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Chapter Three: Victoria


(Gokudera's POV)


After having Juudaime's Mom, the Yakyuu-Baka's father, and Bianchi help prove that we're innocent, we all left our separate ways to our houses.

I drove with Juudaime, Akane, and my sister to Juudaime's house, and the Yakyuu-Baka went back to his house with his dad.

After dropping off Juudaime and my sister, Akane and I slowly made our way back to our houses.

"I- I turn here." she stuttered, looking at me.

"... See you at school tomorrow. I guess." I mumbled, and turned around, to head back to my place.

"... O- Oh.. Okay..." She mumbled back.

"Tch." I turned and glared at her lightly. "I guess after all that, you wouldn't really want to stay at your place anymore, would you?" I said after a pause, staring at a leaf of the ground intently.

"... N- not really..." She muttered quietly, also staring at the ground.

"Well, I guess you could stay at my place, for the night." I said, glaring at the wall, pretending to be disinterested.

I heard nothing from her, so I slowly turned to see if the girl was still there.

"Uh.." I sweat dropped lightly, watching her sparkle slightly.

"R- really?" She asked, slight hope in her voice.

"U- Uhh, Yeah. sure." I said, looking off to the side again.

"Okay, Thank you." She said, smiling kindly with a bow.

"Tch! Your not welcome." I said, stomping off in the direction to my place, knowing that she was following close behind me.


After a while, I sat and watched TV, while she slept in my room.

I sighed, and looked at the ceiling in thought.

'After what happened today, Even I wouldn't wanna stay in that house.' I thought to myself, and turned my gaze back to the TV.

I turned it off, and lay down on my couch, pulling a sheet over me.


I watched with wide eyes as the puppet called Lucy repeatedly stabbed the officer in the neck.. I heard Akane scream. I quickly averted my gaze to her, she was covering her eyes and shaking in terror.

The dummie called Lucy laughed loudly, while the tires were squealing and screeching loudly on the ground, and the engine rumbling from the sudden halt.

I heard Akane whimper. I switched my gaze back to Lucy, and she was sitting on top of the hood, smiling, showing off those white wooden teeth and cherry red painted lips.

"It's okay..." I said quietly, looking back at Akane.

She looked up at me slowly, eyes slightly red and puffy from crying.

"N- not really..." Her voice was hoarse from her screams.

I nodded, "It's okay..." I repeated. I jolted from hearing Akane gasp so suddenly.

"What?" I asked her urgently, seeing the un-believing look in her eyes.

"T- the Dum- mie... Lucy!" She said, staring with wide eyes.

"What!" I cried, and quickly looked to see that Lucy wasn't on the hood anymore.

"Shit!" I cursed, glaring. 'Can't get out... What the fuck do we do now?' I thought, staring at the doors that were locked up from the front of the cab.

*Flashback end*

I shook my head to rid of the memories. But I couldn't seem to get it out of my head. I felt goose bumps attack my arms revealed to the cool air in the dark room.

I shivered from the thought of remembering Lucy. I could remember her giggling, and repeatedly stabbing that officer in the neck.

"..." I jumped when I heard something from the other room. I sat up, watching the hallway.

''And then something's gonna jump out of the darkness in the hallway. Tch.' I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but be tense.

I waited for something- anything- to happen, but nothing did. I sighed quietly, 'Maybe it's my imagination... Yeah, most likely. I'm just over thinking things.' I lay back down, and pulled the sheet over my head, and closed my eyes, hoping to fall asleep soon.


"Mmmh..." I groaned, waking up in slight pain. 'Stupid springs hurting my back...' I thought, twitching at the pain on my back.

I gingerly sat up, and looked around.

'That's right. Akane's in my room.' I slowly got up from the couch, and cracked my back, feeling better.

I groaned again, and walked to my room. I knocked on the door, but didn't receive an answer.

"Oi, woman." I drawled, "I'm coming in." I stated, and slowly opened the door.

I saw Akane sleeping on the bed, but not that peacefully, she was sweating slightly, and mumbled something that I couldn't catch.

"Oi!" I said louder, she didn't hear me.

I sighed and walked over to her, glaring. "Wake up, your having a bad dream!" I said, pulling the covers off of her.

"Oh shit!" I swore, staring at the blood that was slowly pouring out of a deep cut on her side. I shook her by the shoulders, and shouted for her to wake up.

"Shit!" I cursed again, 'She's probably gone into shock or something!' I thought, grabbing my sweater and holding it tight on her wound.

She continued to lightly move around, while mumbling something quieter than a whisper.

I grabbed my cell out off of my little table in my room, and dialed a number that I knew who could help.

"Hayato?" The voice asked, sounding sleepy.

"Get over here, you perverted doctor!" I replied back, glaring at her wound.

"What? if this is about tra-"

"No! It's not, Shamal!" I glared, but continued to talk, "I need your help, my f-.. friend is hurt badly and she needs help! And your the only person I had to call!" I said, glaring with a slight blush from embarrassment.

"Eh? How badly?" He asked, sounding serious.

"She has a gash on her side, just get over here already!" I spat into my cell phone, and closed it with a loud click.

"Hurry Shamal." I glared, and continued to put pressure on her wound.

"Hello~" I jolted from the sudden noise of a young woman's voice.

"L- Lucy!" I exclaimed, turning around, only to see a different dummie, with long blond hair and blue painted eyes, and wearing an olden day Victorian dress.

"No, idiot. I'm Victoria!" She yelled, glaring at me.

"What the fuck?" I stared, but glared back at her, "And don't call me a Idiot!" I said, standing in front of Akane.

"Your the one who did this to her?" I demanded, sneering at the stupid doll.

"Duh, who else?" She snorted, smirking

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe your other fucked up friends!" I shouted the last part, and threw the blanket over her.

"I CAN'T SEE FUCKHEAD!" She screamed, trying to get the heavy blanket off of her.

I booted her to the side and she bashed into the wall.

"STUUPID SHIT!" She screeched, trying her hardest to take the blanket off of her small frame.

"Keep talking, Bitch!" I smirked, and carefully grabbed Akane, and took her into the living room.

I looked out the window as Shamal pulled into the driveway, and get out of his car.

He barged in here, normally I would have shouted at him but this isn't the situation for it.

"Hayato! Get the rest of my things from the car!" he shouted, and ran over to Akane who was on the couch.

I nodded and got up, but quickly ran to my room and locked the door, so it'll take Victoria a bit of time to escape.

'At least it'll buy us sometime.' I thought, and quickly ran outside to the perverted doctor's car, and grabbed the rest of his equipment, and came back inside.

"Oh yeah, there's a psycho dummie that's alive trying to kill Akane and me." I said, kneeling beside Shamal, and grabbed my cellphone again.

"Your insane, Hayato. But i'll have to believe you for now!" He shouted, shaking his head and stripping Akane's sweater off and then pulling her shirt off so he could get to the gash.

I looked away, and focused my attention at the door, hearing shouts and bangs on the door.

I called Juudaime and the Yakyuu-Baka and told them to get over to my place quickly.


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