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Ever since the incident at the park, Blaine had become very protective of Kurt. Really overprotective. To the point of annoyance. At first Kurt liked the attention and the concern. It was cute how Blaine was always watching out for him. But now it was just irritating.

"Blaine, the bowl is not going to come alive and attack me," Kurt said with a deadpan expression as Blaine sniffed his bowl of food suspiciously. "I don't know Kurt," Blaine said, "That bowl smells fishy."

"It's tuna, Blaine. Like I eat every night."

Kurt pushed Blaine aside easily with his bum and started to eat, ignoring Blaine's protest. The small puppy pouted, "I'm just trying to keep you safe."

Kurt smiled and licked Blaine's cheek, "I know. Thanks."

Blaine started to blush then cringed, "Eww, now my fur smells like tuna."

"That's what you get for getting in the way of me and my food," Kurt said, going back to his dinner.

Blaine wasn't the only one who was still fretting over the park visit.

"I can't believe some people are so irresponsible with their pets," Rachel said, for the millionth time that week. Finn was getting sick of it. "I know, babe. That guy was a jerk. But he apologized."

Rachel shook her head, "No. No he didn't. His wife made him. What kind of man lets his wife control him and boss him around like that?"

Finn idly thought to himself, 'Me.' He wisely kept his mouth shut.

"I hope they take that monster dog of theirs to a training school. You should have seen this thing, Finn! It was huge! I could not believe it was only a puppy."

"You said it was a Mastiff, right?" Finn asked, "They usually get pretty big after a couple of months."

Rachel nodded and looked down at her feet where Kurt and Blaine were eating their food. Smiling, Rachel picked Blaine up and cuddled him gently. She did not want to pick up throw up today. "I'm so glad Blaine won't ever be that big."

Finn looked at Blaine curiously, "What kind of dog is Blaine, anyway?"

Rachel frowned and looked at Blaine more carefully, "Hmm...I remember Will saying that he's a terrier mix...Emma mentioned that he had some poodle in there somewhere."

Finn chuckled, "No wonder Blaine is so small." Rachel smiled and kissed Blaine's silky head, "I don't care. I'm glad he's so tiny."

With one more kiss on the nose, Rachel set Blaine down, where Kurt had been watching in amused curiosity. At first anyways. Now he was just amused.

"Aww, good thing you'll always be pocked sized, Blaine."

Blaine growled, "Shut up. You'll see! I'll grow into the biggest dog who's ever lived! I'll be like the dog on tv!"

Kurt licked his paw, "Which one?"

"The big, red one."


"No the one that makes a bunch of noise and goes saves people in the fires."

"Blaine, that's a firetruck."

"Oh...can I be a firetruck?"
Kurt patted his head, "I think you should stay out of the sun and drink lots of water, Blaine."

The next day, Finn took Blaine and Kurt out in their area next to the apartment building. That was nice. Blaine did like the park, contrary to Kurt's belief, but he'd rather stay closer to home before venturing into the real world anytime soon. Blaine was sniffing the grass, glad to be on familiar territory. His owner grinned and took a Frisbee and held it out for Blaine to see. Blaine went mad, "Throw it, Finn! Come on, throw it! I want it! I want to play with it, whatever that thing is! I have no idea but it's round and it's red and it's shiny and just throw it already!" Blaine practically screamed, jumping up and down, as high as his little legs could do so. Kurt watched from his designated seat on the table. He sighed at Blaine, shaking his head. What was so great about a Frisbee? It didn't do anything. It just sat there. And why go fetch it. Couldn't Finn just get it himself? Sometimes, Kurt just couldn't understand dogs. But, he admitted to himself, he thought it was adorable the way Blaine bounced excitedly like that.

Finn threw the Frisbee and Blaine was on the chase. He pounced on the toy and growled as he bit into it. "You'll never see the light of day again, you mysterious thing you!" Blaine cackled, though it was a bit mumbled as he was chewing on the contraption. Finn scratched his head, "Blaine, no, you're supposed to bring it back not attack it with furry fury!" Blaine wasn't listening and kept chewing and started to throw it around in his teeth.

His owner exhaled loudly, throwing his arms in the air. "I give up. Do what you gotta do, dude," he said. Rachel came out with a bottled water and bowls for the pets. "Having fun, Finn?" she asked, setting down the bowls and pouring water for Kurt to drink. She petted his back while he lapped up. Finn shrugged, "Blaine doesn't exactly know the concept of fetch. Look." He pointed at Blaine, who was still wrestling with the Frisbee. Rachel laughed, "He's just a puppy, Finn. Once you train him, he'll be fetching the paper for you in no time."
"We still get the paper?"

So while the happy and one sided confused couple bickered about the morning paper, Kurt dropped down to the grass, walking over to Blaine who was still chewing on the Frisbee. "Blaine, you do know that it's not alive and will not hurt anyone if you just put it down, right?" he asked. Blaine shook his head, "You never know, Kurt. You never know."
Kurt just sighed and laid down on the grass, already tired just watching Blaine get excited over a piece of plastic. He yawned and started to paw at a leaf that was floating in the wind.

