She's a Mystery.

Name: Akane Yasahiro

Age: 16

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Pale Green

Likes: incects, all minus cockroatches and spiders, and animal's, and sweets/candy.

Dislikes: Spicy things, evil things, dolls.

Personality: Quiet, smart, gloomy, but could be energetic.

Others: She wears eye liner, but just the right amount.

Other than her school uniform, on normal days, she just wears some sort of pretty skirts with black leggings, and a baggy sweater, that's black.


A long time ago, when she was about 4, her two older twin brothers and her mom and dad died, from something that she forgot, well, made herself forget it all...

Because it was too disturbing to remember.


I'm sorry for any fail spelling and grammer ._.b



This idea was taken from the book Night of the Living Dummies Part Three! So I don't own the idea or anything of the sort.

The one who owns that book is R. L. Stine!

I also don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

xD The only thing I own is my OC~

Chapter One: Arron.

(Akane's POV)

I walked from the airport, and trought-out the town of Namimori, in Japan.

'Maybe coming to Japan wasw a good idea...' I thought to myself, hopping over a crack on the sidewalk.

I looked up, and kept walking till I ended up at this house that I bought online,

A woman was standing in front, smiling at me.

"Ah, it's nice you came!" she said, handing me an a card and a bag.

"I know that you used most of your money for this house, so I thought that I would buy you some things! Like, a house warming gift!" She grinned at me.

I smiled lightly, "Thanks." I looked into the bag, then the card.

"Oh, here's the keys." She said, sweat dropping at her forgetfulness.

I smiled, "Thanks, again." I grinned, grabbing them, and opening the door.

"Oh, my things already arived!" I stared at the boxes in the kitchen and livingroom and hall.

"Yup! I figured i'd have your things be here, wrather than you waiting for them!" She grinned, "Oh, i'm late for another meeting," She said, glaring at her watch.

She looked up at me, "Well, I guess i'll get going, so, have fun!" She ran to her car, and drove off.

I nodded to myself, and walked in.

I sighed contently, after putting everything away in around roughly 4 hours.

"Finally done." I said to myself, smiling.

I started cleaning the dust and stuff away.

"Ah.." I remembered what that lady said when I was talking to her on the phone about buying the house.

"Wait, miss, but are you sure you want this house?.. It's just..." She mumbled.

"What is it?" I blinked at the phone.

"Well, it's really dirty and old and stuff..." She said,.

"Oh, well, it's big, and aforable..." I said, smiling slightly, "I don't care if it's old or whatnot." I said, then getting back to the point.

I sighed, again, and finished cleaing the kitchen.

"Well, I think I'll just go to sleep and try to get used to the time difference..." I mumbled to myself, putting the rest of the things away, and dragging my feet up the creeky old stairs.

"..." I didn't care about that, and turned from the staircase, to go to my room, but paused when I saw a little string hanging from the ceiling.

I blinked, 'She didn't say anything about an attic..' I thought, then reached up and pulled the string slowly, so the ladder slowly came down, but it made a bunch of creeks and groaning sounds of protest.

"..." I shuddered slightly, suddenly more awake then before.

I put my hand and foot on the step, testing it's strenght.

"Seems fine..." I mumbled quietly, then stepped up the stairs carefully.

I reached the top.
I paused.

I bit my lip lightly, and continued up.

I climbed outta the thin staircase, and looked around.

I shuddered lightly, due to the coldness and thickness in the crisp air.

I reached aronud for the light switch, or something to turn the light on.

I fround it, and pulled it gently. My eyes focased, then widened.

I screamed.

I fell backwards, gaping at the various dolls in the room.

I shuddered again, eyes still wide.
".. Th- that was scary..." I swallowed the spit collecting in my mouth." I said, getting up slowly.

'... 'Wonder how all these got up here... maybe they belonged to the person that lived here before?... Well, i'll find out tomorrow, I guess..." I thought, then quicky shut the attic door, and ran to my room.

I shivered from the coolness of the fan being on in my room the whole time, and went under my covers, enjoying the heat they gave me.

And eventually finding darkness, that led me to sleep.

I woke up to hear the rain hitting the pipes in a loud way. I lazily turned to the window, to see it all cloudy and gray outside, with rain falling, hard.

"Tch.." I mumbled, still a bit sleepy. I got up and stretched, yawning,

I turned to my closet, and stripped, and got into my school uniform.

"..." I glared at the shortness of my skirt, but shrugged and went down stairs, but quickly running past the attic area.

I made toast and put some jam on it, and grabbed my bag, and left, locking the door.

