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Chapter 21

3.5 years later:

Almost four years have passed, Bella and I are still together, and the past years have been amazing. I love her even more now than before, she is everything to me. Rosalie's babies are almost four years old, they love me very much, Emilia likes me the most she likes to guide me; she takes my hand and leads me to wherever I'm going when we are at the same place. She likes music and is learning to play the piano, her sister Lillian is into ballet and all things from that type of art, and Ethan likes to construct things. The kid sometimes forgets that I can't see, he likes to show me what he had constructed, I always take my time examining whenever he asks me to "see" something. Bella and I love to be with them.

Mother and Carlisle got engaged and they had started planning the wedding but plans had to come to a halt because of Alice. She had secretly auditioned for the reality show project runway and she had been selected to be in the show so she had to leave for New York. Everyone was happy, it took mom a bit to come out of the shock but she was happy, and I know that everyone was doubting her but I could feel that she was being sincere when she said she was happy with this opportunity Alice had gotten.

Alice had graduated early, well she has the certification of a fashion designer, and a business manager certificate; she made it by taking summer classes and 15 credits in some semesters (that's 5 classes). It was a lot of work but she pulled it off, she was now finishing an internship as a fashion consultant and TA at the art institute. She just needed to get the diploma but she was waiting for us to finish so she can go to the ceremony since she wants to graduate the same day Bella and I do. I had added to my major also, I wanted to be a music teacher besides just my bachelor's in music and composing, so I added those classes to my load and worked extra hard to be at the same level as Bella and Jasper. They both helped me all the way until I caught up with them and the rhythm of the classes and BA.

Alice had everything packed and ready. Jasper was going with her on this journey, he knew that he wasn't going to be able to see or talk to her while she was in the show but it made him feel better if he was in the same place as her, so he is taking some independent studies classes and he had transferred to NYU, so he was going to finish studying while he was in New York.

Her going away party was tonight, everything was ready everyone had put their grain of sand to make this party happen; it was going to be project runway and fashion themed. Everyone was enjoying the party, Bella told me that everything was pretty but that the place looked as if Alice had exploded on the place, and that there was no corner that didn't have something that represented her. Alice said that it was the best going away/good luck party ever and it was also complete with a karaoke time. Alice loved that.

We had a good time, we ate, we laughed, we remembered stuff about the past years, and we ate cake, danced and had a lot of fun. I was going to miss my sister but she needed to do this, this was her time to fly, one big opportunity that she couldn't refuse.

Alice's POV

I was going to NYC to participate on Project Runway, Jasper was coming with me. I had everything packed and ready to go. I was at the office of the house looking for some papers when I one of the places I looked I found a small box, there were similar looking boxes alongside it. I opened and was surprised to see Grandma Mason's engagement ring, the one that my father had given to mom, I knew that the ring belonged to Edward…

Then I remembered that Edward had once asked me about what I thought on him and Bella getting married, this happened a few years ago, I had told him to go with it but he had been hesitant. Now that I saw the ring I knew that it was meant to be, this ring belonged to my brother and I was going to give it to him. He needed to man up a bit and take the next step with Bella; I would do everything in my power to make that happen.

I put the ring in my pocket and finished looking for what I needed.

It was time for us to go through security, jasper was saying farewell to his family, while I did the same with our big group, even Aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazar had come for the party and they stayed to see me leave. After saying goodbye to everyone I took Edward away from the group, I needed to give him the ring.

"What is it Alice?" he told me.

"I need to give you something but I couldn't do it in front of everyone" I stated.

"What is it?" he asked now curious.

I took the ring and placed it in his hand making sure that no one noticed.

"What is in this box Alice?"

"Grandma Mason's ring" I said.

"And why are you giving it to me?" he asked skeptical.

"Because it belongs to you brother and because I remembered what you asked me a few months ago, I told you before that you had to come forward and tell Bella how you feel but since you haven't, I decided to give you a little push in the right direction by giving you the ring" I told him.

"Alice I…" he started.

"Nothing Edward, you don't have to rush into it, I just wanted you to have this and tell you that you have my approval. You and Bella belong together; this is just another step of the many you still have to come. I'm sure she will say yes, believe me. I love you and I will miss you brother." I told him kissing his cheek and hugging him tight, this was the first time that we were going to be separated, but it had to happen eventually, I know that Bella will take great care of him; I know he will be in good hands.