Blaine just sat there, chewing his new best friend, when he heard them.
"Tee hee hee hee hee."
He stiffened when he head it again, "Tee hee hee." He sniffed the air, cautiously. "Tee hee hee."
The pup growled and stood up, looking for the sound of the snickering. Then he saw them. He was off.

Kurt opened his eyes wearily when he felt Blaine move. "Blaine, where are you going?"
"Can't you hear them, Kurt!" Blaine asked, running over to the tree. "Hear what?" Kurt asked lazily.
"The snickering! I hear someone laughing at me! It's high pitched and annoying!"
"Probably imagining things, Blaine," Kurt said, trying to reason with him. Though he wasn't trying hard enough, he had laid back down on the grass and was almost half asleep when suddenly, he was rudely awoken by Blaine's yipping. "Blaine! The tree is not going to eat you! I told you that leaves falling off the branches is normal!"
"Not that! Fluffy rats! Big fluffy rats with bigger and fluffier tails!" Blaine yelled, starting to run around the tree.

Sighing rather dramatically, Kurt got up and stretched his back out before trotting over to Blaine who was still barking up at the tree. He plopped himself down next to him and looked up to the tree branches. "Blaine?"
"What exactly are you barking at?"
"Can't you see them! The fluffy rats!"
Kurt pouted then narrowed his eyes. It was high noon so the sun was beaming down, making it hard to see. He saw two little shadows race across the branch, though. "I see something."
He heard the snickering that Blaine had been complaining earlier and then Blaine was running. Two, brown fluff balls were scuttling in front of Blaine who was doing everything he could to chase them. But they were super quick. Kurt rolled his eyes.
"Blaine! Stop chasing those dang squirrels!"
"I can't help it, Kurt! It's like they're calling me!"
Blaine suddenly stopped, "Wait...what are squirrels?"
"What are squirrels!"
Kurt and Blaine turned their heads over at the two fur balls who now looked indignant. They ran over to the two pets and huffed, "We are squirrels! It's like saying what's a dog?"
"Or what a cat," said the other.
Kurt asked, "And you may be?"

"I'm Tweedle Dee!" said one.
"And I'm Tweedle Dum!" said the other.
"And we are the Tweedle brothers!"

"Yeah, I saw that movie too. What are you real names?" Kurt asked, though he no longer looked interested and rather was thinking when dinner would be ready.
The first squirrel huffed his fur, thought Kurt nor Blaine could really tell the squirrels apart. They looked exactly alike. "I'm Ethan if you must know. And that's my brother, Evan."
"Hi!" Blaine yipped, no longer angry but happy to be meeting new friends, "I'm Blaine. And this is my friend Kurt. Say hi, Kurt!"
Kurt raised a brow but bowed his head a bit. "Hello. Now if you excuse me, I'll be going to have a drink. Rachel will be wanting us to come back soon. And I for one don't want to miss-AHH!" As Kurt was walking away and talking at the same time, he had been looking over his shoulder and didn't notice the small hole in the ground, falling straight in. Alarmed, Blaine raced over to see if his friend was alive. "Kuuuuurt! Are you okay down there! Meow if you can hear me!"
"Blaine, the hole is only a couple of feet deep. I can hear you just fine," Kurt said unamused. The squirrels looked down at him and started laugh hysterically. Poor little Kurt had dirt and mud sticking to his fur, not to mention rain water had drenched him completely.
"Look at him! He looks like a drenched rat!"
"Doing well down there, kitty?"
That sent the squirrels back into hysterics.
Kurt snarled, "You wait until I get out of here and get my claws in you!"

Kurt tried to climb the side of the hole and pull himself up but couldn't seem to do it. His claws were not sharp enough to hold onto the wet dirt and the mud was too heavy on his fur. He felt fat, much to his shock. He slid back down the little hill, his belly getting even more covered in filth and meowed pathetically up to Blaine and to whoever else could hear him. Blaine whimpered, feeling helpless that he couldn't save his best friend when he saw his Frisbee nearby.

"I have an idea! I'll be right back, Kurt. Stay put!"
"Where is he supposed to go?" asked one of the squirrels.
Kurt nodded in agreement with him. Sometimes, Blaine could be rather oblivious to the obvious. But Kurt loved him anyway.
Blaine came back with the Frisbee and held it out for Kurt to grab on. "Here Kurt!"
Shrugging, not knowing what else to do, he took hold of the Frisbee with his teeth and claws. Blaine did his best to pull him up but what he did not count on was Kurt being so heavy. He grunted, trying his best to pull him back up, but it was just too hard. "Hold on Kurt! Let me just..." he panted slightly. "Kurt, I think all the fish has gone to your hips."
Kurt growled, "You just wait until I get back up there, Blaine Puppy."