I ran to school, due to getting distracted by various things.

I panted slightly, 'Curse my not going on daily runs anymore!' I thought, mentally slapping myself, and swearing that i'll go on runs in the evening.

'Oh yeah, I need to phone that lady, and ask her about those.. doll thingys..' I thought, walking to my class.

I stopped in front of my homeroom, and slowly slide the door open.

"Oh, yes, Yasahiro-san!" the old man croaked, smiling at me.

I bowed at him, then at the students, before walking in and shutting the door behind me.

"Could you introduce yourself?" he asked me, sitting at his desk.

"Ah, hai, Etoo... M- My name is Yasahiro Akane-desu..." I said, blinking, and staring at the ground, then bowing again.

"Alright, thank you, Yasahiro-chan. Could you please sit over there, next to Yamamoto-kun?" Sensei said, nodding over to the said boy.

The boy with black hair and hunny-brown eyes raised his hand, smiling.

"Yo! I'm Yamamoto Takeshi!" He said, grinning as I sat down.

"Ah, i'm Akane, but your already know..." I smiled shyly, then took my notebook out, and started writing down the notes and doing my work in general.

"Hey, Akane-chan?" he whispered at me.

I blinked, and blushed slightly.

"Oh! Sorry, is it okay if I call you that?" He blinked, doing a mini bow and looking sorry.

I nodded slightly, still a bit blushing.

"Well, you could called me Takeshi, if you want!" He said, grinning, rubbing the back of his head, with a tiny blush, too.

That made me blush even more, "A- alright..." I said, in a tiny voice.

"Haha, your acting all cute like!" He said, smiling innocently.

"..." I blushed even more, if possibly, and turned around, refusing to show him my epic blush.

"Hie!" A boy shouted.

I jumped, "Wh- what?" I blinked, suddenly confuzzled.

"Yo- your face is all red!" he said, then gently put his hand on my head.

"I don't feel anything.. an- HIEE!" He wiped his hand back but fell backwards, and onto the ground.

I winced, hearing a thud.

"Da- daijoubu?..." I asked him, helping him up.

"Hiee.. S- sorry, and i'm fine.." he blushed out of embarrassment, and sat back in his seat.

"O- okay.." I said, sitting back in mine.

Lunch Time.

I got out of my seat and stretched.

I sighed contently, and got my things and walked out of class, and too my locker. I dialed the code, and opened it, and put my things in it.

I paused, when I realized I forgot to bring a lunch.

"Dammit.." I mumbled under my breath.

'Guess i'll go home for lunch.. Good thing my house ain't far away from school.' I thought, grabbing my bag, just in case I'd be late, and set out.

I turned a corner, but bumped into someone.

"Ah, s- sorry." I saiw bowing slightly.

"Oh! Akane-chan!" Takeshi smiled down at me.

"Ah, Ya- uh, Ta- Takeshi-kun.." I blushed slightly from calling his name.

"Hey, where are you going?" he blinked innocently at me.

"E- eh?" It was my turn to blink. "Oh, just home, because I forgot my lunch..." I mumbled, pouting slightly.

"Ahaha! well, you could have lu-.. " He traied off, staring at this empty bag.

"I thought I brung my lunch..." He stared at his bag in confusion.

"W- well..." I said, smiling lightly.

"Woah! This is a big house you got!" Takeshi exclaimed, walking with his two friends up to my door, behind me.

I smiled lightly, "Yeah." I dug in my bag, looking for my key. 'Aha.' I thought, then put my key to the door handel.

I froze when it slowly creeked open, all the way.

"Hey, is your little brother or sister here!" Takeshi said, casually walking in, looking behind the door.

"Hmm.. no ones there." He blinked, then shrugged.

"... I-.. I don't have a little sister or brother.. I.. er, live alone now..." I said, looking behind the door, too.

I paused, "Uhh, wait here!" I said, then ran up stairs.

I let out a little scream, and fell against the wall.

"What is it?" Takeshi said, running up, with his two friends.

"Th- the doll!" I said, shuddering slightly.

"Eh?" He looked where I was pointing, then let out a laugh.

"It's just a dummy." He said, picking it up, and putting his hand inside of the back.

"Hello, little girl! Do you know my name?" He made it say.

I shook my head, biting my lip, a bit creeped out.

"Well, give me a new name!" he said, making the doll laugh.

I shivered. "... A- Arron?..." I said quietly.

The dummy looked at me, then laughed, "What a nice name! Arron shall be my name!" it said, grinning that built on grin, with those cherry red painted lips.