Jasper joins me and we both wave at our families, with one last look back we hand in hand walk to security and to the beginning of something amazing, I had a feeling that things were about to change for all of us. I was confident in myself, I know my abilities and I know that I can be the next designer sponsored by project runway. They didn't know what was coming to them…


Edward and I were studying when I noticed my cellphone was blinking, I had a few missed calls and unseen texts; I also had a voice mail. I listened to it first, it was Jacob. I was a nervous wreck when I finished listening to the message.

"Bella, what wrong?"

"My dad…"

"What is it, Bella?" Edward asked alarmed now.

"Jacob has been trying to contact me, my dad had an accident, and he is in the hospital." I explained

"But is he okay?"

"I don't know, Jacob called hours ago…they didn't know the extent of the damage when he first called." I said panic in my voice, I couldn't lose my father.

"Love, I'm sure that everything will be okay, why don't we pack up and go to your house, call Jacob and get things sorted out. Remember, bad news are the first to come, if something bad happened to him you would have already known." He reassured me.

We went home and when I got there I found both mom and Phil on the kitchen, she was on the phone. She hung up and went to me.

"Oh Bella you are finally here!" she exclaimed.

"How is Charlie?" I asked her.

"He had a car accident"

"What happened?" Edward asked as he wrapped his arms around me.

"He was off duty so the car who hit him didn't know it was him, he was at a stoplight light when a car that didn't see that his light was red passed by it and hit him on the driver's side, he hit his head and has a concussion, and he also has a broken leg and arm. The accident was this morning on forks time, they didn't want to call us until things were concrete. The driver was also a bit tipsy, he was taken into custody; they are waiting to see if Charlie wants to press charges although he is going to be in jail for a few days." Mom explained.

"But dad is okay?" I asked again.

"Yes he is stable, he is not awake but he is okay." She answered.

"I have to go see him, he needs someone you take care of him, and I have to go back to forks." I stated

"Bella dear I know, but what about your studies?" mom asked.

"I can email with my professor's mom, this is more important. I have to start packing. Phil can you please make arrangements for me to leave as soon as possible?" I pleaded.

"Sure Bella. Edward, are you going with her?" he asked.

"I don't know, Phil…" he replied uncertain.

Once in my room I opened up my closet and took out a big duffel bag, and started putting clothes into it, it was already snowing in forks so I needed winter apparel. I still had clothes from when I was back there but some of it didn't fit I had taken it out years ago, then what was left was not enough, good thing Alice made me buy a coat and gloves on our last shopping trip. I placed jeans, leggings, and fleeces, long sleeve shirts and everything I needed in the bag plus my necessities bag. I also added my chargers and prepared my school bag with all I would need. Mom called the university and spoke with the dean on my behalf.

"I'm calling Carlisle; he can come pick me up." Edward said.

"You are leaving?" I said.

"I have to, you're going to see your dad, I can go to school for the both of us, I can give you my notes and all that." He said, that was a great idea but I wanted him with me.

"I want you to come with me to forks Edward. I need you" I said taking his hand.

"But Bella you are going to take care of your dad, I'll just be on the way" he stated. "Edward you are never on the way, you can take care of yourself more than any of us. I need you there with me, I want you to be there." I replied to him.

"Bella, I can't just drop everything and go. We don't know how long will take for him to recover." Edward added.

"Look, if you don't want to go then fine! You don't have to make up excuses Edward." I said to him.

"Love, I'm not making up excuses, I'm just trying to be rational. Don't be mad at me okay?" he said hugging me.

"I'm sorry" I cried.

"I'm just overwhelmed, I can't lose my father" I said.

"You won't Bella, you heard your mother he is out of the danger zone" he reassured me.

"Please come with me" I said again.

"Okay" he said kissing my forehead.

We broke apart and he went to call Carlisle while I finished packing.

Phil came to my room and asked Edward if he was going, I nodded to him and to also make arrangements for Mike to come with us. Edward needed his guide dog. Later after that mom told me that she had already talked with the dean and told them that both Edward and I were going to be absent for a few days. They said to call if we were extending or for any eventuality.

Carlisle came to pick Edward up, "what's going on Bella?" he asked me.

"My father had an accident and I have to go see him" I stated.

"Oh goodness, how is he?" Carlisle said.

"We don't know yet" mom said.

"He is?" he asked looking at Edward.

"I am Bella needs me there."

"I know but what about your mother, Edward one thing is Alice leaving but another is you. And I know that this may sound unfair but I don't think she will like that idea." Carlisle pointed out, he was right.

"Carlisle please, don't make this harder, it's just for a few days. Please, help me." Edward said.

"Okay, okay let's go. You have to pack right? At what time is the flight?" he asked.