"We'll help you!" the squirrels said, placing themselves on Blaine's both sides.
"Alright, grab hold and pull on the count of three. You ready down there, Kurt?"
Kurt bit into the disk and nodded as best as could.
"Wait, is it 1-2-3 THEN pull or pull on 3?"
"I think he meant on three."
"But wouldn't it be best if we pull after 3 so we don't get all confused and pull at different-"
"JUST PULL!" Blaine yelled irritated.
"Now?" they asked in unison.
"Yes! Pull!"

Together, they were able to pull the Frisbee back, along with Kurt, all the way up the small pit and Blaine went over and helped Kurt up the last of it by pulling him by the back of his neck. "Yuck," Blaine winced, getting mud in his mouth. Well, that's the price of friendship.
Kurt laid in the grass, on his belly, groaning at the strain he had to do to push himself out. Sure, Blaine and the squirrels helped him but a small dog and two little squirrels could only do so much without some help. Blaine stuck his lip out, whining and licking Kurt's face and head, mud and dirt be darned.
"You okay?" Blaine asked in a soft whisper. Kurt could tell that Blaine was probably still scared out his mind and was probably blaming himself. That's just the sort of pup that Blaine was. Kurt smiled and licked Blaine's nose, "You saved me again, Super Blaine." That made the small pup smile brightly, nudging his head against Kurt's. The cat purred happily, not at all bothered of the invasion of personal space and in fact welcomed it.

"Hey, you know what this reminds me of?" Ethan asked his brother.
"That movie! The one the girl in the tall building watches all the time. Kurt fell into a small hole!"
"Does that mean what I think it means?"
The two squirrels ran over to Kurt and pointed at him, shrilling, "You are our Alice!"
Kurt groaned, "I am not a fictional character. I'm Kurt. K-u-r-t, Kurt."

"I'm sorry but who is Alice?" Blaine asked, curiously.
"Who's Alice! Do you hear that, brother! Well Alice is a...she's a girl who...she kind of looks like...he doesn't know who Alice is."
"It's from a movie, Alice in Wonderland. Rachel made me watch it with her before you came, Blaine," Kurt explained, trying to lick the mud and dirt off his fur.
"It's a great movie! And since you fell down the rabbit hole, you can be Alice!" Ethan and Evan cheered, doing a little dance around the two pets.
Kurt scowled, "I am not Alice. And that's not a rabbit hole. It's probably just a hole someone dug up to put in a new tree or something."
"You're still Alice. You're cute like her," Evan said.
Kurt blushed while Blaine growled with jealousy, "Hey."

"What?" Evan asked.
"Just stating the obvious," Ethan continued.
Blaine growled again and Kurt just put a paw on his shoulder, "Down boy."

"Oh my God, Kurt!" they heard behind them. Evan and Ethan scurried off up to the tree while Rachel picked up dirty Kurt from the ground. "What happened to you? You're covered in filth!"
"Must have been playing in that hole over there," Finn pointed over to the pit. Blaine barked, trying to get Finn's attention. Finn caught the message and picked him up too. "That's funny...I thought it was dogs that liked to play in dirt..not cats."
"I think he must have fallen in. Oh, my poor Kurtsie! I'm sorry sweetie but your bath schedule has just been altered to today."
Kurt gasped, "Bath! But..but...that means water!"

Kurt had no choice but endure the torture that was a bath. That included getting poured water on until he looked like a drenched...well...cat...
And contrary to popular belief, he was in fact very, very skinny. "You, honey, need some more meat on your bones," Rachel commented as she carefully shampooed Kurt's fur. Kurt just meowed in agony. Well, not in agony but he was a very over dramatic cat. So to Blaine, it sounded like Kurt was being cruelly tortured. He barked until Rachel exhaled loudly and picked him up so he could see Kurt in the giant bowl used to clean him in, "See Blaine. He's perfectly fine."
Not exactly fine. He looked up at Blaine miserably. Behind him, Blaine could see Evan and Ethan in the window, laughing to tears and pointing at poor, wet Kurt. Rachel put Blaine back down and Blaine couldn't help going into a fit of giggles. It's not everyday he got to see Kurt like that, as bad as that sounded.

Kurt was dried and fluffed up and in the end, he looked like a giant cotton ball.
Blaine kept his laughter to himself as best as could. But it was too much. "You look ridiculous!" Blaine roared through his giggles. Kurt groaned, "I look like a dust bunny. Lord, look the sock is getting stuck to my bum!" Indeed, a sock was trailing behind him just above his tail. "Here, I'll get it," Blaine said, pulling the sock off. Kurt sighed, laying down in his bed along side Blaine, "Thanks for saving me again, Blaine. But if I ever see those squirrels again, I'll scratch their eyes out."
Blaine giggled, "Don't mention it. I'm Super Blaine, remember."

Kurt smiled, "Yeah. Yeah you are. Good night, Super Blaine."
"Good night...Alice."
"I'm going to kill those two."