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I stood almost fifty feet near the headquarters, on a leafy tree. I held my dagger in my right hand, and kept my shield on my waist. I stared at the two guards near the door. They weren't junior masters, but they were still pretty strong warriors.

I took out a few stones I had picked up earlier and threw on near where I was.

"Did you hear that?" one asked the other. The second one nodded.

The first one headed towards the trees, and I leapt closer to the building, and threw another rock. The second man looked around, with his weapon drawn. I quickly faded into dark sight, and quietly entered the building; Warriors couldn't see people in dark sight like thieves could.

'Alright, now comes the fun part,' I thought to myself.

I had never been in this place, since only junior masters were allowed to enter, but I knew that the most important documents and technology were in the basement, and upstairs were the archer guards. I had no intention on running into Dando or anyone who would recognize me.

I tied my hair back as much as I could, and wore a bronze identity bandana instead of my Scarlion helmet. I also took a piece of cloth and wrapped it over my mouth and nose to keep most of my face hidden; most members wouldn't recognize me by just my eyes.

The main corridor was almost empty, but I knew the basement would be the most guarded, probably by dual blades.

I quickly headed down the stairs, and peeked down the hallway. As I assumed, there were two dual blades, guarding one door. I summoned a wooden doll, and placed it down. I dropped ten small meso coins around the doll, and readied myself.

I flung my body across the hallway, and landed on my stomach. To the guard, it'd look like someone had thrown me across. I tossed a few more coins in front of me, and heard footsteps approaching quickly. I saw four feet, two coming near me, and one staring at my doll.

'Now,' I thought, summoning the black spirit. The spirit chuckled, and exploded the mesos on the floor, and around the doll. Smoke filled the room, and I kicked off the ground, tackling the guard in front of me and the second one. I raised my arm and punched the sides of their heads to make sure they were out. I ran towards the door and fumbled with the lock.

'I have maybe a minute,' I thought.

The lock wouldn't open. I bent a meso coin, and put it inside the lock, and summoned the black spirit again. The meso exploded, and the lock came off, opening the massive door. I ran inside, and stopped in my tracks.

"Well Luck, I didn't think you'd be this stupid," Steph said, staring at me.

"Get out of my way Steph, I don't intend for anyone to die tonight," I said, putting my hand near my shield.

"We both know you're no match for me," Steph said, raising his sword slightly, leaving his shield on his back.

I knew one strike from Steph could kill me, but I had speed on my side.

"How'd you know I'd be coming," I said, holding both of my weapons.

"You're predictable, you get an idea in your head, and within a week, you do something rash like this," Steph said, walking closer. I stepped back.

"Stay back Steph, or I'll take you out like those guards," I said, gritting my teeth.

"I guess I can't forgive you for that one, you hurt my guild's members, so that's betrayal and assault?" Steph said, continuing to walk towards me. I stepped back until I felt a wall behind me.

"Just give me what I need Steph," I said, staring at the strongest member of Mutiny.

"It's right here, just have to get it from me," Steph said raising a piece of paper, and smirking. He put the paper on his shirt pocket and tapped the pocket. I slowly reached for it, and Steph slammed his fist forward. I summoned a wooden doll, and appeared behind him.

Steph swung the doll that was around his arm and hit me with me, knocking me back a bit. I grabbed a handful of coins and threw them at Steph, and immediately summoned the spirit to blow them up. Smoke filled the room, and I dashed forward, holding my dagger and shield on my sides. Steph swung his sword and hit my incoming shield downward, knocking me down. The smoke cleared, and I rolled away from the swinging sword.

"Enough games Luck, actually attack now," Steph taunted, smirking.

I rolled onto my stomach, and stared at the Hero before me. I stood up quickly, and charged forward. Steph swung his sword, and I summoned a wooden dummy, and appeared on his side. He quickly turned and swung that way. I summoned another, and appeared over him. He punched upward, and I summoned another.

"Where to now Luck, I can do this all day," Steph said, chuckling as I appeared to his right and disappeared again. I appeared in front of his and saw he was readying a punch to my right arm.

I quickly moved my right arm into his shirt pocket and grabbed the paper. Steph's strong punch intercepted as I was retracting my arm, and caught me in the elbow. I felt an intense pain in my elbow, and I couldn't move my arm at all. I grabbed the small piece of paper with my left hand and put it in my bag.

I jumped back and stared at the dumbfounded leader. I tied my shield on my waist, and put my dagger in its sheath. I tried to move my right arm, but I could barely move my shoulder.

Steph looked at me in anger, and ran towards me.

"Thanks Steph, as I said, no one's dying today," I said, throwing a smoke grenade on the floor. I faded into dark sight, and ran out the door, making a makeshift sling by holding my right arm with my left.

I ran through the corridor, as a loud alarm rang through the base. I was already outside before anyone had time to react, and I quickly headed into the forest.

I threw my body into a nearby bush and fought hard to keep my mouth closed. The pain was almost unbearable. I took the cloth off my face, and made another makeshift sling for my arm.

'Crap, that was my good arm too,' I said to myself, leaning back against the tree.
I took out the piece of paper and stared at it. Steph is an honest man, as the paper did reveal where it was certain the Black Mage would be.

I got back up and continued moving, it'd be dead if they found me now.


I cough, and stood back up. My knees were shaking, and I felt like throwing up. The king klang moved towards me slowly.

I raised my wand back and threw a thunder spear, hitting hit five times quickly. The king klang was knocked back a bit, but continued to move at me. It swung its claw at me, and I teleported back. I felt onto the sand, and the Buccaneer quickly moved towards me.

"I'll take care of it now," She said, standing up.

I slowly grabbed her leg and shook my head.

"It's mine…" I said.

She hesitated, but nodded, and moved back a bit. I stood up and ran forward again. The king klang summoned a few lorangs. I summoned my small thunder bolt attack, and took care of the small ones, as the king klang moved towards me. I moved my wand forward, but nothing happened. I had been drained of all my mana. The giant crab easily knocked me down again, and I tried to pull my body up. It had been a powerful hit, since my magic guard couldn't help me. The crab slowly moved near me, and I managed to get on my knees. I was breathing heavily.

'I can't die here, I have to finally overcome this,' I thought, standing back up.

I raised my wand forward, and focused on the monster. I closed my eyes and focused my mind on finishing this fight. I heard the monster's feet moving through the sand.

A tint of blue filled my closed eyes, and I opened my eyes. A blue circle was around me, and I felt a rush of power.

I raised my wand up and saw enormous shards of ice begin to fly downwards from the sky, and obliterate the monsters, and knock the king klang down into a small pit of sand. The monster slowly disappeared in a shadow of itself. I slowly walked towards the crater with a smile on my face. I stared at my hands, and at my wand, and felt my body go numb.

I fell on the warm sand, and closed my eyes.

"Luck betrayed Mutiny, we'll conti-…"

"-eep you guys here, don't worry abou-…"

"-ha, but we need you to find out if y-…"

"-aughter knew anything about why he did it."

I heard voices speaking. I slowly opened my eyes, and tried to sit up. My chest and stomach hurt so much I couldn't move at all. I could barely move my hands, but didn't want to, since they also sent waves of pain through my body.

"Luck… wouldn't do that…" I said, in my attempt to shout. It came out like a barely audible whisper. I heard footsteps and felt a few tears build up on my face. I closed my eyes again.


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