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Chapter 1


St. Canard, the Negaverse…

A dark universe, so different from the one inhabited by a certain masked mallard of justice, yet in many ways similar as well. For everything there was a mirror image. One of the images was SHUSH.

SHUSH in the Negaverse was an underground organization, an organization very much akin to the Mafia. They dealt with extortion, robbery, and worse things. Things that were mostly aimed at turning a profit for their leader, a rather unscrupulous old owl named J. Gander Hooter, who had founded the organization long ago, and aside from the fierce and evil Negaduck, Hooter was consider one of the most hardened and vicious crime lords in the world. Funnily enough, Negaduck and Hooter didn't clash, but instead worked together. Hooter more resources then Negaduck had, and Negaduck knew how to pick his battles. So, for now, Negaduck worked with SHUSH.

It was hard to find SHUSH, as the place was well hidden. IN fact, SHUSH was located several miles beneath the sewage systems beneath St. Canard. Agents of SHUSH entered the place beneath the city via a collection of tunnels. The entrances to these tunnels were located in several places; some more run down then others.

Right now, in the headquarters of SHUSH, an argument was brewing.

"You want to give this mission to who!" Dr. Sarah Bellum glared at her boss. J. Gander Hooter glared right back at his lead scientist. "Why can't you have Negaduck test it?"

"Make no mistake, Dr. Bellum, Negaduck is probably our most valuable resource. However, I won't ask him to perform such a menial task. Besides, the boy needs some field experience." Hooter's eyes glittered coldly. He was almost the exact opposite of Negaduck. Where Negaduck was a creature of terrible rage and temper, Hooter was cold and detached. Many times Dr. Bellum had seen the man shoot down the people who disappointed or failed him in this very office, but all of this was done with cold efficiency. Hooter rarily, if ever, lost his temper.

"Nicolas Khola doesn't need field experience. He needs a bullet to the head." Dr. Bellum growled.

Hooter smiled a bit. "You might get your wish. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime-"

To Dr. Bellum supreme irritation, the young man they had been talking about burst into Hooter's office at that moment, with barely a knock or even the most rudimentary of a by-your-leave. The young koala was a newcomer to the SHUSH organization, and personally Dr. Bellum thought he was something of an idiot. Small, almost constantly frazzled, and worst off, he was loud. Worst then that, he was young. Younger than her. Not that she was old, mind you, but he was much younger at seventeen then she was at almost thirty. She remembered, a long time ago, when she had been an equally young doctor competing against the older man that was her predecessor at SHUSH, and ultimately winning against him when he met with a…accident. Needless to say, she was very aware of the similarities of two situations. Yes, Dr. Bellum hated that kid to no end.

"Mr. Hooter! Sir! Whatdoyaneed!" The small koala jumped a bit in his excitement, eyes bright with eagerness.

Hooter gave the young scientist a stern look. "Stop that nonsense. Now." Khola stopped jumping and stood, ramrod straight. Dr. Bellum snorted. What a fool!

"Now, do you know what this is?" Hooter reached under his desk and pulled out what appeared to be the long nozzled end of a vacuum cleaner attachment connected to a huge tube like structure with a light bulb filament. The other end supported what the handle of a gun, which had been haphazardly taped on.

"Oh, oh! That's Dr. Bellum's energy sucker thingy!" Khola said, doing a little back and forth dance on his paws.

"Indeed. As you know we've been having a…power issue at the headquarters." Hooter said. It was hard to electricity to a place that was not technically habited and that didn't get power from official means, like the power company. This meant that SHUSH was constantly on the search for new power sources. Dr. Bellum's energy sucker was built to siphon the energy from just about anywhere, as long as it was electrical, and store it in its own special container, which would then be used to power the rest of SHUSH HQ. Unfortunately it was still untested.

"I want you, Dr. Khola, to take this out for a field test. Bring me enough energy to power this place for a week and might consider letting your out of the probationary offices." Hooter said.

"Mweeeeeehehehehehe!" Khola giggled and jumped up and down again. The probationary office was a small, closet room in the back of the labs, where young new coming scientists like himself were banished until they proved themselves. With a speed that surprised even Hooter, Khola grabbed the device and whirled around. "I'll get right on it! I'll power this building for a whole week! No! A month! NO, A YEAR!" With every word Khola's voice got higher, so that when he left the windows in the office started to crack a minute bit. These cracks were exasperated when Khola slammed the door as he left.

After a few second Dr. Bellum sighed greatly. "He…just tries way to hard." She muttered.

"Megs! You're here!" Quackerjack grinned broadly at the newest member of their team, who struggled not to sigh. Megavolt had promised himself that he would be nice. It was hard though. He had never been a part of a team before, and he didn't know that it would require as much…work as it did. Especially with Quackerjack. Yes the clown had improved a vast amount in the mental department, but that didn't make his cheeriness any less annoying.

