He smiled as the girl walked over to him with a pile of berries in one hand and a radio in the other.

"Really? That's awesome, Ren. Can I talk to Nico?" he asked. Ren nodded and she handed him a couple of berries and the radio. He pressed a small microphone to his ear and he plucked a berry into his mouth.

"Nico, come in Nico. This is Seto. Is it true you found five survivors? Are they in good health?" he asked. There was a buzzing noise before he head another voice.

"Yes, me and the west team found them starved. They were close to dying but we got to them in time. There are two men, one woman, a teenager, and a one-year-old. We're going to take them to the east perimeter to get some rest. We have things under control here." said Nico. Seto smiled to himself, feeling very grateful that there were survivors out there like Nico. After the calamity with the Glass Cage project, he and Ren had been traveling the world, searching for any survivors. Fortunately, they had found small yet still thriving groups in many parts of the world. They were soon back in Japan with a total of one hundred groups around the world with at least five to eight people in each group. It had taken them a year to travel, yet they didn't change as much. Though you could noticed the two had grown and mature. Ren's hair had grown a bit longer and Seto had gotten a inch taller himself, though he was still shorter than Ren.

"OK, thanks, Nico. Report tomorrow, alright?" asked the savior of the last of mankind as he finished his small breakfast.

"Alright. Copy that, boss. Over and out." said Nico as the small device turned off with a buzz. Seto tucked the radio in his pocket and walked over to Ren, who was sitting by the brook's edge with a white kitten cuddling at her side. The little fuzz ball had fallowed the two for a while and Ren decided to keep him as a pet, calling him Yuki.

"It's amazing isn't it? We found so many survivors so far and a lot are starting to repopulate." said Ren as she stroked Yuki. Seto nodded as he stared at the sun creping higher and higher into the sky.

"Yeah, it's only been a year, too. We should stay here for awhile, you know, take a break." said the young teen. Ren nodded and she gave a smile.

"Yes, that would be nice. We could go over to the old tower. Or maybe Fun Park. Doesn't that sound nice?" asked the blonde, turning to her friend to see a smile. Instead, she saw a forlorn look, fallowed by a frown that leaked with sadness and regret.

"Something wrong?" she asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. The latter turned and lifted the corners of his mouth, trying to put on a fake smile.

"I'm… I'm fine." he said, his voice a bit weak. Ren frowned with her pale eyebrows fallowing.

"I know when you're lying to me, Seto. So tell me what's wrong." she said a bit firmly. Seto shifted his eyes away and he brought his knees to his chest, resting his chin on his kneecaps.

"Can we… Pass on visiting Fun Park? That place…" his voice trailed off and he shook his head when he remembered shining emerald-green, cat-like eyes. "I just don't want to go there." he muttered sadly. Ren's face turned sympathetic, hey eyes growing worried.

"Why?… Did something happen there? Please tell me." she said, her voice nearly begging. She really wanted to know what was happening to her friend. The boy moved his hand to the locket around his neck. He opened it and he's fingers enclosed around a very special gift. A ring with a silver skull. Though it look odd to others, it meant the world to Seto.

"That's where… I met Crow." replied the teen, his fingers closing tighter. Ren looked at him with a look of melancholy. She remembered that name. While they were on their travels, Seto would tell her about the mischievous doll he had met in the fun park. By the way he talked about him, Ren could tell that Crow was the best friend Seto had ever had. And she knew that their relationship was far more greater than friendship. She would sometimes hear Seto talk in his sleep, whispering and murmuring sentences like, 'Please… Don't leave, Crow…' she could tell that her friend had missed his old friend more than anything.

She placed a pale arm around her friend's shoulders in a comforting way. Seto leaned into her gesture ad that's when his tears started. He never knew when they started or finished, they just came. Whenever he mentioned Crow, the tears would arrive, running down his face like rivers down a mountain. The redhead closed his eyes as droplets of sadness slipped passed his eyelids and down his cheeks, light sobs fallowing. He could still see Crow's unmoving face in his mind. It haunted him every time he remembered his first best friend lying in that pile of what he was. Unmoving dolls that would never be awaken. Seto felt it was unfair. For even though Crow had said he was a mannequin, Seto still saw him as a human.

After awhile, as time moved with the golden sun and swaying breeze, Seto's tears seised and he pulled away from Ren, wiping his eyes and sniffling. He looked up to the blue sky and Ren watched him, wondering what he would do next.

"Lets… Go to Tokyo Tower." Ren blinked at the slightly chocked and straight forward decision but she nodded anyway. Tokyo Tower was only a mile away and they could make it there in a half a day. A few words were still on her lips though.

