Author: nekonomiko

I could never catch a glimpse of even a trace of emotion on her face. Her fathomless gray eyes reflect no image I that I have tried to etch upon. Does the smile crossing over her delicate features ever contain true warmth and joy? My hands twitches, desires to brush upon the velvet skin of her cheeks to touch the slight upturn of lips.

The tears she shed, are they crying for the lost childhood she dreamt countless times melancholy? Have the blue sky her hands stretched to finally reach the happiness she so much pretended at times and yet never able to capture the essence? Taking her away from the gilded cage imposed; will her wings spread and fly beyond? Mirage of the short peace experience may have given a taste of what could have been, yet no amount of disguised laughter can fill up emptiness the many lives taken away each time the ringing of the cell phone represents.

The few photograph snapshots only saw how she strained to blend in with the innocent and ignorant have not known of a cold and ruthless world. Can they comprehend the filth we have to scrub off and push to the edge of sub-consciousness? Our souls and bodies are merely tools to the organization, our salvation nothing more than a cheap commodity.

Ah, her sight has caught mine once more. Golden light lit up the depths of grey. I took a tentative step when a burst of pain hits my chest. Darkness of blood red spreads each second slips by. Her eyes widened as my knees hit the soft grass. Another muffled crack resound the air; her eyes lost that spark of life I sought so hard for. Time seemed to slow down as her small body swayed gently in the evening breeze before falling to the greedy soil that absorbs the life away from her.

This time round, the veil that stood in the way drops away just a moment. We are finally transparent to one another.