"Okay, what is the point of this, again?" Megavolt said as he walked into Quackerjack's weird lair. The toys scattered about the place was enough to make anyone feel out of place and creeped out.

"Come on, we have to make sure that what happed at the bank doesn't happen again." Bushroot said as he walked over to his two teammates. Apparently Megavolt had been the last to arrive, as he spotted the Liquidator standing behind Bushroot. Megavolt couldn't help but feel a bit leery about the Liquidator. After all, it was his fault Megavolt had gotten shorted out at the bank. But then again, it was true that Megavolt had no experience working and fighting with others. He needed the practice. And the Liquidator had promised to be more careful about where he put himself. Megavolt really didn't have a problem with the man himself, just the stuff he was made of.

"Training area is this way!" Quackerjack, who had produced his signature pogo stick from…somewhere, bounced over to the other end of his lair, toward an arched doorway made of unnecessarily (in Megavolt's opinion) huge Legos. Bushroot and the Liquidator were both smiling as they followed Quackerjack, but Megavolt was not. He was too busy trying not to step on any toys. Really, did Quackerjack actually spend his free time playing with these? Megavolt hoped not. Just when he thought Quackerjack couldn't get any creepier…

Megavolt stepped through the Lego arch and almost screamed. It just got creepier.

"Why the hell is there a huge robotic bear standing there! Why is half its face missing?" Megavolt screamed. Indeed, at the other end of the large room was a half build, gigantic teddy bear with half of the face torn off. Robotics blinked cheerily from the horrible robot half of the face, while the other side depicted a rather cute brown teddy face. It was jarring.

"Oh, that's just Terror Teddy! He's not done yet! Been building him for the past year! Isn't he wonderful?" Quackerjack jumped over to Megavolt with a proud grin. "He's going to a fully functional robotic bear!"

"It's the size of a skyscraper!" Megavolt exclaimed.

"Of course he is! He's a weapon! Ever seen those movies and cartoons from Japan where they have all the giant monsters and machines fighting each other! Same principle, only a bear!" Quackerjack said.

"Quackerjack, have you ever considered professional help?" Megavolt asked.

"Oh, Agent Steelbeak got me out of that a long time ago. All those doctors want to do is give you pills! Not fun. It's very boring, to be honest. And I don't think that orderly liked me much after a punched him." Quackerjack grinned. "Anyway, enough about Terror Teddy! I need to set up the arena!" Quackerjack bounced away.

Megavolt finally tore his eyes away from the soulless black socket of Terror Teddy's half robotic face and looked about the room. The room was dominated by a Lego obstacle course, as well as everything you would find in a normal gym, but made of Legos and a bit of colorful string. There was even a matted area in the corner.

"I know it looks…odd, but it works." Bushroot smiled as he came to stand beside Megavolt. "When we first got together Quacky built all of this for us. He's not really a theoretical thinker, but I don't think anyone can build things better than Quackerjack."

Megavolt turned to look at him. "He was in a mental institution." It was not a question.

Bushroot shrugged. "Yeah, I think so."

"And you let him run around!"

Bushroot's smile wilted. "He's my friend. Stop being so dismissive of him!"

Megavolt clenched his teeth. "That's not what I mean! You say he's your friend, but do you really think this!" Megavolt gestured at Terror Teddy "is healthy!"

"He has just as much right to be here as you." The Liquidator interjected.

"You're not telling me that you're encouraging his…his…insanity! You're not telling me you're encouraging him to help you fight Negaduck!" Megavolt hissed at the other two. "Because if that is what you're telling me, then you're using him! You're taking advantage of his madness."

The two of them glared at Megavolt. "That's not it, Megavolt. You don't think we tried to convince him to get help as well? He just…" Bushroot sighed. "It's complicated."

Megavolt stood awkwardly apart from the others as Quackerjack rushed around, picking up toy soldiers and placing them around in the room at strategic points. He pulled out a wind up key from his pocket and began to wind up his little soldiers.

"Teddy! Come on!" Quackerjack began to shout.

"Er, it's right over there." Megavolt pointed at the huge bear.

"Not him, the little one. Ah! Here you are, Teddy!" Quackerjack grinned as a waist sized teddy bear, obviously another robot, trotted up to him with a grumbling growl. The teddy bear folded its arms and nodded at Quackerjack. "Teddy usually plays enemy commander in these things. He'll lead the toy soldiers against us, and all we have to do is fight them and see how well we do."

Megavolt looked down at the tan teddy bear, who gave him a sharp toothed grin. The bear cracked his mechanical knuckles and sneered at Megavolt. Sparks flew aggressively from Megavolt's plug hat. No way was he going to back down from a teddy bear!

"We just fight em?" Megavolt asked. Quackerjack nodded, still smiling. The teddy bear turned around and approached the toy soldiers and started too grumbled at them. Megavolt thought it looked like they were actually talking, but that was impossible. They were just toys. Dangerous toys, but toys nonetheless.

"Yeah, it's up to Teddy when he wants to attack." Quackerjack said, still smiling.

