(A day later after killing Uncle Fester)

Chip: How's your mate doing?

Stitch: Fine.

Chip: Okay. 624 is now your mate.

Stitch: A animal spouse.

Dale: Yes. A animal spouse is great.

Stitch: As I spit at Angel, this means I have been mating?

Chip: That's right.

(Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse owned the Mickey Mouse Arcade.)

Minnie Mouse: Introducing the Mickey Mouse Arcade.

Mickey Mouse: The only arcade to have 500+ machines in one floor.

Minnie Mouse: By the empty 24-screen cinema can fit us.

Mickey Mouse: Think so?

(Goofy started repairing cars again.)

Goofy: That heroes killed the evil Uncle Fester. That was a surprise.

Donald Duck: I wasn't invited to the QOF.

Goofy: When Uncle Fester is reborn.

Donald Duck: I did think so.

(Chicken Little was at the funeral.)

Chicken Little: My father died by the accident. After that, the sword appears showing that I was invited to QOF.

EVE: I know. Although, you were invited to kill Uncle Fester, not to fight.

Chicken Little: We know.

Directed by Timothy Micott

Written by EVE