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For the past couple days Canada has been thinking about whether he'll stay or leave his long term boyfriend Prussia. He feels like he truly loves him, but also felt like he couldn't trust him. He thought about all the good times he had with him, how Prussia was always there for him, how he was with him through his depression of no one noticing him, even helping him stop cutting. He seemed to always know how to cheer Canada up; no matter how little his anti- depressant pills were working. He also thought about sex. Canada gave his virginity to Prussia, and they still found themselves attracted to each other, it was the one of the main reasons they were getting together the other day.

But then he thought about the bad times he was with Prussia. The times when Prussia was just being rude or not pick up after himself, he found that really irritating. They wouldn't fight that much, but when they did it was big and they wouldn't talk for a couple days to each other afterwards. Usually it was Canada who would call and apologize (even if he felt it was still Prussia's fault they got in a fight in the first place) just so he could talk to him again.

Then he thought of the first time he found out Prussia cheated on him. Prussia was over for a couple days and Canada needed to use his phone to call someone because he couldn't find his. Prussia handed over his phone and Canada went into the other room to call. When he was done, he decided to browse through Prussia photos on the phone, not to look for anything in particular, just for fun. He saw random pictures of Prussia and him, of Germany, Italy, America, and others. Then he stumbled upon a picture of Prussia and a random guy he's never seen before. He thought nothing of it since they were at a bar and it was probably a drinking buddy of his. Then he went to the next picture and he and the man were kissing. The next photo was of the man and Prussia on a bed kissing and touching. He looked at the date of the photos and saw it was just a couple days ago. He didn't know what to think. Prussia, the love of his life cheated on him. He was furious and heartbroken. He went into the living room to find Prussia with Canada's phone in his hand.

"Hey Mattie I found your phone, it was under the couch!"

"What the fuck is this?" Canada showed the picture and Prussia and the man on the bed. Prussia was speechless.

"What are you…how did you find that?"

"I was looking through your pictures on your phone,"

"Why are you looking through my stuff?"

"I was just looking for fun; I didn't think I'd find something like this!"


"And this was just a couple days ago too! Why didn't you tell me?" Canada started crying.

"I'm sorry Mattie; I didn't want to hurt you,"

Canada was sobbing at this point now, "Well you did, and it hurts even more that you didn't tell me!" Canada dropped Prussia's phone on the floor and headed upstairs to his room.

"Matthew wait," Prussia ran after Canada. He met him at the stairs where he grabbed his arm, "please it was an accident,"

"How was it an accident?" Canada said with anger and tears streaming down his face.

"I was drunk—too drunk to know what I was doing, I woke up next to him not knowing what happened. I'm really sorry Matthew, it meant nothing!"

"Just let me go," Canada tugged at his arm for Prussia to let go, but he didn't.

"Please Matthew can we please talk this out,"

"Let me go!" Canada yanked his arm, ran into his room, locked the door and started sobbing into his pillow with Prussia pleading for him to unlock the door.

Thinking back on that day he felt embarrassed. He felt as if he was too dramatic even though he was hurt. Then again, he hated how sensitive he was, he always tried to make himself not cry, but he could never help it. After ostracizing himself in his room that day, he forgave Prussia the very next day because he told him how he was just too drunk and Canada felt like it was a reasonable excuse. Sometimes when he was with Prussia out drinking Prussia would get too drunk and do stupid things, then the next day he couldn't remember a thing. But now that it's happened again he felt like Prussia was being too careless with his drinking. Canada felt as if Prussia really cared about Canada, he wouldn't drink so much knowing what could happen. Then he thought again how much Prussia loved drinking, he even remember Prussia saying, "Mattie, I love drinking almost as much as I love you. Almost."

Canada sighed, "I hate this," he said to himself. He's had his phone in his hand for the past hour wanting to call Prussia, but not knowing how to say what he wanted to say. He even had Prussia's number highlighted on the phone, and every time the phone went to sleep he'd wake it up again, staring at the number. "Fuck," he mumbled. He was all out of tears to cry, he's calmed down and thought about it, so he's going to call—at some point. He kept going back and forth in his head if he should stay with Prussia or break up until he eventually got stuck with one of them. Canada eventually pressed the button and the phone started ringing. Canada started to get nervous until—




Canada hung up the phone. He thought again about his decision, and called Prussia again.

"Hello, Matthew?"


"Matthew, are you there?"

"…Hi Gilbert,"


"I, umm…"


"…I want to…get back together,"




"You have to promise me something,"

"What? I'll do anything,"

"…Can you drink less when you're out?"

"What do you mean?"

"W-well because this all happened because you drank too much, so can you— no, you have to have a drinking limit when you're out,"



"Yeah I'm still here,"

"Can you do what I told you?"

"I'll try,"

"No Gilbert! You have to do it or else we're not getting back together,"

"OK, I'll do it,"


"Yeah, I love you,"

Canada smiled, "I love you too, but it's going to take me awhile to forgive you,"

"I know, I'm so—"

"Please stop saying you're sorry, I get how sorry you are,"




"This is your last chance. I-If you do something like this again, we're done no matter what, okay?"

"Okay, I swear I will never cheat on you again,"

"I hope that's true,"

"It is! I promise, cross my awesome heart and hope to die,"

Canada and Prussia talked for another hour or so. Prussia told him about what America did a couple days ago, and Canada was annoyed that America didn't listen to him. They talked about other various things then hung up. Then he dialed America's number.


"Hey Alfred,"

"Hey Mattie! You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I just talked to Gilbert; we're getting back together,"

"What? Why?"

"It's a long story, but this is the last chance I'm giving him, so if he does it one more time we're done,"

"Well okay but I'm just warning you, you could be making a big mistake,"

"Just don't worry about it, it's my relationship so I'll deal with it. Also, Gilbert told me that you beat the crap out of him the other day, is that true?"





"Okay okay fine! I went over there when I was still mad and roughed him up a bit,"

"You gave him a black eye and cough up blood!"

"He just made me so mad that he hurt you like that, I don't like it when you cry, it makes me sad,"

"I know that you care but you shouldn't have done that. Remember we've talked about this? You never decide to do things when you're mad,"

"I know…"

"Especially you,"

"I know!"

Canada sighed, "Well, I just wanted to hear from you. I got to go,"

"Okay, bye Mattie!"


Canada started wondering if forgiving Prussia was the right thing to do. His heart felt good about it, but his brain was telling him he was a fool in love just waiting to get his heart broken again. He knew that relationships had their rough patches, and that they'll soon get through this one so they can be happy again. But it could also end in tragedy where Prussia cheats again and they break up, all he knows is that time will tell, and he wanted to be in Prussia's arms again real soon.