All of a sudden Teddy turned around with a snarl and lunged for Megavolt with a full body tackle, which at first Megavolt simply couldn't take that seriously. He really wasn't sure if he should be afraid of a teddy bear…until the bear bore him to the ground with surprising strength. Whatever Quackerjack had built it out of, it was heavy. Teddy snarled and lifted its arm as long claws snapped out of its fingers. Megavolt zapped the bear in the chest, which only rocked the thing back a bit.

Quackerjack yowled his typical battle cry and pulled out a large spring, shooting it at Teddy. The huge spring boinged and landed around Teddy's shoulders and head, preventing it from bringing its claws down on Megavolt. Megavolt shot another bolt at the now unbalanced toy, and this time managed to blow Teddy away from him.

Bushroot reached down and picked up Megavolt, while the Liquidator sprang into action. Making sure he didn't brush against Megavolt again, the Liquidator flowed towards the toy soldiers, which were beginning to aim and fire their weapons at the group. Quackerjack had also sprung into battle beside the Liquidator, tossing marbles at his own toys. The toys were pretty good at dodging and avoiding blows, probably because they were so small.

Megavolt sneered and started to blast the various toy soldiers to bits, going from the left to the right. He noticed Bushroot starting to catch and toss them around with his vines. However, he was so busy trying to look at both Bushroot and the Liquidator at the same time, he was still leery of being shorted out, that he missed the fact that Quackerjack was cart wheeling right towards his electrical beams. He was caught off guard when Quackerjack literally leaped into his vision, and Megavolt accidently hit Quackerjack. Quackerjack screamed and went ridged and the electricity hit him, and Megavolt quickly halted his attack.

"Stop stop stop!" Quackerjack bellowed as he turned around to glare at Megavolt. "What is your problem?"

"You got in my way! Watch where you're going!"

"You're the one shooting the sparks! It's your power, why can't you control it?" Quackerjack retorted.

"I can control it! You jumped in front of me!"

"Do I look like I have eyes in the back of my head?" Quackerjack marched towards Megavolt, who folded his arms and snorted at Quackerjack. The two of them simply glared at each other.

"Guys, simmer down." Bushroot held up his hands and approached the two. "Quackerjack you know that Megavolt isn't used to working with others, just give him some time and-"

"Time? Why should I? He won't give me any!" Quackerjack turned his back on Megavolt and folded his arms in an almost childish manner.

"What are you talking about?" Megavolt asked.

"I know you don't think much of me, but you don't really think I'm deaf do you?" Quackerjack snarled. "I heard you guys talking about me! Just because these two" Quackerjack pointed at the Liquidator and Bushroot, who stood there awkwardly. "Happen to be fighting with me doesn't mean that they're using me! I'm not less then you! I'm not less than any of you!" Quackerjack turned back around and stuck his bill in Megavolt's face. "I may be insane, but at least I don't look down on everyone like you!"

"You should have stayed in that nuthouse." Megavolt said bluntly. "For your own good, and everyone else's!"

"What, you don't trust me?"

"No! I don't! I can't! How can I?" Megavolt screeched. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he regretted it. The hurt look that crossed Quackerjack's face was painful to see, but Megavolt was determined not to back down. He didn't think he was wrong, but he had to admit that he could have put all of it a bit more delicately.

Quackerjack shoved past Megavolt and stomped out of the training room.

Bushroot sighed deeply. "Nice going." He glanced at Megavolt as he walked out after Quackerjack.

The Liquidator was shaking his head and staring at Megavolt, who turned and snapped at him. "What?"

"Don't you get it? Out of all of us, Quackerjack is the only one without power, save for his own inventiveness, but he still has earned his place with us. But you, you're different. From the moment you meet him you've belittled him. He can't forget that."

"Look, I'm not trying to be mean. I wasn't even talking about the fact that he doesn't have powers! Okay, it still bothers me, but the fact that he was in an insane asylum bothers me more tha-"

The Liquidator stepped, slowly and deliberately, closer to Megavolt, who tensed at the presence of his most hated element. Water.

"You do not know the first thing about Quackerjack. You don't know why he was in there, and you don't know what happened to him. I do. You have no idea how much Bushroot and I had to help him through. As long as you keep this up you'll never be part of this team. Not really." The Liquidator turned away and started to slosh after his friends. "Before you start passing judgment on us why don't you get to know us?"

Megavolt watched him start to leave, then found himself asking "What happened to him?"

The Liquidator turned and sneered. "Why don't you figure that out yourself, Megavolt?"

A few hours later, about sunset, saw Megavolt skating across the telephone wires of the city, his mind whirling with other things. He didn't know why he was so hard on Quackerjack, but there was just something about that guy. Something…something different. He didn't understand it, but Megavolt found himself very unbalanced when Quackerjack was around, much more then when the others were around.