"Why do you want to go there?" she asked as they stood up and began walking. For the first time today, Seto gave an actual warm smile as he slipped the silver skull ring on his finger.

"That's the best place to see the full moon."

The mighty monument that was Tokyo Tower stood proudly where it was, rusting from the days it had been abandon with a faint glow of moonlight reflecting off it. It gave creaks and squeaks as Seto and Ren scaled it, climbing step after step with worrying of something attacking them. And if something did try to attack them, they were no match for the duo that was Seto and Ren.

"Moon's almost in the sky." said Ren when they were nearly at the top of the tower. Set nodded but said nothing. He had been quiet on the whole trip, saying very little. It was like he was in his own little world. When the two friends made it to the top, Seto stood by the edge while Ren sat, gazing up at the glowing pearl of the sky. It was indeed a full moon and it looked as beautiful as any other night.

"Wow, it's so close, I can almost touch it." said Ren, reaching her hand in a mock attempt to catch the big white object. Again, Seto said nothing, as if he were waiting for something. Ren watched his eyes, noticing that they would dart from here to there, as if expecting to see something pop out. After a what seemed like hours, Seto suddenly dropped to his knees and lowered his head, shaking it in vain.

"I'm… So stupid…" he whispered under his breath as soon tears laced with them.

"What? What are you talking about?" asked Ren, placing a hand on his shoulder. The blue-clad boy shrugged his her hand off and gave a dry laugh. He looked at her with a sad smile and regretful tears at in his eyes.

"I thought… He'd be here. Just like when I had to face Shin. He talked to me, wishing me good luck and telling me I was still his best friend." he said, his voice starting to shake. Seto turned his head to the moon, the smile soon flattening and the tears running quickly.

"He promised he'd always be with me. Because were best fr-friends…" Seto suddenly glared at the moon and stood up, baring his teeth and looking like he was ready to take on the world.


Seto took heavy breaths as his yell of anguish echoed across the land. His tears were cascading harder than ever and he looked so red, he could have self-destruct. He shut his eyes and shook his head in hopelessness. What did it matter? He knew the truth, it was clear as day. Crow was gone and Seto was never going to see him again.

"Sheesh, I never took you for the crier, Seto."

Seto's eyes shot open and he gasped when he spotted a white ball of light floating near him. Right now, with all his sadness and confusion, he felt like a helpless new born deer.

"Crow…?" he asked in a near whisper, like a child asking for their mother when wanting to be held.

" No, why would you mistake me for a guy, Seto? It's me, Sai." said the bull of light. Set blinked and Ren stood next to him, squinting her eyes a bit at the energy ball.

"Is that really you, Sai? Why are you a ball of light?" she asked. The Sai ghost ball gave a sigh.

"This was the only way I could get to you guys. I heard Seto crying and I had to see what was going on. And also-"

"Sai? There you are- Oh, Seto, Ren, you two are here?"

Another ball of light appeared right next to Sai, glowing just as bright as her. Seto recognized the voice.

"S-Shin? Is that you?" he asked. The ball of light floated up and down, as if nodding.

"Yes, Seto. I was just looking for Sai. Is something the matter?" he asked. Seto looked at the ground with a frown. Half of this was hard because Shin was being kinder than he was alive. The other half didn't want to talk about Crow. But Ren took to the talking.

"Hi misses his best friend, Crow. Crow was a doll that Seto had met on his journey and they were really good friends. Right around when you wanted to wipe out Seto, Crow's battery had ran out and Seto hasn't seen him since. He… really wants to see him again." said the pale-haired girl. Seto felt his cheeks go red when his story was explained like that. Ren had explained it like a love story.

"That's so sad." said Sai with soft kindness in her voice.

"Hm… Crow… That name sounds oddly familiar. You said he was a doll, a robot maybe?" asked Shin. Both teens nodded.

"Ah, now I remember. Crow was a robot made by the Glass Cage Project. He was created by one of my colleges so that he'd be the perfect human, so to speak. I think Crow might have gotten a mind of his own and he escaped." said the ghost of the scientist. Both Ren and Seto's eyes widen.

"Really? Then if you know about Crow, do you know if there's anyway we can turn him back on? Like as if there are some spare batteries or a charger or something?" asked Ren, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Seto was shocked beyond words. All of the emotions of happiness he wanted to shout were caught in his throat.

"Yes, I believe there is. My college, Mizuki Akizawa, once told me that Crow had a re-chargeable battery that was kept in Crow's jacket pocket. You'd think that boy would have found out about it before he shut off." said Shin, moving back and forth as if shaking his head to himself. Ren gave a squeal and she tackled Seto in a hug.

