Wow, my very first fanfic, after all these years of reading. Sorry for getting sentimental but this is awesome. I've put up my stories on Deviantart but this is different. I practically grew up on this website. So, here you go, my very first fanfiction on here. I hope you all enjoy it. I do not own Glee or Cp Coulter's characters that will be making cameos in the near future. Carry on then.

Blaine Meets Kurt

Everyone knows that all new born babies are very curious about the world around them. This couldn't even be any more true for one, four month old puppy, Blaine. Out of all his brothers and sisters, he was the smallest pup. The owners were very afraid that being the runt of the litter, poor Blaine wouldn't make it a week. But to their joyful surprise, Blaine gained a lot of strength each passing day and was even the first one to actually stand and start moving around. Blaine was the miracle puppy. He was also probably the most annoying, much to the irritation of some of his brothers. They all loved Blaine, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that they liked to sleep while Blaine liked to jump around and try to sing (try being the key word) all through the night. As soon as Blaine was able to move a lot more on his own and the masters let the pups loose, Blaine was the one who decided he wanted to fly and jumped off the couch. Fortunately, one of his masters caught him just in time from hitting the floor.

"He's very energetic," Will said, trying to keep the small dog in his arms, which was hard, considering Blaine kept trying to jump off and try again. Emma giggled, "Someone is going to have to have a lot of patience with this one," calming Blaine down by scratching his ears. Will's brown eyes lighted up, "Did you find potential owners?" His fiance nodded, "Yes, I think Britney and Santana are looking for a dog. So are Rachel and Finn. But Rachel was hoping to get a cat instead so they're still on the fence about it. Some other people from work said they might want to adopt them after I showed them the pictures."

Will sighed, taking over for Emma and petting Blaine's ears. "I wish we could keep them all. They're so cute, Emma." The red head guidance counselor smiled at him sadly, "I know, but you know that we barely have room for one dog, let alone seven. I promise, we'll find them all wonderful homes. And if we're lucky, they might even let you go over and visit them." Will nodded, carrying Blaine back into the pen with his siblings and mother. "And you," he scolded, bringing Blaine's face up to his, "No more trying to jump off the couch. How on earth you got up there in the first place I'll never know, but I don't want any puppy pancakes in the house, understand?"

Blaine yipped, his tail wagging eagerly and then licked Will's nose. He laughed, giving him one last scratch before putting him down in the playpen.

Blaine shook his head, ruffling up his fur that had gotten patted down from all the petting. He barked happily, running over to his brothers and sisters.

"Did you see? I flew, I flew!" he cried, jumping in place. Puck, David and Wes rolled their eyes at him while Tina didn't even look up from playing with her tennis ball. Sam was the only one who spoke up. "How'd you get up there anyways?" he asked, trotting over and laying down in front of his excited brother. Blaine grinned, "I may be small but I can jump real high. But did you see, I flew!" Puck yawned, "No you didn't dummy. Master caught you before you hit the ground. That's not flying."

The small pup's ears went back and whined, "But I almost flew." He heard a gentle laugh from inside the cardboard box at the end of the pen, which made him perk up. "Don't be giving Will and Emma any more hardship, sweetie," someone said from the box. Blaine smiled sheepishly while his siblings giggled behind their paws. He walked over to his mother, sitting in front of her, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause trouble. I just wanted to fly." The wise, older dog smiled and motioned him over. Blaine snuggled up to his mother, feeling the warmth of her body covering his own.

"Mama?" he said, "The big people were saying something about getting new homes. Are we going somewhere?" He regretted it as soon as the words left his mouth, his mother's eyes suddenly deep with sadness. Then she smiled down at him and said, "Yes. You will sweetie. You and your brothers and sisters will be getting new people like I have Will and Emma. It will be your job to be their for them, to comfort and protect them and love them forever. That's what we're here for. To love and be loved."

Blaine smiled, "I can have someone love me like Will and Emma love you?" She nodded, "Yes. I promise you."

Almost all too soon, came the day for the puppies to leave their mother's side. All the puppies were let out of the pen and outside in the backyard. They all jumped and chased each other or in Puck's case, chased his tail. Sam and Wes played Tug-o-war with a rope but Sam whined that he was cheating since David was pulling for Wes too. Tina barked as Emma threw a ball for her to go fetch and Blaine was being his usual self, jumping around, chasing the flies and other flying insects around the yard.

They barely noticed when more people came into the yard too. Brittany and Santana watched in amusement as Sam kept trying to beat both Wes and David for the rope, but was being badly beaten. They laughed when Sam had enough and just charged in and bowled the other two down. Brittany giggled and scooted over to Sam, scooping him up. "He's so cute," Brittany cooed. Santana took the dog and looked at him at arms length, "His mouth is kinda of big, isn't it?" Brittany pouted, "Please, Santy? I like him. Please?" Santana smiled in submission. She just couldn't say know with both Brittany and a puppy looking up at her with those big eyes. "Alright, we'll take the dog with the huge lips." Brittany squealed and kissed her girlfriend before going off to tell Will they chose the one they want.