What in the world could have happened to that guy? People didn't just up and decide to run around in a jester outfit acting like a clown! Let's see…what did Megavolt know about Quackerjack? Knowing that it would take him a bit to think things through, as his memory sometimes was similar to Swiss cheese on occasion, Megavolt leaped from the telephone wire to a handy roof and sat down, thinking hard.

Let's see. Megavolt pulled out his diary and began to flip through it, looking for anything that might pertain to Quackerjack. He remembered there was something that the man had said…something about his family. Oh yes! Megavolt pulled out his other diary, the black one listing Negaduck's victims, and flipped through it.

"Let's see. William Quacker Sr…forty two. I remember changing it because Quackerjack said the age was wrong. Earlier that day…when we were fighting Negaduck…"

Megavolt concentrated hard. What had Quackerjack said to Negaduck? Something about his father…and someone named…Richard? Rodney? Reynolds? It started with and r, Megavolt remembered that much. He idly flipped through his black diary, when another name seemed to jump out at him.

"Robert Quacker" Megavolt read aloud. "Shot during Negaduck's attack on the new toy museum at the grand opening. Taken to hospital and vanished. Presumed dead." Most likely dead. It had been a head wound after all. Even though Megavolt had heard of the odd freak case of a person surviving brain trauma like that, there was that case he had read about where someone had lived through having a metal bar shoved through their brain, it wasn't likely that this Robert guy was alive. "Wait! He did say it was Robert! Something about…not talking bad about Robert and Father…or something to that effect…does that mean that…?"

Megavolt didn't usually keep a record of the living victims of Negaduck, just the dead. He wondered if he needed to start. While he didn't have a record of the younger Quacker sibling, he did know, like everyone knew, that he had existed. After all, it wasn't every day that a CEO's kid brother dressed up as a clown and…wait!

"Ohhh! How could I have overlooked that! Stupid stupid brain!" Megavolt began to pace around in a circle, smacking his head lightly with both fists. "It was all right there! Quackerjack! William Quacker! Toy company clown! It was all right there! Why did I never bother to connect the dots? He must have been there! Must have seen Negaduck kill his brother! Maybe even his father! That's why he's so…him…"

Megavolt sighed and hung his head. "I'm such an idiot." He muttered to himself. As he was sitting there feeling generally mad at himself, Megavolt felt an odd jolt around the plug situated on his chest. Megavolt's head shot up and he looked around, just in time to see several lights going out.

"Hmmm, power outage. Right up my alley!" Megavolt jumped from the roof to the power lines and placed his hand on the wires, feeling the electrical charges that were even now flowing towards the power plants, flowing far faster then they usually flowed.

"What's going on?" A familiar voice asked from the bottom of the telephone pole that Megavolt was perched on. Megavolt looked down and saw Quackerjack standing at the corner, a big hotdog in his hand.

"What are you doing here?" Megavolt asked.

Quackerjack lifted the hotdog. "Dinner. That a problem for you?" The duck's eyes were narrowed in challenge as he spoke those words.

"No, just curious." Megavolt said, trying to remain calm. He knew that fighting with Quackerjack wouldn't be productive. He lifted his head and looked at the distance form of the power plant. "Someone is stealing the power. It's causing a blackout."

"Well, let's go then." Quackerjack stuffed his hotdog into his beak and finished it in two huge gulps.

"Go get the others an-"

"No way! I'm not letting you use me as your messenger! I'm going to be right there with you!" Quackerjack pulled out his pogo stick and gave Megavolt a glare.

Megavolt gritted his teeth. "Do you have anything that you can use to send a message to them? I don't want to just go charging in there like a pair of idiots."

"Oh, you mean like you've done all your-"

"Will you give me a break here? I'm trying to work with you!" Megavolt screeched.

"Oh, now there's a first." Quackerjack turned around and folded his arms again, irritating Megavolt to no end.

"There you go, acting like a child again! Look…" Megavolt sighed. "I'm sorry for the things I've said to you. I've been unfair a bit."

"A bit." Quackerjack snorted.

"Quackerjack, please. I'm sorry." Megavolt was shocked to find that he meant it. "I…I can't do this without help, okay? I've admitted it now, okay?"

Quackerjack sighed. "Alright. Fine. Let's go." As if his mind couldn't stay on an angry setting for long, Quackerjack grinned and jumped onto his pogo stick. "Lead the way!"

Ignoring the feeling of dread in his chest, Megavolt started to skate towards the power plant, followed by the last person in the world he wanted behind him. He just hoped that clown wouldn't do something rash.

Dr. Khola giggled manically as he used Dr. Bellum's energy device on the pylons in the power plant. Yes it was a stupid, ineffective way to get power. He could come up with a better device in an hour! Still, Dr. Bellum had Hooter's ear, and Khola knew that he couldn't get his own ideas out there until he proved himself.

"Small fuzzy one! Are you not done with this? The Dingo is bored, mate!"