"This is amazing! Isn't it, Seto! All we have to do is get to Crow and the battery and he could be up and running very soon!" she cheered. A grin of happiness appeared on Seto's face and he hugged Ren back, jumping and smiling like an idiot.

" Yeah! This is awesome! Great! Super! Fantas-"

"Hold on you two. I need to tell you one thing."

Both stopped jumping and they turned to Shin.

"When Crow is turned on, it will be most likely he will be set on Starter Mode. He won't remember the life he had before. Unless you children can get his memory back within the next time of a full moon, Crow will never remember his past ever again." said Shin in a worried and warning voice. Ren gasped while Seto gave a worried look. It would break his heart if Crow didn't remember him. But still, Crow was his best friend. And if he needed some help remembering his past, then Seto would be right at his side to guide him.

"We'll take that risk. Even if we can't get him to remember, all that matters is that he's alive." he said. Ren looked at him for a moment before nodding in agreement. Shin sighed, almost as if he were tired.

"So be it. Now, in order to work the re-chargeable battery, you have to place it where his main frame is, the middle of his chest. Type in f7-808-112 and the battery will activate. You're on your own then." said Shin as he slowly disappeared.

"Good luck, guys. I hope you can bring your friend to his senses." said Sai as she disappeared as well. Seto and Ren looked at each other and the boy grinned, something he hadn't done in a long time.

"Lets get our friend."

It look them a whole night. Hours of searching, walking, and fighting off evil spirits were finally paid off as Seto and Ren made it to the last floor. The room was like it was, scattered with lifeless dolls, whose eyes would never open and see the warm glow of the sun or the sheer beauty of the moon. Seto looked at the very back of the room. And there he was, his best friend. Right where he was left.

Seto broke off into a quick sprint as he made it to Crow. His hair was still raven-black and untidy, kept under his conductor-like hat with his purple and multi-colored, flamboyant outfit to match. The young fighter dropped to his knees and brushed away the dirt and webs that had gathered in the past year his friend had been… He paused at that time. Since Crow was shut off, what did that make him? Asleep? Disengaged? No. he was neither of those. Seto had said so himself. Crow was dead. But now, he was about to be brought back to life.

Ren reached him and she came to her knees as well, looking at Crow with curiosity.

" Hm, so this is the famous Crow. Now I know why you say his name in your sleep." she said. Seto turned four shades of red but he said nothing, already reaching into Crow's coat pocket. He flet around for a bit before he felt something rectangular. He pulled the battery out and he turned in his hand, looking at the keypad with shinning text. Looking at Ren for a brief moment, he turned on the keypad and typed in the code Shin had told him. The small device gave a buzz and it turned on. Gulping, Seto pulled Crow's coat off his friend and he pulled off his shirt. He blushed at Crow's slim chest while Ren giggled at the young boys quirks. Seto unfastened Crow's chest plate and it came off, showing a used battery similar to the one in his hand. Carefully, he took out the used battery and placed in the new one, placing back the chest plate. Then he placed the raven's coat on his shoulders and he and Ren waited.

Their hope slipped farther and farther away when they saw nothing happen. Seto slowly took Crow's cold hand with his and he held it, hoping to feel something. Ren looked at them sadly and she too lowered her head. Seto looked back at Crow's unmoving face and his felt his heart twist with agony and forlorn. He wanted something, anything to happen. He would do anything just to hear Crow's voice again.

"What's wrong? We're friends now. And friends give each other kisses, right? I read that..."

Seto closed his hands tighter around Crow's and before he knew it, he was leaning forward to Crow. His hands moved to Crow's shoulders and he ghosted his lips over the other boy's. He heard Ren gasped but he ignored her as he pressed his lips fully against Crow's. The kiss was gentle and sweet. Seto was pouring every ounce of emotion he had for Crow, silently begging that he would wake up. Seto pulled away as he stared at the face again, seeing the slightest twitch of a nose. Then, cat-like, emerald-green eyes opened. Seto and Ren gasped and waited.

Crow's eyes dilated for a second before they looked from one way, then the other. The eyes focused on the people in front of them and Crow sat up, testing his limbs. He looked at Seto's hands on his shoulders and then into Seto's eyes. They stared into each other's souls, wanting to stare forever until oblivion. Finally, Seto found his voice.

"A-Are you OK, Crow? Do you remember me?" he asked, his hope showing in his eyes. Crow blinked and Seto saw how dim his eyes were. Panic prickled at his heart as Crow's eyes dilated and his face showed creases of confusion.

"Who are you? Why can't I see? And who is this… Crow?"

To Be Continued…

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