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Chapter 20

Our first year:

Time flew by and it was November, Bella and I were going to celebrate our first year together. I can't believe that she stayed with me all this time; they say that things get easy after the first year passes, I really hope so. I was so happy with her, and I knew she was happy with me, she hasn't said otherwise. I had Alice's help to plan everything out. Since it was still warm weather, I planned to take her to the spot on the beach were I asked her to be my girlfriend. We were going to spend the whole day there. Then I was taking her out to dinner near the marina. I had gotten her a necklace, which Alice mentioned that she had liked online once, I asked her to order it for me, and it arrived a few days ago.

Rosalie had her babies on her due date, I don't know how she endured it, I spent the whole birth process on the waiting room with Bella, Alice, mother, and Carlisle. Emmett's mother had come from England to help them with the babies for a few weeks until Rosalie got the hang of things. My mother had helped too, rose was now on the clear and she tried to work from home, whenever she had to leave the house she would call my mother and she would babysit since she had a bit of experience with multiples. I have held the babies, everyone except for Carlisle, Alice, and Bella thought that I wouldn't be able to carry them. Well let me tell ya, I did and there's a picture that proves it, I felt the personality of each baby and I could actually decipher which cry was from whom, Rosalie loved it.

If we were all together and the babies started crying I could tell her either if it was Lillian Rose, Ethan Carlisle, or Emilia Rose. Rosalie had two girls and a boy, Bella talked about them every time she could, she liked helping Rosalie with them too. Bella loved children and it made me wonder if she would ever want to have children with me, heck I wanted to know if she would marry me at least. Those thoughts were always on my mind, I wanted everything I could have with her.

Mother and Carlisle were fine, their relationship going well; they have gone out more now that Alice and I knew about it. I was really happy for them, mother deserved it. They have been alone way too long, both of them.

I was very excited for my date with Bella, we had gone out for her birthday, but it had been just the four of us, I had gotten her some books that she wanted, she and jasper were taking some classes together since their majors were similar, they both even had a general content class with Alice, I didn't share a class with any of them though but it was alright.


It was the day of our anniversary date, I had called Bella at midnight and we congratulated each other, we went to bed after that. It was ten in the morning, I had Alice arrange everything two hours ago at the beach, mother had helped with the food, she made us an easy brunch, some snacks, and also lunch. Everything was simple and easy to carry, I needed to hurry I didn't want to leave our spot at the beach alone too long, James was going to drive me to pick up Bella, I was taking my guide dog Mike with me today, he was on his travel crate ready to go, the picnic bag was on the trunk alongside my bag for the day. I was jittering with excitement at the prospect of spending a whole day at the beach with Bella, no one else, just her and me.

James got to her house rather quick, I was thankful for that. I sent her a text and about a minute later she came out, I was sitting on the front seat she was at the back with Mike. I greeted her and we went on our way, James made it to the beach on record time, he helped us get everything unloaded, I thanked him and told him to pick us up at eight at the pier area were the restaurants were located. After he left I properly greeted Bella with a smile and a kiss, I had sent her some flowers this morning it was a twelve mixed rose arrangement (one for each month together) with some baby's breath for fillers, some balloons, and a card. We took all the stuff and started walking, Mike by my side as usual. Soon enough we arrived at the spot where Alice had set up a sun tent, some blankets and cushions for us, also a cooler which had some drinks and lots of water.

We got settled; Bella laid her towel on the sand and did the same with mine.

"Let's get lathered up with sunblock before we do anything else, if we are going to be here all day we will need loads of it" she told me. I agreed and got ready for her to put it on, then she put on some herself and she told me she was cleaning her hands with some baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

"All of this is really amazing Edward, I hope you didn't go into much trouble" Bella said to me.

"Hey now, I owe you after what you did for my birthday Bella, that was the best party ever" I said truthfully.

"Edward you know you don't have to pay me back" she said her tone stern.

"I was just saying Bella, I know"

"Mom made us the foods for today" I said, "are you hungry?" I asked her.

"Yeah" I heard the smile one her voice, we started arranging brunch, mom had made breakfast pot pies; they had scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, sausage, and a combination of onions and peppers.

"Wow Edward this is amazing! I have never eaten something like this before, it's delicious" Bella said satisfied. She then put everything away and leaned closer to me, Alice had even given us mints and all of that, I took a bottle of water and rinsed my mouth twice, then I took a mint.

"Can you believe that it has been a year?" Bella broke the brief silence.

"I know it has, it had been the best year of my life" I stated sincerely.