Khola sighed. If there was anyone in SHUSH who knew less about indoor voices then Dr. Khola it was Dingo. Dingo was several levels of crazy, probably from all the injections he had been given. For one thing he was not a dingo at all, but a kangaroo. He was a deep red color, with small pointed ears and the usual long legs of his kind. He usually wore a small blue vest and little else. For some odd reason he had painted his ears black, and streaked his face with black paint as well, giving in an odd, slightly feral look. To go along with his loud, booming voice, he also had a tendency to go on and on about the Power of Destruction, or something like that. He was under the impression that he had to end ninety percent of his sentences with the word 'mate', along with his very bad, very fake, Australian accent.

"Dingo! Stop using that term! You're from Chicago, not Australia!" Dr. Khola yelled.

To Khola's irritation, Dingo jumped over towards him and started talking again. "I am bored by the lack of fighting and blooding and killing, mate! The Dingo requires death and destruction and many explosions!"

"Oh, well, we certainly don't want our villains to be bored here in St. Canard! How about the two of us make your stay nice and shocking!"

Dr. Khola and Dingo looked up to find Megavolt and Quackerjack standing in one of the windows of the power plant, staring down at them with identical incredulous expressions.

"Oh thank you!" Dingo bellowed. "The Dingo thanks the Gods of Destruction and Death for this gift of foolish mortal heroes to pound in the deep dark depths of the ground, mate!"

"Ummm, who are you talking to?" Quackerjack asked. "I mean, at least I talk to something physical, right Mr. Banana Brain?" "That's right!" The puppet said, through Quackerjack.

Megavolt tried, with great effort, not to slap his hand over his face. He didn't want to provoke Quackerjack. Or the rest of the crazies. He suddenly realized he was in a room, alone, with Quackerjack, an apparently insane kangaroo that might be under the impression that he was a dingo, and a koala with a weapon that apparently was sucking the power out of the power plant. All of a sudden Megavolt really hated his life.

"Wait! You're that Megavolt guy!" Khola said, pointing at the rat.

"Right, and who am I going to be hauling to jail today, may I ask?" Megavolt let himself spark a bit from his hat. This was going to be so therapeutic.

"I'm Dr. Khola! That's Dingo! He's an idiot!"

"Seriously? He's name's Dr. Cola?" Quackerjack laughed. "Now we have villains from the snack aisle?"

"And the Dingo's gonna have a snack on you! And yer baby!" Dingo shrieked and bounced over towards Quackerjack, who was taken completely off guard by this…odd comment. He had to duck as Dingo's huge feet flashed towards his head in an attempt to behead him. Quackerjack moved backwards as Dingo moved to punch him in an almost perfect boxing pose. Quackerjack grinned and, seemingly from out of thin air, a pair of springs appeared on his feet and he began to bounce backwards. Dingo, seeing this, let out a scream of pure rage and bounced right after Quackerjack, using his natural feet to spring as he punched at Quackerjack. Quackerjack laughed in glee mimicked Dingo's moves as he made them mockingly. This served to enrage Dingo, which was exactly what Quackerjack wanted.

Megavolt realized what his companion was doing and aimed a blast of electricity at Dr. Khola, who let out a rather girly scream and ducked behind a pylon, energy sucking gun clutched in his hands. Khola's heart was beating a mile a minute. At first he wasn't sure what to do about the heroes, but now he was terrified. He had never been shot at before.

However, as he clutched the energy sucking gun he started to grin. "That rodent is powered by electricity! What would you do to him, little gun? Meweehehehehehe!"

"You know, that whole evil scientist laugh is really overdone." Megavolt said as he strolled around the pylon, his electricity gun raised and ready.

Khola couldn't think of a retort, but the giggling continued as he turned his weapon on Megavolt and fired, hitting Megavolt square in the plug. Megavolt gasped, as the energy sucker began to leech his strength at ludicrous speeds. He felt almost like he was being short circuited, but the draining sensation was ten times worse, and much faster with the thing that was being used on him. The huge light bulb attached to the gun began to glow brightly, and Megavolt fell to the ground, too weak to move.

"Megavolt!" Quackerjack turned his head to look at what was going on behind him, and received a punch in the face from Dingo as a reward. Dingo, while not exactly stable, had a very nasty right hook, and the blow sent Quackerjack flying into the far wall.

Dazed, Quackerjack thought for a second he saw little twitting blue birds circling his head, but they field when his vision was obstructed by something that was not a bird. In fact, it was the hind legs of a kangaroo coming down to slam into his gut, and probably disembowel him. Swiftly Quackerjack rolled out of the way as Dingo landed where he had just been a second ago. Dingo didn't miss a beat as he turned and lashed out with his broad tail, smacking Quackerjack again. Once again Quackerjack flew into the air, skidding to a stop beside the pylon where Dr. Khola was gloating over Megavolt, who still couldn't move.