"Ya- Yakyuu Baka! What the hell are you doing?" Gokudera-san said, slapping his hand to his forehead.

"H- hiee, wha- what happened? Why'd you scream?" Tsuna-san asked him, staring at me intently.

"U- uhh.. the dumm-.. uhh.. Aron just scared me... Cause he was sitting in the middle of the hall..." I mumbled, looking at the ground embarrassed.

"Scared of hell!" I heard a voice say, then laughed.

My eyes widened, "What?" I looked at the three of them.

"Eh? We didn't say anything.." Takeshi blinked, then put Arron on the ground, and leaning him against the wall.

"We- well, lets just go eat.." I mumbled, staring at Arron out of the corner of my eye, then walking to the kitchen, leaving Arron alone up stairs.

"Sorry, I don't exactly have much food yet, I still gotta go shopping, which i'm gonna do tomorrow, or later on..." I mumbled, taking the newly made riceball's, and putting it on their plates.

"Itadakimasu~" Tsuna-san and Takeshi-kun said, but Gokudera-san just mumbled it, before eating them.

I smiled lightly, then walked up to the glass window in the livingroom.

I took out my cell phone, and dailed the ladies number. I blinked when a beep came up, 'Guess she's busy...' I thought, then shrugged, "Hello, this is Akane, and I was just wondering about the.. these dolls upstairs in the attic... So if you could please get back to me, then thanks, or if you have time, then you could stop by after i'm done with school? Well, thanks, bye..." I said, leaving my message, then putting my phone back in my pocket.

I walked back into the kitchen, where the three friends were finishing their food.

Takeshi blinked at me, "Aren't you gonna eat?"

I blinked, "Oh yeah..." I sweat dropped mentally, and just ate some bread, not really hungry from before. I sighed inwardly, and glanced up at the clock.

My eyes widened slightly, "Oh, we should go, or we'll be late." I said, grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder.

I opened the door for them, and closed it, and locked it, and left for school.

After School.

I stretched as I got up, and checked my phone.

'Still no answer about today...' I sighed, and shoved it back into my pocket, and left class.

I walked to my locker, slugishly putting my things away, and stuff.

"Hey!" I jumped lightly.

"Oh, haha, sorry," Takeshi-kun said, rubbing the back of his head.

"It's fine." I smiled ever so lightly.

"Aha! That's good." He grinned.

"Oh yeah, if you want, Gokudera, Tsuna, and I could walk half way with you! Since we all live in your direction." He grinned, leaning against the lockers.

"Uhh, sure." I blinked, then closed my locker.

"Alright, lets go!" he said, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the front of the school, meeting with Gokudera-san and Tsuna-san.

I bowed to them, and then we walked in the direction of our homes.

"Well, this is it." I said, smiling at them, "Thank you." I said quietly, then ran to my door.

I paused, seeing the door cracked open a bit.

"..." I pushed it open, and looked around the place. 'Nothing looks out of place, or distroyed or anything..' I thought, then put my bag down.

I pulled my cell out again, and dialed her phone number.

I jumped when I heard it coming from up stairs.

"Hey, this is Shian, house seller~ Please leave a message after the stupid beep!" her voice echoed from up their.

"..." I slowly climbed the stairs, and turned to my bedroom, where I saw the cell phone laying on the ground.

I ran in their, and looked at it. 'What the..' I blinked at it, it had red on it, and was blinking light. I glanced over in the direction it was pointing in, and stared.

".. My closet.." I stared at it, which was slightly cracked open.

I stood and walked over to it, and opened it.

(Yamamoto's POV)

I jumped slightly from hearing a loud scream.

My eyes widened, "Akane!" I said, turning around and running back to her house. Tsuna and Gokudera blinking and following me.

I ran up to the door, seeing it open. I slowly pushed it even more open, looking at the stairs. I ran up them, and turned to see Akane on the ground, looking horrified.

"Akane!" I ran over to her, shaking her shoulders, "What's wrong?" I demanded, slightly frigtened by her scared expression.

She gripped my arms, staring at something to the side of me.

I turned to see a lady in the Akane's closet, dead.

My eyes widened, "Oh my God..." I mumbled, staring at the corpse.

I gaged slightly at the scent of blood around in the air.

(Akane's POV)

I jumped as Tsuna-san and Gokudera-san ran in.

"Jesus!" Gokudera swore, covering his nose, glaring.

"HIIEEE!" Tsuna-san fell backwards, his eyes wide, frightened, too.

I slowly turned back to see Shian's body, sitting on the ground, and holding Arron in her hands...


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