By: Lesera128

Rated: M

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm just playing in someone else's sandbox….

Summary: No one ever told Skye that having a long-term relationship with Jax would be easy... and they were right not to…. AU. Skye/Jax. SAX.

Author's Note: I am reposting some of the older works that I have saved on my harddrive. Old-time SAX fans may remember this story. It was written as a collaboration between April and June 2002 by members of the Skye messageboard fan fiction archive. Many thanks in advance to those who contributed to the writing of this epic monstrosity… including: Abauner, AjsFantaC, Blonde twinkie, Catrenee, Girl4Ingo, Icequeen1501, Jaxskye63, JaxNSkye4ever, JaxnSkyeForever69, Jordana213, Lexifan4ever, MelissaGrigo, Renee16, TheDragonStar, and WackedDiva1030.

Chapter 1

A cool breeze played across her skin. The salt air was a refreshing change to her after spending so much time cooped up in her offices at ELQ in the city. Coming to the beach was such a nice change, especially when she came under circumstances such as the ones that had brought her there. The faint outline of the moon was just rising as evening claimed supremacy over the land. Yes, the night was coming and with it the promise of something extraordinary for Skye Chandler-Quartermaine.

Feeling Jax's arms curl up around her waist from behind her, she knew it had arrived. A smile lined her lips as he kissed her cheek gently. Before she knew what happened, Jax had lifted her in his arms and was quickly bringing her down towards the ocean. She managed to escape his hold and tried to hurry back to her earlier spot in the safety of the dunes, but fell, twisting her ankle and crying out in pain. Jax hurried to her side, trying to hide his smile. He sat on his knees between her legs gently rubbing her ankle. Slowly massaging her up her leg and coming to grab her hips to bring her closer to his pelvis. Laying on top of her, he kissed her lips as his hands wrapped her legs around his waist and the playful mood in the air gave way to something heavier… more frenzied… and definitely more passionate.

Jax quickly scrambled out of his clothes and assisted Skye in removing hers. They looked deeply into each other's eyes with nothing but pure love and unbridled passion, kissing each other deeply. Then, in one swift movement, Jax was inside. She dug her nails into his back and tried not to scream by biting her lip as spasms overwhelmed the pair. Both were sweaty and breathing heavily as the hurried coupling fell away. For a moment they were just resting, Jax laying on top of Skye, each holding the other. When at last Skye's breathing returned to a level where she could speak, she looked up into Jax's eyes with surprise filled in them. This was the last thing she had expected to ever happen between them after the last time they were together. But, somehow, in the magic of this island paradise, they had found each other.

"Jax?" she murmured into his ears, unsure of what his response would be.

His response came in a movement on action as he rolled them over and nodded his head in the direction of the water.

"Come on," he merely whispered in return. "Let's go for a swim."

"Uh," Skye responded warily, "I'm tired." She smiled seductively. "Because of… you, you know?"

Jax just laughed. "Aw, come on," he joked. "What? Don't tell me the fearless Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine is actually scared of something!"

She looked down sheepishly, pretending to be enthralled by the piles of sand she had absentmindedly built up around her before she reluctantly replied. "Well, actually... Jax, I, um,... I can't swim, exactly."

He picked her face up and kissed her lips softly, happy that she'd finally begun to feel comfortable being honest with him. "That's okay, beautiful," he replied, standing and pulling her up beside him gently. "I'll teach you. Come on."

She was hesitant at first, but allowed him to pull her towards the water. They waded into the surprisingly warm water until it covered them to their waists. Jax wrapped his arms around Skye's body, holding her close.

"Trust me," he whispered into her ear.

Skye nodded her head, biting her lip again. Gripping Jax's hand hard, she allowed herself to be lead in deeper so the water covered almost all of her naked body. Jax came around in front of her, smiling at her. The stars shined down from above and the moon light bathed the two lovers with a mystic glow.

Suddenly, a splash sounded nearby. Skye instinctively panicked, jumping into Jax's arms. Jax resisted the urge to laugh as he tried to console the trembling woman in his arms.