Quackerjack looked from Megavolt to the gun, and then smiled. "It's plaaaaaaaaaaytime!" Quackerjack bellowed and activated his shoe springs, rocking towards Dr. Khola, who had been too busy gloating to consider the danger he was in. Quackerjack grabbed the gun from Dr. Khola's hands and backflipped into the air. Using the springs he launched himself into the air and grabbed onto one of the roof supports. He flipped himself around and hooked his legs around the support, dangling upside down from the roof.

"I love playing with buttons." Quackerjack smiled. "Let's see, what does this one does!"

It was at this point that Megavolt realized that his fate now pretty much depended on what button a crazy, jester suited duck picked out from a gun of energy draining evil. He just knew that Quackerjack would do something silly or stupid to doom them all! It sounded like something he would do! To Megavolt's horror he saw that Dingo had leaped onto the same roof supports that Quackerjack had and was even now sliding towards Quackerjack with a grimace of anger on his face. To Megavolt surprise, Quackerjack didn't do anything to the device, but looked down at Megavolt. Quackerjack looked down at him and smiled sadly.

"Well? What should I do?" Quackerjack said.

Megavolt stared at Quackerjack, if he didn't pick right then…who knew that that thing could do? But Dingo was getting closer, and Megavolt had a feeling that the crazed kangaroo was intent on murder.

"Do something!" Megavolt shouted.

Quackerjack cocked his head at Megavolt, an odd angle for the poor drained rat, but apparently it was the right thing to say. Quackerjack's bucktoothed grin was big enough to use for signaling planes. Rapidly, with the mania of someone who was in a hurry, but had no idea what they were doing, Quackerjack began to push buttons. The device began to make a metallic erk erk erk sound, and began to rattle in Quackerjack's hands so much that his arms began to tremble. The device leaped out of Quackerjack's hands and landed on the floor, still trembling wildly. With a loud bang the device exploded and electricity began to spark in the air.

Megavolt sighed in relief as a bolt hit him, giving him enough strength to start absorbing more. It was easy, as the air was now filled with bolts of electricity. Megavolt stood up and concentrated hard. The bolt of electricity stopped their wild courses and came to him, being absorbed by him. By the time he was finished Megavolt was glowing with energy.

Khola, for some reason, didn't seem scared anymore. He was staring, open mouthed, at the remains of the gun. He lifted his head to gaze at Megavolt (who felt just great, thank you) and shook with rage.

"You slimy murid! You little bastard! I'll kill you! I'll tear out your eyeballs and feed them to Dingo!"

Megavolt smiled a bit and rubbed his hands together, sparks flying from his hat and hands. "Come and try." Electricity arched from his hat towards Khola, who ducked behind a pylon, still screaming in complete and total rage. Megavolt threw electricity everywhere, not just at the doctor, but all around the room, as he wanted to get this guy, now.

Dingo bellowed incoherently from behind and above Megavolt. He looked up and saw Dingo lunge forwards and aimed a punch at his nose. Megavolt reeled backwards and electricity shot from his hands to electrify Dingo, who seemed to shrug it off. Dingo punched again, but this time Megavolt was prepared. He dodged to the side and grabbed Dingo's arm, and shot more electricity into Dingo. Dingo screeched in pain.

Megavolt turned to Dr Khola. "You ready to surrender?"

Dr. Khola's giggle reached a strange, almost girlish level. "Are you really going to leave your little friend there on the ground like that?"

"What?" Megavolt turned and gasped. Quackerjack was lying face down on the ground, apparently out cold. Or worse. "What do did you do you crazy kangaroo!" Megavolt twisted Dingo's arm. Dingo just laughed at him.

"The Dingo did nothing! That was your pleasure, mate!" Dingo grinned. "You blasted your little buddy right out of his perch!" With that Dingo leaned back and punched Megavolt, who lost his grip on Dingo's arm and reeled backwards.

Dingo started to advance towards Megavolt, but Khola grabbed him by the arm. "No! Get us out of here!" Dingo stared at his companion, and then nodded. He grabbed the smaller creature and jumped away. Within moments the two villains were gone, and Megavolt was a few minutes away from falling them, but then he remembered Quackerjack.

Megavolt went to Quackerjack and knelt down, looking his teammate over. He turned Quackerjack over and found a burn mark on his jester suit, evidence that Dingo had told the truth.

"Oh man, it's just like during training! I wasn't watching what I was doing and I hit him again!" Megavolt couldn't even pretend that it was somehow Quackerjack's fault. It had been his fault. He had been reckless and stupid, and now one of his friends had been hurt.

"You know you can be very overdramatic at times, you know that?" Megavolt looked down at Quackerjack, who was looking at him with an expression of mild amusement.

"You idiot! You scared me to death!" Megavolt screeched.

"Simmer down; you just stunned me a bit with all that zapping." Quackerjack sat up with a groan. "They got away, huh?"

"Yeah, but we stopped em." Megavolt smiled.

"I guess we do make a decent team."

Megavolt frowned. "I wouldn't go that far."

"Only because you're an arrogant jerk." Quackerjack said.

Megavolt shrugged. "Let's get out of here."