"It's later tonight, they still have some time." Phil said giving him the printed itinerary.

We grabbed our stuff and prepared to leave, "I will go with you, just in case that it's just Bella leaving" mom said, I nodded.

We arrived at Esme's house, "what's going on?" she asked as we rushed inside.

"Bella's father had an accident mom" Edward told her.

"How is he?" she asked.

"Everything is uncertain, but he has a broken leg." Carlisle said.

"I'm going to forks to see him Esme." I said I didn't want to beat around the bush.

"And I'm going with her" Edward stated.

"What?" Esme asked.

"I going to forks with Bella" he said again.

"No you are not; there is nothing for you there." She said.

"I can understand that Bella has to go but why you?" she questioned.

"She is my girlfriend mom; I have to be with her. She needs me; I'm not going to fail her now. She has always been with me" Edward told his mother.

"Edward I can't let you leave, you can't" she argued.

"Why mom, why can't I, is it because I'm blind?" he asked, I could see that he was getting upset with Esme's attitude.

"No, of course not my dear, I don't doubt that Isabella can take care of you, is just the situation Edward. She is going to take care of her father, it would be inappropriate for you to be there too." Esme complained.

"mom, what you just said sounds even worse, I'm not an idiot okay, I'm pretty sure that Charlie won't mind that I accompany Bella, he doesn't think that I'm a hindrance or a step in her way because I'm blind, hey will be glad that I went with her, of that I'm sure. I may not be able to see but I can take care of Bella and protect her, just as I know that she can take care of me." Edward snapped.

"Okay everyone, let's take it down a notch please" my mother interjected.

"Renee is right Esme; this conversation is out of context." Carlisle said.

"Esme, come with me for a moment please"

They left the room, mom and I sat down. "I will be right back, wait here" Edward said turning around the corner, it looked like he was going to the bathroom.

He came back and sat beside me, he was clearly upset but trying to be strong in front of me and mom. He must feel horrible, Esme was changing but things like this were the ones that made us doubt of her change.

Esme and Carlisle returned a few minutes later, she looked somehow calmer.

"I want to apologize for my behavior, Isabella and Renée I'm sorry." She said.

"And Edward, my boy I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said that. You are not a child anymore, you can go with Bella. Come with me, let me help you pack. We need to get you winter gear, its already snowing in Washington, of that I'm sure." Esme said as Edward took her hand.

Carlisle stayed with us until they finished, they didn't have to go shopping for a coat, Carlisle lend Edward one from the clothes he still had from a urgent trip he did to London about a year ago, it had been winter time.

"I'm ready, at what time is the flight?" Edward asked, "It's at six we still have a few hours, but I think we should head that way now just in case." Mom said.

"Okay then let's go" Carlisle said.

We got Mike ready for the car ride, he needed to be in his kennel until we got to the airport and were told differently, he wasn't any dog he is a guard dog so this gives him some privileges.

We went and did all the customs in time, we then had a light dinner and after that we headed to the security area and that's when we said our goodbyes. Edward and I went through security and soon enough were in the terminal waiting for the flight to be called. We had to wait a whole hour but finally the time for boarding came, Edward and I were taking a direct flight to WA, well as direct as we could get it, we were making a stop along the way but it was just one. I wanted to get to Seattle as soon as possible.

We were in the air; Edward grabbed my hand as the plane was going upwards. "You've never flown before?" I asked him.

"Once, but it was a long time ago." He admitted, "Is okay Edward" I said grasping him tighter.


After six hours of being on the plane we arrived at the Seattle airport, waited for twenty minutes and took a smaller plane to forks, it was a three and a half hour by car from Sea-Tac to forks and I wasn't going to wait that long.

We finally landed, it was almost midnight, I had contacted Jacob while we waited and he agreed to pick us up.

"Hello Bella, Edward it's nice to see you again; it's been a while" Jacob greeted. We took our bags and Mike and went out, we got in Jacobs car and went our way to my house, and it's been a while since I've been here. I thought I would never be back, and now that I was here it was because of the wrong circumstances. Soon enough we were on Charlie's driveway, I took a moment to look at the house, nothing had changed on the outside; Charlie had kept it the same way it feels as if time had stopped and I had never left him. I wondered if the inside was the same too.

We got out of the car and went inside, I used my spare key Charlie hadn't even changed the locks in all these years. He was such a traditional man, he didn't do well with changes, his recovery was going to be tough, and of that I was certain.

I turned on the lights and was correct, the inside of the house was the same, save for my father's favorite chair; he bought a new one or changed the fabric from the old one. I directed everyone to the kitchen.