Eventually, all the pups were being taken by the people in the yard. Tina was taken by a nice young man who seemed to love to dance. Puck was taken by a man in a wheel chair. Wes and David refused to leave each others side so the next couple that came who wanted Wes also had to take David. Thankfully, they didn't seem to mind a bit. Blaine watched as his siblings were taken away and wondered when would be his turn.

Will was watching Blaine from the window. "Poor Blaine. Didn't you say Rachel and Finn were coming over to see the puppies?"

Emma, who was currently cleaning the dishes, sighed in disappointment, "They said maybe. They got a cat but Finn was really hoping for a dog."

The high school teacher nodded, "Can't we just-"

"Will, I know you love Blaine. You love all the pups, but you heard what our landlady said. One dog per house. And we don't have enough to move. I'm sorry, Will but Blaine has to go. I promise you Blaine will find a nice home. I'll call my mother, she might be interested." Will winced, "Doesn't she already have that giant Rottweiler. Poor guy will be eaten in a day."

They jumped when they heard the doorbell ring. Emma smiled, giggling in excitement, "Maybe we wont have to call my mom. Rachel! Finn! I'm so glad you made it!"

A tall, brunette male and his short wife came in both with opposite expressions. Finn was rocking back and forth on his feet, trying to get a glimpse at any puppies that might be left and Rachel looked annoyed. But she smiled and gave a polite front, "Hi, Ms. Pillsbury. Sorry for coming by so late but Finn insisted on seeing the dogs. Even though I told him it was bad idea, since we recently just adopted a kitten." Finn wasn't listening. As soon as he hugged and shook hands with Emma and Will respectively, he asked, "So are they all gone?" Will grinned, "We have one more left. You're lucky to come by when you did. Come on, he's outside."

Finn ignored his wife's protest and went out to see a very lonely puppy, who decided to try and fly again. He stood on top of one of the lawn chairs and jumped, thankfully only to be caught by Will.

"Gotcha. Heh, sorry about that. This one tends to be a bit of a daredevil. Loves to jump off of stuff. Just the other day, I saw him get up on one of the tables. He's a very good dog, he just happens to think he's a bird."

Finn didn't seem to care. He took Blaine into his arms, a wide and dopey grin plastered on his face. Rachel came out, ready to argue that they couldn't have two animals in their house, when she saw the most adorable thing. Blaine was on his back, barking and yipping while Finn scratched his tummy and laughed when Blaine suddenly jumped up and onto his lap, trying his best to reach up and lick his face. When Finn caught Rachel's eyes, he smiled and said, "Come on Rachel. It won't be that bad. They're both young and will learn to get along. And we can have two pets at the house, I even asked Mr. Locks about it. Please?"

Rachel wanted to tell him that though the dog and cat were still young, it was still in their nature to want to fight. But she couldn't not while Finn had the puppy held up to his chin, both looking at her with those big, droopy brown eyes. The two were almost identical. Rachel bit her lip, "O...okay. BUT!" She held up a hand to pause Finn's celebratory dance. "We have to have a trial period. We'll take the dog and see how he deals with Kurt. If they get along, fine. If they don't, we'll have to bring of them back. Alright?" Finn whooped and kissed Rachel on the cheek, "Yes! Thank you, Rachel! I promise, you won't regret it!" The young Broadway singer rolled her eyes, "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" She let herself smile though at the way man and man's best friend were currently playing tug-o-war with the old rope. It seemed Blaine was winning too.

By the time the couple got home from the pet store, it was almost eleven. "I still don't understand why you bought all those dog clothes. 1, I thought you didn't like Blaine. And 2, cuffs and a tie? Really?" Rachel sniffed, "I never said I didn't like Blaine. But if he's going to be a Hudson-Berry, he will be the best dressed dog in the entire city.

Blaine didn't know what to make of his new collar/tie. And those little sleeves at the end of his paws. He'd have to get them off sometimes soon but right now, he wanted to sleep. It's been a long day. He liked Finn, that was for sure. Finn was cool and liked to play with him. Rachel, he wasn't sure about. He eyed those little outfits she bought at the store with suspicion.

Finn took out a bed they'd bought at the store and placed it in the kitchen. He also took a bottle of water and an old alarm clock and put it them down too. He read somewhere that those items will help a dog sleep better when they're in a new environment.

Blaine sniffed everywhere, trying to memorize all the new scents in the house. There was one that was bothering him. It smelled like something...he wasn't sure what it smelled like, it was completely new. "Where's Kurt, I want them to meet."

"He's probably already asleep. They'll see each other later. Let's go to bed Finn, you can play with Blaine some more in the morning."

Finn nodded, and carried Blaine over to the bed. "Alright, I'm gonna go. Will told me that you're already somewhat house broken so just bark if you have to go do your business. Welcome to the family, little guy," the man smiled, ruffling the dog's one more time. Blaine whined a bit, wanting to go with him but experience with Will and Emma reminded him that humans had their own play pens. His mother told him never to go in there unless it's an emergency. Well, Blaine thought being lonely was enough of an emergency. He laid his head down on the bed. It was soft and fluffy and white but no where near as warm as his mother was. He cried softly, a sudden rush of loneliness swept him up. He missed his mom. He missed Wes and David, Sam and Tina. He even missed Puck. He wondered how they were all doing now, in new homes and beds. At least Wes and David were together. How he envied them.