We kissed for a while, we had nothing to fear, no worries. Today was about us, just us. I brought her closer to me by her waist; her hands found the back of my neck and our kiss deepened. Kissing Bella was amazing, the emotions that ran through my body were incomparable; there was nothing better than the feel of her lips on mine. "I love you" I breathed when she broke the kiss gasping for air, our foreheads touching. "I love you too" she replied.

Bella and I spent the day at the beach, we played with Mike, went in the water, lounged in the sun, Bella buried me in the sand. She took pictures, and we made out… a lot.


We were both lying inside the tent resting from the sun, Bella was beside me and she had her head on my chest, we had just about finished lunch. Cold tomato soup, a salad and homemade chocolate bars.

"Bella" I said my voice low

"I love you"

"I love you too" she said sleepily.

"Do you want to be forever with me?" I asked. Bella's head rose a bit and I could feel her looking at me. She sighed and took a second before answering me.

"Why wouldn't I Edward? They say that the first year is the hardest; I think we went through that and came out victorious. This has been one of the best years of my life, I mean look at all of the things that happened; you and Alice have experienced things you never did before, you both found love, and even your mother. Our families grew even more with the addition of Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, and the triplets." She took a breath and then cradled my face.

"forever may seem to be a long time now Edward, but I don't think I can be without you, I need you, I want you, and I love you with all my being." She declared as she leaned in and kissed me.

The kiss was so intense; I could feel the meaning of her words trough the kiss. A tear had escaped from my eyes; I was truly madly deeply in love with Bella. She was everything I didn't know I wanted, but everything I ever needed, she was the one for me, I didn't want to be without her.

I decided that it was the right moment to give her the present I have gotten her, I broke n away from her and reached my bag, I had packed it so I knew where everything was, her present was on the front pocket, Alice had told me that the box was pink, I had wrapped a lavender silk ribbon around it.

"Happy anniversary" I said my hand with the gift extended.

She took it from my hand and went to open it.

I heard her intake of breath, "oh Edward! How did you know, it's even more beautiful than the picture, thank you baby." She said hugging me.

"Glad you like it" I said smiling.

"I guess is my turn now" she said while I heard her fuss with her bag. After a minute she finally found what she was looking for.

"I hope you like it" she said as she placed a box on my lap. "It's a mint green box, topped with a light blue ribbon." She described it to me, she was so sweet by letting me see everything through her eyes and I loved that about her, she didn't limit me, but helped me on the little details.

I opened the box and moved away the tissue paper, inside it was another box a bit smaller than the one it was wrapped in. Bella then guided my fingers to the top edge of the box, I felt braille dots and read that it was an iPod for the vision impaired. I was speechless; this must have cost a fortune.

"Bella, you shouldn't have, these things are expensive" I explained.

"Edward, I got a good deal on it don't worry. I noticed that yours was pretty beat up and old so I saw this one and placed it on hold at the store, it took me a few weeks but I managed to pay for it on time. Its fine Edward, I want you to have everything you need, it doesn't matter the cost Edward, if it's on my hands ill make it happen" she said, I noticed the determination in her voice.

"Thank you Bella" I kissed her.

We went back on the water after that, this time Mike joined us, he was a good dog, and he has become part of my family. He has been with me for a year and had never failed on his job to guide and protect me.

Bella's POV

Our anniversary had been the best day of my live, we have had just a few chances to be just the two of us and we always cherished those moments. After being on the beach all day, we packed everything up and walked hand in hand to the pier area where Edward had made reservations on a sea side restaurant to have dinner.

I was wearing my cover all and I had fixed my hair, Edward had on another pair of shorts and the shirt he had got to the beach with, we had washed off some of the sand and sunblock at the showers of the beach and I was wearing my coverall as a dress, it actually worked out well. The restaurant wasn't fancy on the dress code but since it was one of the best you had to reserve your spot.

We had a quiet and tranquil dinner; it was very romantic and sweet just like Edward. We ate off each other's plate and for dessert he had ordered the strawberries with chocolate, and again we fed each other. Everything was amazing and I couldn't believe that I met someone like him, I look past his impairment and love him for the man he is, he may be blind but he sees with the heart, Edward is so intelligent and loving, humble and sweet, and of course so handsome. Everything I ever dreamed of in one guy.

We were pretty tired on the ride back; we were both dozing off in the back seat. Edward insisted on accompanying me to my door, there we kissed good night. As I lay in bed that night, I replayed the day's events on my mind, no day could compare to this one. We both forgot of the real world and focused on just us and our feelings, and that moment I knew that he was the one for me, and yes I wanted to spend forever by his side.

This was the beginning of the rest of our lives…

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