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Chapter Four: An Idea

Crow gave a small exhale from his nose in his sleep, turning his head and burying his face in a mass of red-brown hair that smelt of earth and vanilla. He smiled unconsciously at that sweet smell, his thoughts drifting into reality and sleep. He then suddenly felt something foggy hit his mind. It was like someone was calling his name.

"Crow! Give me back my locket!"

The voice sounded desperate and wanting. What locket was the voice talking about?

"Crow! Give it back! It means a lot to me!"

He would give the item back, but he didn't have it. He had no idea what this voice was shouting about. He knew that the voice sounded familiar yet he couldn't pinpoint it. He then heard other voices.

"It will take some time before he will restart. When he does, he will be one of the last to exist on earth. Knowing Shin, Crow will be all alone."

"But what if there are survivors?"

"If there will be, lets hope he finds them."

Who's voices were those? Why were talking about him? And this Shin person. Seto had told of him from time to time. And man who went from good to evil, for he felt unloved. Then he went from evil to good, when he found out he was loved. Were these voices of those who had existed before the destruction of the Glass Cage Project? He then heard another voice. Only, it was his own.

"Ha, ha! Catch me if you can! Up here! Come and get me!"

That voice… It was his own! But… It sounded more taunting and mischievous. There was another's as well.

"Come on! Give it back!"

It was Seto's! But wait, if this was him and Seto… Did that mean he was remembering something?

"Whoops, almost! Man, you're pretty stupid, y'know that? You're so dumb, I bet you can't even catch a cold!"

Suddenly, he heard the noise of someone slipping off something. There was his own yell of shock and a large thump.


There were more sounds. Then warily steps. And then, Crow heard something surprising. It was Seto's voice, and it was wavering.

"Crow! Crow! Y-You're not dead, are you? Answer me! Crow!"

Dead? What was Seto getting at? He wasn't dead! He was perfectly fine. But then he heard it. The one thing, for the past days since he head been awaken, he had heard the one thing that stabbed him right in the heart; It was Seto, and he was crying.

He could hear the young boy's sobs. They were of regret, sadness, abandonment, and… Loneliness. It was making Crow tremble. It made him wanted to find the crying boy past the darkness within his eyes and pull him into a hug and tell him that he was alright. That he wasn't dead. The cries and sobs echoed in his mind and it twisted his heart, like someone was wringing it from the inside.

'Please, Seto. Don't cry. I'm right here, see? Come on, just fallow the sound of my voice and we'll find each other. Just stop crying. Please… Stop crying…'

"Crow? Come on, Crow, wake up."

Crow moved his head slightly before opening his eyes, blinking as they blurred for a second before turning into their normal vision. He gave a yawn and looked to his lap, seeing that Seto was lying/sitting on his, his head tucked his chin with Ryu still sleeping in the redhead's arms. War,, brown eyes were looking at him with concern.

"Crow, are you OK? You looked like you were having a nightmare." said Seto, a look on his face that Crow was feeling pitied for.

"I'm… I'm fine. I think… I just got a memory back." said the black-haired boy. Seto sat up in his lap, a grin now on his lips.

"Really? That's fantastic! What was it? What do you remember?" he asked. Crow sighed slightly before telling Seto what he heard, right down to the very end of it. When he was done, Seto nodded his head in understanding.

"I see. So my guess is you remembered the time you took my locket and on how you fell off a rollercoaster." he said. Crow nodded as well.

"Yeah. And, there was something else I remembered, too." said Crow, running his hand by the nape of his neck.

"What was it?' asked Seto. Crow looked down by his side before sighing and resting his chin on Seto's head, closing his eyes.

"You were crying after I fell. I didn't see it but I could hear you. It made me… Feel so sad. Like something was building in my chest and it was ready to burst my heart open. I think… You were crying over my death," Crow looked down at the boy in his lap. "Were you, when I fell?"

Seto's eyes met those amazing pools of emerald-green and he slowly nodded, blood rushing to his cheeks as Crow's eyes locked on with his own. He felt himself melting at that gaze.

"I…I was. It was just that… I felt so sad. I though… I thought…" tears were beginning to corner of Seto's eyes, a hallow feeling swirling in the depths of his heart. "I though… I was going to be lonely again. I-I just didn't want to be along anymore!" he yelled in a whispered voice, finally breaking down to tears. Lean arms wrapped around his back and Crow gently rocked him, nuzzling the top of his head.

"Shh, shh, don't cry, Seto. I'm here. Ren's here. Nico's here. Survivors and Ryu are here. Please don't cry. You're not alone. You have all you're friends. You have me. You're not alone anymore, there's no need for crying. Please," Crow buried his face on Seto's neck. "Please don't cry. For me, please." he begged in a whispering voice. After a few seconds, Seto clamed down, his sobbing turning into light hiccups. They had woken up Ryu, who was looking at them curiously with sleepy eyes.

"You alright?' asked Crow as Seto allowed Ryu to play with his fingers, looping his little fingers around the longer appendages. Seto nodded, his eyes a little pink but a small smile on his face.

"Y-Yeah. I'm alright now. Hey, Crow? Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Sure, what is it?" asked the green-eyed lad.

"Promise me… That you won't leave me again. You're my… My most… treasured person and… Friend." he whispered, wishing that he could ask to be more than simply friends. Crow felt his own bittersweetness at the word 'friends' but he nodded and stroked Seto's back.

"Yeah. I'll be here, right by your side. I did promise I'd help you look after Ryu. And you did promise me to get my memory back." he said. Seto gave a laugh and nod and the two of them got up from the bed, Ryu in Seto's arms.

"Come on. Lets find the others." said Crow. Seto nodded and the two went their way.

"Aw man! This is a complete disaster!"

Both Seto and Crow raised their brows as they saw Nico freak out by a few other people, Ren by with a concern look.

"What's going on? Why's Nico all panicked?" asked Seto. Ren gave a sigh with the bite of her bottom lip, tugging on the hem of her dress.

"We have no idea what to do for the Sakura Festival this year." she said. Seto gasped and Crow cocked his head.

"What's the 'Sakura Festival?'" he asked. Nico turned to them and gave a sigh.

"It's a giant party we've been planning on having, when the Sakura trees burst into full-bloom. We have a festival and around midnight, when the Sakura trees bloom with their new and old petals dancing, we dance and sing and have a good time. The only problem is that we haven no where to hold it with all the people we have. We're doomed." muttered the blonde, kicking a stone by his foot. Seto shook his head.

"Oh god, what could we do? If it doesn't happen, then all the kids here are going to be disappointed. It'll crush them." he mumbled, holding Ryu close to him. Crow looked to his side and thought for a moment, wondering how this situation could be solved. His eyes then caught the sight of a close-by contraption. It almost looked like a-

A grin went ear to ear on his lips and he snapped his fingers.

"That's it! I know where we could have the festival!' he cried, surprising everyone.

"What do you mean?" asked Ren. Crow pointed at the place, his grin never falling.

"The Fun Park! The place is huge! We could set up some lights, fix up the rides, it could be really awesome if we pull this through! What do you guys think?" he asked. Nico gave his own grin.

"Dude, you're a genius! I've only seen that place a couple of times but you're right; we could use that place! What do you guys think?" he asked as he turned to the other people. They all agreed and Nico turned back to the others.

"Then it's decided. We'll have it at the Fun Park!" he said smiling. Seto turned to Crow and smiled, Ryu gurgling happily in his arms.

"Good work, Crow!" he said. Crow smiled and his heart swelled at Seto's thousand-star smile. He had already forgotten about the morning event.

"It was nothing."

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