"Skye, it's all right - it was probably just a fish or something," he told her in his most soothing voice.

"If you say so," she answered wearily, slowly setting foot on the ocean bottom again, yet not looking entirely convinced.

"Since when do you listen to what I have to say?" Jax questioned jokingly, unable to keep himself from staring at the way Skye's hair is now stuck to her cheeks.

"Oh, VERY funny Mr. Jacks, VERY funny," Skye retorted, trying unsuccessfully to stop the smile from spreading across her face. "So are we gonna finish this lesson or what?"

"Most definitely, Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine," he said, his bright blue eyes twinkling with mischief. "Here's the next part of the lesson: always be on alert in the water, because you just never know what something or someone will do." And with that, Jax lunged towards Skye, grabbed her out of that water and picked her up.

Screaming in surprise, Skye struggled in his grasp, twisting and turning, but finally stopping and allowing him to hold her.

"Put me down!" Skye demanded in mock annoyance, unable to keep the corners of her mouth from turning into a smile.

"Are you sure?" Jax smirked, raising his eyebrows and catching her gaze.

Her eyes widened amusedly. "Yes!"

"As you wish!" He winked, shocking her as he dropped her into the shallow water with a grin on his face.

"Ow!" She complained indignantly from her seated position on the sand. "You! You..."

He laughed, sitting down beside her, the water comfortably cooling their legs. He leaned in and kissed her, softly but passionately, feeling himself get lost in her again,.. until that is, she stopped him.

Skye pushed back gently on Jax's shoulders, moving him in a way that she could still feel the sweetness of his breath on her cheeks. She inhaled and stared at him nervously, hopeful yet with a measure of disbelief. "Jax," she whispered. "Promise me you aren't just using me."

Jax stared at her, his eyes registering surprise - and then hurt. "I don't use people," he said fiercely, taking her hands in his.

Skye trained her gaze on their laced fingers, and chewed her lower lip and then abruptly stopped when she realized if she continued the action, it would become a nasty habit.

Jax studied her for a moment, taken aback by the trace of fragility he saw in her as she sat naked before him, surrounded by water. He released her hands and moved his to her face, tilting it up until their eyes met. He brushed his lips against her forehead. "I would never use you, Skye," Jax said softly. "Please believe me."

Skye stared at him with uncertainty despite his reassurances. Jax had been caught off guard at the question, and, ye,t he knew he shouldn't be given that it was coming from Skye. He shook his head as a tender smile crossed his face once more. Pulling Skye towards him, he stared deeply into her dark brown eyes that were filled with attraction, lust, uncertainty, wariness, and fear all mixed together.

He didn't break the stare as he spoke with such gentleness and surety that it almost broke Skye's heart. "Skye, I promise you. I am not using you," he told her simply.

Afraid that she was dreaming and that all of it was too good to be true, she clasped her wet arms around his dripping neck as she said, "Then what changed your mind, Jax? I thought you said you were through with me."

"Everything changed." Jax replied simply. "The way I wake up in the mornings, The way I live my days since you entered it, the way I spend my evenings thinking of you. I realized that I can never be through with you because I - you gave me back something I thought was gone forever."

Skye looked up at him, taking in every feature of his face, as if he might disappear in a second. Jax noticed a chill come over her and he smiled down, lovingly. "Come on let's get back home," he replied as he took Skye's hand.

The push and pull of the warm water's current made it extremely easy for Jax to guide Skye to the shore. However, by the time they had pulled themselves up on the sand, Jax noticed that Skye was shivering. The balmy night's breeze was both a blessing and a curse in this tropical paradise.

Taking her hand, Jax nodded to Skye as he said, "Here. Let me help you."

"Jax, I'm fine-" she began. But, Jax silenced her with one of his killer smiles as he said, "Humor me."

Grabbing her hand, Skye thought he was merely going to pull her closer to them as they walked back to the bungalow. Thus, she was quite surprised as he swept her off her feet, in one fluid movement, and continued walking a brisk pace to their secret refuge in paradise.