"So how is he really Jacob?" I asked as I prepared to make hot chocolate for everyone, Edward was caffeine intolerant and I wanted to sleep so coffee was out of the question.

"He is stable Bella, he broke a leg and an arm, but the doctors assured us that he was going to be okay." He said with conviction.

"I want to see him" I stated.

"Later, its late now, you both need to rest it's been a long flight" he pointed out.

"Okay Jacob" I agreed.

"I'll come and pick you up in the morning, goodnight"

After that he was gone, I hope he wasn't lying to me when he said that dad was alright.

Edward and I finished our chocolate and sandwiches, after that I led him through the house with Mike so he could get acquainted with it, then he went to shower, after I was done I took my shower and I took him to my old bedroom, everything in there was as I left it…I think, but it had been cleaned. I sat beside Edward on the bed.

"Thank you for being here with me" I told him.

"You do not have to thank me Bella, I'm here because it's important for you, and because I wanted to, forgive me for being so close minded earlier." He said,

"Never mind love" I said kissing him.

I went to my father's bedroom and got in bed, my father was going to be okay…

The next morning, Jacob was at the house early, he brought Sue Keller with him; he and my father had been dating for the past six months. I wonder why Charlie didn't tell me anything about this.

We arrived at the hospital and Jacob took us where Charlie was quickly enough, Mike could come with us since it was allowed, I was taken to my dad's room, Edward and everyone else stayed outside while I went in to see him.

He looked so broken in that hospital bed, although I knew he wasn't because his heart was beating on the monitor. I got closer and took his hand, "dad, it's me Bella, I'm here" I said to him.

"You scared me dad, but you are going to get better, I'll make sure of that" I told him. "Please daddy, open your eyes for me please come on" I encouraged him.

"Edward its outside, he came with me, he wanted to be here also. He loves you dad, and I love you too." I said kissing his forehead, he had a bandage there, and some butterfly bandaged cuts on his face, from the chattered glass I suppose.

And that's how I spent the day, talking to him telling him about everything that had happened to me in the past weeks and about Alice being selected for project runway. Edward came in the room for a while but Mike stayed outside, waiting by the door as instructed. At lunch Edward and I went to eat while Sue stayed with dad, she stayed for a while more but had to leave for work, Jacob came when she left, he took Edward to the bathroom while I stayed talking to dad.

"I was so worried about you dad, everyone was, even Carlisle…" I felt his hand move.

"Isabell…Bella" dad whispered.

"Bella…" he said again.

"I'm right here dad, grab my hand if you can hear me" he did he held me tighter; I pressed the call button for the nurse.

"Dad I'm right here, open your eyes please." I said

The nurse came in with the doctor, "what's going on Ms. Swan?" he said.

"He's calling me, I asked him to grab my hand and he did, he is listening to me doctor he is responding!" I said exited. Charlie's heartbeat got faster as I talked.

"Chief Swan, Charlie can you hear me?" the doctor said as he took my place beside him.

"If you can please try to open your eyes" he said.

"Isabella, Isabella" he called again.

"I'm right here dad" I told him.

He finally opened his eyes, "oh thanks God! Dad you opened your eyes" I said.

"Bella?" he asked confused.

"Where am I? Why are you here?" he asked his voice hoarse.

"Chief you had an accident do you remember that?" the doctor asked him.

"No" he said.

The doctor explained what happened to him and told him about his injuries, and then he told me to get out so he could check him through, since he had just woken up from an unconscious state.

I called mom to give her the news, while I did that Edward and Jacob returned from the bathroom.

"What happened Bella?" Jake asked alarmed.

"Dad woke up! The doctor is checking him up." I said with a smiled, both he and Edward smiled and celebrated with me, Edward called Carlisle to let him know about the news and I decided to email Jasper.

Dad was getting better, his health improved and he was ready to go home, he had been on some rehab and he moved on crutches, the fracture wasn't that bad after all. He was going to need therapy for his arm though; there was a little more damage there. We have talked and talked while I came to visit him, he had spent some quality time with Edward and I spent some time knowing Sue. Dad said that he was going to tell me about her during thanksgiving, but that was more than a month away. I let him of the hook because he seemed happy with her. Dad had told me to go out, that he would be fine at the hospital by himself for one night so Jacob planed a date, he wanted me to meet his girlfriend Vanessa, he had told me about her and I had seen her in pictures but never talked to her or seen her personally. The night had been great, it was a fun dinner Jacob's jokes were hilarious. After the restaurant we went to dance for a bit, but we had an early night since dad was coming home the next day.

