Hello guys, ii Chaos zZ here, bringing you a Maplestory...Story!

Summary: A Shadower lives his mundane life with no desire for change. An Ice Lightning Mage struggles with reaching her goal of becoming an Arch Mage. They cross paths in a town. He never knew what he was in for.

New characters in this chapter:

Luck is a 14x Shadower. He's considered strong for his level, and constantly runs bosses for money.

Valze is a 15x Battle Mage. He's Luck's long time friend, also great friends with Lucius. Goes bossing with Luck, and Lucius.

Lucius is a 14x Ice/Lightning Arch Mage. He is a long time friend of Valze, and good friends with Luck. Goes bossing with Luck and Valze.

Well... Enjoy the first chapter.


I stood on the ledge sighing, picked up my right hand, and stared at the sharp dagger, which shone from the faint glow of the lava. I got up and casted my buffing spells. The quickness of haste, along with the quickness of my dagger booster, altogether with the protection of my Meso guard.

I leapt off the platform and faded into the shadows and ran through the dog like monsters that stood between myself and the Zakum altar.

"Hey Luck, are you almost here?" a voice asked.

"Yeah man, give me a sec," I said, climbing the last metal rope, and entering the portal to the altar.

I stood among five other people, two of I knew as long time friends, and two who I didn't. Along with myself, my two friends, Valze and Lucius, would be the attackers, while the two people would grab helmets, after they paid us. One person was a priestess, so she would heal us, and make everything easier.

"Sorry I'm late man," I said, quickly flash jumping towards my two friends.

"No problem man, ready to go?" Lucius said, holding his Aeas hand staff.

"Yeah, are you two ready?" I said, turning to the priestess and the ranger. They both quietly nodded.

I opened the altar door, and we went inside quickly.

I climbed the rope and sat down and sighed again. Valze climbed next to me.

"Same shit, different day," He said, as the glowing black aura encircled me, making me feel more powerful.

"Here man, I found some of these in Neo City," Lucius said, handing each of us a bottle labeled 'The Energizer Drink'.

We drank our drinks in unison, and I hopped down onto the altar and placed the eye of fire on the altar. I rushed back to the platform, and re-casted my spells. I extended my arm outward and created an immense throwing star infused with the powers of my teacher, The Dark Lord, and planted it on the ground, and then casted the pink aura of my pickpocket skill. Lucius and Valze also casted their boosters, along with Lucius' meditation, which didn't affect me.

The altar began to shake, and Zakum appeared in a rage, and we began attacking. We concentrated on one arm at a time. I attacked from a bit of a distance with my Boomerang Step, alongside with Lucius, who casted bolts of his Chain Lightning, which transferred to other arms after the initial hit. Valze, however, was up close, swinging his Aeas hand staff infused with dark magic, hitting two arms six times.

We continued this until the arms were finished, and moved on to the main body. Valze continued striking the body with his Finishing Blow, and Lucius continued shooting his lightning. I, however, began blowing up the Mesos that had been dropped because of my pickpocket ability, but as soon as the Mesos ran out, I changed my attack a bit, chaining my Boomerang Step with Savage Blow.

Zakum let out a roar, and casted a strong attack, which hit everyone but me. I quickly grabbed a smoke grenade from my pocket, and tossed it to protect us all.

"Thanks man," Valze said, quickly gulping a potion down.

"Anytime," I said. I turned my head to the priestess and ranger. "How are you two holding up?".

"I'm doing alright, thanks," the priestess said, casting heal to make sure everyone is alright.

"I am too, just wish I could help," the ranger said.

"Alright, let's get back to work," I said, turning towards Zakum, and continuing to attack through the smokescreen, until it cleared.

Zakum was beginning to have worsening cracks, and attacking stronger more frequently. The priestess continued healing while we attacked the boss with all our might.

Zakum let out one final cry, and cracked once and for all, and dropped some items.

"Alright, there's three helmets, get yours," I said, rubbing my temples.

"Another Zakum defeated," Lucius said.

The priestess and the ranger grabbed their helmets, and the priestess approached me.

"Hey… Luck?" she said, tapping my shoulder.

"Yeah?" I asked her, turning to face her.

"Can I grab that Angel Ray skill book?" she asked.

"Yeah, whatever you want," I said.

The priestess grabbed the book, and stared at us.

"Alright, let's get out of here, I'm bored," Valze said.

"Good idea," Lucius said.

We left the portal, leaving the ranger and priestess behind, and with a bit more money in our wallets.

The cold city of El Nath was filled with people walking and talking. I stood around with my two friends as we began walking around looking for something to do.

"Hey, wouldn't it be funny if they get destroyed by the monsters on the way back from Zak?" Valze said, randomly.

"Ha, that would, I'm going to go back to Kerning for a bit," I said, stretching.

"Alright man, I'll see you later," Lucius said.

"Yeah man, I'm gonna go sleep for a bit," Valze said, yawning.

I nodded, as my friends and I went our separate ways, and I headed to the Orbis tower. I climbed the ropes, as the monsters attempted to attack me, but couldn't.

'I remember when these things could actually hurt me,' I thought to myself, opening the Orbis tower scroll. My vision went white, and I felt my body tingle with a familiar sensation of teleportation via scrolls, and soon found myself on the top on the tower, and went inside the portal.

I quickly passed through Orbis, since I didn't care much for that town, and flash jumped towards the boat to Victoria Island. The boat was docked, meaning I had made it, and I went inside the ship, waving casually at the woman in front.

The boat was filled with about 5 or 6 other people. I didn't really make conversations with anyone, since they usually pestered me, asking for free stuff or for any old equipment I had. I took off the two hats on my head, the transparent hat, which was covering my Scarlion helmet, and ran my hand through my hair. I sat down on the mast, and awaited the departure and the Crimson Balrgos if they dared to show their ugly faces.