He went still when he heard something behind. Ears up, he sniffed the air. It was that scent again. The one he couldn't place. He growled a bit, trying to sound intimidating, even though he was scared out of his wits. "I may be small but I can have strong teeth," he barked, "I'm warning you! I'm like a small, fluffy ninja!" He heard someone giggle. He blinked. Nothing dangerous ever giggled like that.

"You're Blaine right? Finn was talking about you earlier."

"Who are you? Show yourself," Blaine said, getting down in pouncing position.

The other giggled again and jumped from the kitchen counter, right in front of Blaine. The puppy stared, he always wanted to do that but he never landed gracefully. Then he saw the other move into the light. A golden brown kitten with big blue eyes and a green bow tie strolled right up to him, mirth in his eyes.

"Who are you?" Blaine asked, slowly letting down his defenses. Kurt giggled again and Blaine couldn't help it when his stomach got warm hearing it. He decided right them that he liked hearing the other giggle.

"I'm Kurt," he said.

Blaine tilted his head, "You look funny. I've never seen a dog look like that." The other giggled again. Giggles should have been his name. "I'm not a dog! I'm a cat."

"Oh," he said, as if that cleared everything up. It didn't. He had no idea what a cat was. Kurt smiled, "Cats are kind of like dogs. Except we can climb and jump off from really high places." Blaine's mouth dropped, "I want to do that! Can I be a cat?" Kurt giggled, again for the millionth time. Blaine blushed, thinking he had said something really stupid. Maybe Puck was right, he was a dummy. Though he perked up, tail wagging when he heard Kurt say, "You're funny. Wanna play?" Kurt crouched down and wiggled his tail. Blaine grinned and thus the chase began.

Blaine did his best to keep up with Kurt but Kurt simply jumped onto every piece of furniture in the house with ease. By the end of it, they were both tired and panting heavily.

"You'," Blaine said, breathing hard. The kitten smiled, licking it's paw, "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. Want to go again?"

Blaine shook his, "No, I'm tired. Wanna sleep." Suddenly, there was a huge bang right outside the apartment door, making Blaine jump. "What was that?" he cried. Kurt tilted his head, "It's the neighbors. They usually get in really late. Rachel always complains about them being too loud. I agree. Why can't everyone be like cats and just be quiet."

Suddenly, Blaine was aware of all the noises in the apartment. Not just the door banging but the air ventalation. The television that was playing upstairs. The honking of horns outside their window. It only made him realize that he was in a new place without Sam or Puck or his mom. He began to cry again and quickly ran back to his bed. Curious, Kurt followed. "Hey what's wrong? Are you sick? I can call Rachel. She usually wakes up when I mewl a lot." Blaine shook his head. "No...I just...I miss my mom."

Kurt lowered his head in sympathy. "Me too. I miss mine too. You know, Rachel rescued me off the street. I was born in a sewer and my mom went to go get food but she never came back. Rachel heard me crying and brought me here. Don't worry, Blaine. You'll like it here. They're really nice and they give you really good food. And Finn gives the best tummy rubs."

Blaine hiccuped and tried to smile but it just couldn't be done. Kurt sighed then said, "Move over." The small dog looked confused but did as he was told, making room for the kitten. Kurt snuggled up to Blaine and he heard and felt the cat purring into his side. "Rachel let me sleep with her and Finn the first night I was here. I guess they thought since you were already used to being in a house that it would be easier for you. Don't worry, I'll stay with you until you're comfortable here. Okay?" Kurt said, rubbing his face to Blaine's.

The pup smiled and snuggled back. 'Maybe it won't be so bad,' was his last thought before entering the land of sleep.

The next morning, Rachel was getting ready to go out to a meeting while Finn was still in bed. She went to the kitchen to make her customary protein shake when something caught her eyes. She almost squealed but contained herself. "Finn!" she stage whispered, shaking her husband awake, "Finn wake up and come see! Do you know where the camera is?" Finn blinked and sat up quickly, "I didn't do it Mom, I swear." Rachel just rolled her eyes, "Finn, come on." She pulled her husband up and into the kitchen. "Rachel it's barely nine in the morning on a Saturday on my day off. Did someone die?" Rachel shook her head, "No, but I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we'll probably have to keep both the cat and the dog."

That sobered him up, "Why do you say that?" Instead of talking, she pointed to the kitchen. Finn looked in and smiled so wide it could split his face in half. Blaine was sprawled on his stomach on the bed while Kurt was sleeping on top of him with one paw under his chin. Rachel squealed as quietly as she could while she took out her Iphone and took a picture. "That is so going on my Facebook and Twitter," she said. Finn pulled her into a hug, "So...they can stay?" Defeated, Rachel sighed, thought not all that sad to have lost the argument, "As long as they can keep up that behavior, they can stay." Finn laughed and picked her up into a kiss.

It was the beginning of a beautiful family.