Hello there readers, this is my new story The Blind Side of Love. Hope that you enjoy it! Jamie Crabtree is my beta

Edward is an eighteen year old man, who has been blind since the age of ten. This happened in a car accident in which his father was killed and his mother, Esme and his twin sister, Alice had taken care of him since then. They live in Miami, Florida, where Edward and Alice are both enrolling in college as freshmen.

Edward will be going into music and literature, while Alice will be taking business management and fashion design courses, since fashion has been her interest her whole life. Their mother, Esme has been a widow since the accident, but that is about to change when Dr. Carlisle Cullen starts treating Edward.

Bella has lived with her father, Charlie for four years since her mother remarried a man named Phil. She received a scholarship for a university in Miami, so she decided to move back in with her mother.

What will happen when Bella returns to Florida? Will Bella meet Edward? Will they fall in love?

All human story

"You don't have to see the one you love to know that the one."


My name is Edward, and this is my love story.

Who said that you have to see the one you love to know that they are the one? I can't say that. Ever since the accident I've been living in the dark, I've learned to cope with my incapability.

It has been hard and sometimes I have thought that it was unfair, but who said life is fair. I'm almost eighteen years old, and my twin sister, Alice is my best friend. We are both on our way to college in Florida. She has dedicated every minute of her life to taking care of me. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend...someone to take care of her.

She has a few friends, but I know that she hasn't gone on a date in a long time. She has been spending too much of her time taking care of me.

My mother...What can I say about my dear mother, Esme, she dedicated her life to taking care of Alice and I after the accident, helping me adjust to the loss of my sight. It wasn't easy for her, taking care of us on her own, but that was the way we lived.

I threw myself into my music, relearning how to play the piano, and after a few years I started composing music. Next fall, Alice and I will be entering college, and my mother tried her best to convince me not too. She's a bit over protective, but I love her anyway.

I have to say that I've never fell in love but, let's face it...who would want a boyfriend who is blind?

Alice say's we will find love together; I laugh every time she says that.

Maybe for her...But for me, is impossible.

You don't know how wrong I was...very, very wrong.

That was just the teaser preview, let me know what you think! Thanks

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