"You didn't go through too much trouble right Bella?" dad asked as we got him out of the car, Jacob and his friends had shoveled the entryway of the house

"no dad, you are just going to sleep downstairs until you are out of the crutches, I don't want you falling and breaking a hip old man" I joked.

"Funny Isabella, absolutely hilarious, didn't know you were also a comedian." Dad said

I had prepared him his favorite meal for lunch, Jacob and Sue were going to stay and eat with us, and then Jacob had to go to the station to cover up a shift. He had been a cop for a few years; ever since we were kids he told me that he wanted to be a police officer that was his dream. He admired my father and wanted to be like him, his father and Charlie got closer when Jacob's mom died, Billy and my dad had been on a rough path and Sarah's sudden death brought them closer as friends. Billy died a few years ago so Jacob refuge in Charlie since he was like a father to him also, I love him like a brother and I'm glad that Charlie has him here.

Charlie retired to the living room, to catch up on his games on the DVR while Edward helped me around the kitchen.

"He seems better now" he told me, "yeah he is I'm happy that he has Jacob and now Sue. I had been feeling guilty that I left him all alone when I moved to Florida, but I don't regret it at the same time." I said.

"Why?" Edward asked.

"Because I found you, Edward" admitted.

"I love you Bella, with all my heart, never forget it" he told me as he took my face in his hands and leaned in to kiss me.

Edward and I spent one more week in Forks, I accompanied dad to his follow up appointment and then dropped him and Edward home, while I went to the supermarket to stock his fridge and pantry. It took me a couple of hours to do the groceries, I found some classmates and old teachers while I shopped so I had stayed and mingled. When I came home I found my boyfriend and my father in the kitchen on what it looked to be a private conversation. They stopped talking when dad saw me.

"Hi there Isabella" dad said.

"How was shopping?" Edward asked.

"It was alright, what's going on here you two?" I asked.

"Nothing" they both replied at the same time.

"Right…" I said my eyebrow raising; I didn't believe them, not one bit.

I let it go and went to get and put away the groceries, then I cooked them some dinner and dad had an early night, he was tired.

Edward came and hugged me from behind while I was doing the dishes, "you and dad have gotten close" I pointed out.

"He's a great man" Edward said.

"Yeah I know"

"When do we leave again?" he asked me.

"Sunday" I replied.

"Can you show me around town tomorrow?" he told me.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked.

"I don't know, show me your favorite places around town, what you did for fun, I want to get to know Bella's Forks" he said.

"Okay, we will go after breakfast tomorrow. I have to go put the laundry in the dryer, wait here." I told him.

I made some chocolate and we snuggled in front of the fireplace, we had a quiet evening, just me and him talking about anything and everything, and his experience on the trip. The hours passed by and we didn't notice, when we did it was morning, we had fallen asleep in the living room but I didn't care the night had been amazing, Edward and I haven't had time for us like that lately and I mean even before Charlie's accident.

As promised I took Edward to town and "showed him" my favorite places, my schools, the park, the library were I spent a lot of time. The town area and Newton's were I had worked all four years of high school and all summers since I was sixteen, we then had lunch at the lodge and I took him to the reservation and the beach although it was winter. Edward enjoyed everything, I took him to the rez gift shop where he got some souvenirs, he bought a book about the History of the Quileute Indians, and asked me if I could read it for him, I of course accepted.

We then had a chocolate at the coffee shop, and then Edward wanted souvenirs from forks so I took him to the gift shop, he bought another book about the founding and history of the town, some post cards, T-shirts and key chains for everyone back home. He got a tote bag for Rosalie and Alice, some bears and forks story coloring books for the kids (Lillian, Ethan and Emilia) and matching shirt and cap for us. He got a mug for Carlisle and Esme; he also got calendars and pens.

"Are you going to tell me what where you talking about with Charlie?" I asked while we finished packing our suitcases.

"No" Edward laughed.

"Why not Edward, since when are you and my dad having secrets?" I asked offended.

"No love is not like that, don't worry" he told me.

"But if you want to know so badly, we were talking about you" he said poking my side.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Everything" he said.

"We were just saying how lucky we both were of having you in our lives, him as your daughter and I as your boyfriend. You mean a lot to the both of us and we both love you" he said kissing me tenderly.

"We were just having a man to man talk Bella" he reassured me.

"Okay" I said.

We had an early flight the next morning, Jacob took us to the airport, Sue and dad came also although I told dad he didn't have to. We said our goodbyes and soon enough Edward and I were on our way to Florida…

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