"So let me get this straight." Hooter gazed at the two trembling fools in front of him with cold eyes. "You not only failed, utterly I might add, in your mission, but you also managed to get our device broken?" Hooter leaned forwards. "Is that what you are telling me?"

Dingo opened his mouth, but Dr Khola stomped on his foot. "We got jumped by Megavolt!"

"Megavolt? The rat with electrical powers?" Dr. Bellum said with a small smile. "The one person in the world that might be the most vulnerable against my device? For shame…Khola."

"He had a friend with him! A clown! Quackerjack!" Dr. Khola shouted.

"The clown?" Agent Grizzlikof, SHUSH's top agent, snorted. "With all the genetic enhancements you haff been given, Dingo? You couldn't take down one clown?" For once Dingo didn't seem to have something to shout.

"Grizzlikof, I think these two have no place in SHUSH." Hooter said. "Get them out of my office. Now. If I see either of them here again, shoot them."

Dingo and Khola gulped as Grizzlikof stepped towards them, eyes alight with cruel joy.

A few seconds later Khola had the dubious of honor of being personally punted across a dirty, run down street by a huge Russian bear. Dingo swiftly followed, almost landing on top of Khola.

"You! You! I'll kill you all! I'll come back and burn your damn headquarters to the ground! I'll make you all beg for mercy!" Khola begin to jump around in anger. Grizzlikof merely laughed and turned away. He heard things like that all the time. He slammed the door to what appeared to be an ordinary house shut.

"I'll have my revenge! You'll see! I'll show all those fools!"

Dingo, who despite his own strangeness could feel the oldness of that line, rolled his eyes and sighed. He squeaked when the enraged Dr. Khola reached up and gripped him by the throat.

"You're going to help me! Right, Dingo!"


"RIGHT!" Khola squeezed.

"Okay, fine!" Dingo shook Khola off him. "The Dingo's on your side!"

Khola started to stomp down the street, still ranting about those fools in the SHUSH offices. Dingo followed, still rolling his eyes in exasperation, but still going along with this.

"As long as the Dingo's got something to fight, he's happy, mate!" Dingo said to himself, but Khola heard him.

"For the last time, you're from Chicago, not Australia you FOOL!"

As they passed several houses lost their windows to the sound frequencies reached by Dr. Khola, but if either villain noticed they showed no sign.

"So, how are you feeling?" Megavolt asked as he stared at the stars. How he managed to get Quackerjack to sit down for a few moments was a mystery, but here they were. Okay, so a roof of a skyscraper was not the best place for a chat, but he knew that he needed to get this issue that they had between them settled if they were to work together. The problem was that Megavolt didn't know how to settle it.

"Me, I'm just fine. You're the one that's weird." Quakerjack was standing a few meters away from him, back turned away from Megavolt. He didn't want to be here, that was clear in his body language, but he stayed.


"You don't trust me; you don't trust any of us." Quackerjack stated bluntly.


"No amount of apologizing is going to change that. And you know what, from the way you act; I don't see any reason why I should trust you! I know nothing about you, none of us do!" Quackerjack shook his head. "You're impossible."

There was a long, tense silence.

"When I was seventeen I had a very good friend named Hamm String." Megavolt said. "I met him when we were kids, and we just sort of clicked. We knew this other kid, named Drake Mallard. He was my neighbor, and he was also crazy. He used to kill little baby animals in his basement and would dip their bodies in acid to hide his tracks. When he found out that I suspected him he tried to kill me, using my own experiment. It's what gave me my powers. That night was the first night I dressed up as Megavolt. I tried to expose Mallard, and it worked. He vowed that night to take away everything that Megavolt loved. The night of the prom he made good on that promise." Megavolt's voice hitched in his throat. In his mind he could see it again. "Drake Mallard became Negaduck, and he lit the prom on fire. I told Hamm to help the others, and I tried to fight Negaduck, but I lost…and Hamm…Hamm and his girlfriend burned to death, along with so many others that night. I knew that, if I ever told anyone who I really was, if Negaduck every found out…everyone else I loved would…" Megavolt hung his head, unable to say anything more. He heard Quackerjack turn around and walk towards him.

"You still have people out there. I have no one." Quackerjack said. "My father was William Quacker. The first one. He was poisoned, I think. He died. My brother was gunned down by Negaduck, I was there. That's why they put me away."

"Your mother? What about…" Megavolt could almost sense that was not the question to ask, but his mouth asked it anyway.

"I killed her."


"When I was laid, I killed her. It happens, sometimes, you know, when the egg isn't…right. I was laid wrong."

"No!" Megavolt leaped to his feet and turned around to face Quackerjack. "You weren't even born; it's not your fault!" Quackerjack started to laugh at him, and Megavolt frowned. "What's so funny?"

"You sound so much like Bobby, you know? Funny, I didn't think I'd feel the same way about anyone else."


