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Summary: Wonder Woman and Batman are finally together and got married. They had one daughter. Fifteen years later, when they thought they would live a happy and peaceful

life, their daughter gets kidnapped. With the help of the Justice League, will they still get to their daughter on time and save her?

Where Do I Begin

Where do I begin

To tell the story of how great a love can be

The sweet love story that is older than the sea

The simple truth about the love she brings to me

Where do I start

15 years ago…

"Wow." Diana said breathlessly as she surveyed the view.

"Do you like it?" Bruce wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Like it? I love it! Thank you for bringing me here Bruce." Diana leaned against Bruce.

They were at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Bruce brought her there as a surprise for their one year anniversary.

"Princess?" Bruce asked.

"Hmmmm?" Diana turned and faced him.

"We've been together for a year now…" Bruce started.

"I know… Time flies so fast…" She smiled at him.

"I've been meaning to do this for quite a while…" Bruce takes a deep breath and smiles at her.

"What are you-" Diana stared at Bruce as he slowly got on one knee and pulled out a small red box and opened it.

Inside it was a shiny diamond ring. (Link to the pictures in my profile.)

"I love you, Diana. A lot. Even though we've only been together for a year, I feel like I've known you forever. Like you said, time goes by so fast… I don't want to waste

anymore time. I want to spend my whole life with you. You brought happiness to my life and you're the light that makes my darkness disappear… You are my everything.

Will you do me the honors of being my wife? Diana, will you marry me?"

Diana's eyes were sparkling with tears with Bruce's revelation.

"Bruce, yes! Yes, I will marry you!" Diana managed to choke out.

Bruce smiled and slipped the ring on her finger.

Diana helped him up and they shared a deep and passionate kiss.

The other people who watched the whole thing happen erupted in cheers.

With her first hello

She gave new meaning to this empty world of mine

There'll never be another love, another time

She came into my life and made the living fine

She fills my heart

"Do you, Bruce Wayne, take Diana Prince as your lawfully wedded wife? For richer or for poorer? Til' death do you part?"

"I do."

"Do you, Diana Prince, take Bruce Wayne as your lawfully wedded husband? For richer or for poorer? Til' death do you part?"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," The priest smiled at them. "You may kiss the bride."

Bruce and Diana turned to face each other and they sealed the ceremony with a kiss.

The guests cheered and clapped for the bride and groom.

At the reception…

"So Bruce…" Clark stood next to him.

"Oh hey, Clark." Bruce greeted. "Enjoying yourself?'

"Of course. And before you ask, Lois is in Africa on a special assignment"

Bruce laughed at him and clapped his shoulder.

Clark decided to change the subject.

"So where's the honeymoon gonna be?"

"I'm taking her to the Bahamas." He smiled back at Diana when she turned.

"Good choice. Tropical."

"Yeah. It would be nice to take her somewhere sunny. " Bruce said

She fills my heart with very special things

With angels' songs, with wild imaginings

She fills my soul with so much love

That everywhere I go I'm never lonely

With you my love, who could be lonely

I reach for her hand-it's always there

9 months later…

"She's so beautiful!" Diana exclaimed.

"Just like you." Bruce tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

"I love you, Bruce." She smiled at him.

"I love you too, princess." Bruce kissed her forehead. "And, thank you."

"For what?' Diana questioned.

"For bringing our daughter into this world."

"Our daughter…" She smiled.

"Thank you, princess…"

"Bruce, you don't need to thank me. We both achieved this." Diana laughed at him.

"Well, still." He grinned at her.

"In that case, thank you too Mr. Wayne."

"You're very welcome Mrs. Wayne."

How long does it last

Can love be measured by the hours in a day

I have no answers now but this much I can say

I know I'll need her till the stars all burn away

And she'll be there

To be continued…

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