"My brother. Bobby was my brother. You sound like him. He didn't think it was my fault either, though he should have." Quackerjack was still chuckling. "Do you worry about me, Megavolt?"

"I…yeah. I do."

"So did he. Maybe that's why I resent you so much. When you talk to me, I can hear his voice."

Megavolt stared at him for a few seconds. "I never had a brother. Is this what it's like?"

"Sometimes it's worse." Quackerjack smiled. "Sometimes it's better, Megavolt."

Megavolt took a deep breath. "Elmo."


"I'm Elmo Sputterspark. Nice to meet you." Megavolt smiled.

Quackerjack frowned. "Are you sure about that, if I ever told Negaduck…"

"You wouldn't do that. I trust you."

"So now you do?"

"Yeah…I do."

Quackerjack smiled. "I see." He turned around. "Make no mistake; I know I belong in that insane asylum. I just can't go there, no yet. Not with Negaduck around. When he's gone, I'll go back. But I can't let Bobby's murderer go free."

"Revenge?" Megavolt asked.

"Are you going after him for killing Hamm, Elmo?" Quackerjack asked.


"There's your answer." Quackerjack said.

There was another long silence, but this silence was much friendlier, more comfortable. For the first time in his life, Megavolt felt very relived.

All of as sudden an explosion rocked the area west of them, and a fireball rose from what appeared to be a electronics store.

"Ah! Looks like more fun!" Quackerjack bounced over towards the explosion. "Let's go! It's plaaaaaaaaaaaaaytime!" Quackerjack's earlier somber mood was gone, replaced by his usual antics.

And, for the first time, it didn't bother Megavolt at all. "Right behind you…you lunatic."

Quackerjack just laughed at him, and bounced from the roof on his pogo stick, heading straight for the danger. Megavolt followed right on his heels.

The two heroes sped towards the scene of the crime, finally at peace with each other…

For now at least.

A/N: My new oc, Dr. Nicolas Khola, is kinda a joke in three parts. The first part is the most obvious "Dr. Cola" which I kinda got from a dramatic reading of that horrible My Immortal fic by two guys on youtube. Because the spelling was so bad one of the characters was called this in the reading. The line "Seriously? His name is Dr. Cola?" comes from an Animorphs book The Change where the line is said by Jake in relation to a Hork-Bajir named Jara Hamee (The line in the book is "Seriously? His name is Jeremy?"). The last little joke is the fact that, if you say his name as Nick Khola it's supposed to sound like Nikola, as in Nikola Tesla.

I apologize to everyone from Australia for Dingo (even though he's really from fact I also apologize to anyone from Chicago). I also want to state that, despite the fact that the format of this story is inspired by the New Adventures of Darkwing Duck fanfiction by Scyphi, I didn't purposefully write Dingo with Scyphi's oc otter Rowe in mind at all, despite the fact that Dingo and Rowe both use that mate phrase. I intended Dingo to have a fake Australian accent, and that verbal tic goes with it. I just now noticed that he uses that word the same way Rowe does, but that was accidental. Or, maybe I've just been reading too much of that fic… I also apologize for the worst usage of the "Dingo's ate my baby" joke in internet history…that I know of. I couldn't help myself.

I know both of these new villains are very over the top and kinda much, but I figured that since I've created a more mellow version of Megavolt, indeed all the Friendly Four seem to be more mellowed than their counterparts, I needed someone to take the role of maniacal mad scientist who cackles and screams and creates horrible monstrosities that fly in the face of God and nature. So instead of Bushroot and Megavolt doing that it'll be Khola and probably also Dr. Bellum eventually. At least that is the plan. We'll see what happens.

"Murid" is just another term for "Murinae", one of the Scientific classifications for mice and rats. I didn't want to go for the more obvious rodent or even something like rattus (the rat's genus) because it was a little too obvious. Besides, murid sounds a bit more like genuine slur to me.

No, I don't know if canonically Disney ducks are hatched because…you know, Disney. But then again, they are birds. I made the best guess I could and went with what felt right.

I have a hard time writing down accents, so that's why Dingo and Grizzlikof's accents are badly written. Hopefully this will be one of those things that will improve over time. After all, I do this basically to improve my writing. Heck, I hashed out my where were problem through fanfictions. I used to get those mixed up all the time.

The episode Days of Blunder always puzzled me, mostly because of the gapping plothole of why in the world Quackerjack would need to buy a gigantic robot teddy bear when he usually just makes all of his toys. Why not make a giant teddy bear? Hench my Nega-Terror Teddy. Of course, then after I spent way too much time thinking about it, finally it occurred to me that maybe Darkwingverse Quackerjack just didn't have the tools or the parts to make Terror Teddy. Still, I like Terror Teddy and will probably use him later, so I just went ahead with the idea that Nega-Quackerjack built his own.

Next time: Quackerjack has always had a rocky relationship with video games, but when his friends lose themselves in the newest craze; it's up to him to rescue them. If only he can figure out what all these monsters are for, and why does he need them to win…