AN: srry i habint updaated in a while ive ben in japin havin sexxs with alot of kawaii 9AN:that meens k3wl in japaniz boyz but now im backing an i ll trey to upbate mor often

ps: pols revow ma sotry plez

it was in da het of battle i worried that things mite get 2 out of hand so i deicided to relocate the battle. to the top of the world trade center. you see on that fatefull day septemier 11th 1993 the world say thy twin tower fall on account of a terroirit attak but what had really happened was that the government planted explosives on uper towirs and flew model air plans into the towers. on top of that they used projectirs and compter generated imagiry to make the towers looked like they collapsed. today there ar invisable hologram generators at the base of "grond 0" that makes it look like theres nothing there but really the twin towers are still standing and in perfect condition. in amistion underneth the word trad cemter is the real area 51 that had to be re;located after God found out about roswell.

alucard sed "hey whats osama bin ladins favorite foot ball team$"

"what? asked morgun

"the new yorkk jets*" sed alucard

ecvvy body laughed .

"its funny cuzz nobody actually died in 911 aand tha were all just govenment agents who faked their deaths and are covering up the conspiricy!1!" sed usagi.

bell a sad "oh my god its a bird its a plane O! shit !its a plane" they all laughed.

"hey" sed kiba "new york has a pretty fancy flight system they take you from the airport strait to the office. "

; hey how many americans died during 911" asked sakura

"how many?" asked every one else

"who gives a fuk!999) answerd sakura

tom sed "what does wtc stand for what asked everyone what trade ceenter "he answered.

AN: that was for you 7th wanderir i fucking hate you fuck you this is not a fanfic about the goddam trolls from world of worcraft u bich i fucking hzate wow cuz its american and not japanese fuk u i hop u gow to hill.

hey how many otku can we kill on the work trade center asked blade all of u answered buffi. blade bulled out sis sword wen sufenly morgan lifted up hur shirt and showed off her doubl d brestits and sed hey look and my buhbs andd suddenyly blad had to put dowm hhis sword to mastirmat. timmy turner now called spike cuz hes japanese and into anime sed i witsh i had a

chain saw crossbow and shot it at blade sending him hurtiling away "noooooooooooooooo" seg clade as he flu away when suddenly buffy sed some times to beet the japanese you gotta b japanese buffy teloported aways and seconds latter she was back ridding on the back of nyan

cat AN:aaaaaaaaa isnt she just the cutist kittah in the hole wid word. and while riding nyan cat buffy crashed thro both trade centers and the hologram projecters destroying the world trade center 4 real dis time. thats when morgan pulled out her batarang from her ultility belt AN:I no

batman isnt japanese but hers so awesom and bat ass get it he might as well be okk. and hit buffy in the eye cuzing her to fall to her death. after that battle that returned to forks after all they all had class the next day. even tho mrogan graduatmed frum kollefge that was only known to her employers from the japane

se cia AN: shes a secret agent thats how she met jame bind. they all waited in class dreding the arvival of there teachers Mr Laden. there teacher osama bin laden was born in the country of al queda he was conceveded wen his mum was brutaly rapped by a pak of wild dogs when his moothers husband learned of his birth he hung a rope on his neck marched in to pubic and comited suicid. after that his family moved to america and being that he was bullied so much growing up cuz of his heritage and being blamed for 911 and what not he swore that some day hed gro

w up to be a teacher to get revenge on children. when he taufght the class he never taught any one anything ever. all hed do is yell at the class about how much his life suceked and how unfare the world is and then give every one F's but today was different morgan was a new student in the classs and she had been told anout mr laden by her friends manyt imes. morgan got up and told him how dare you give everyone in the claz f's they never do any asingments they graded on fuk u u golden dildo fuk u u golden dildo fuk u u golden dildo fuk u u golden dildo fuk u u golend dildo fuk u u golden dilido. how dare u tak to u teacher like that when right as he was about to hitler the principle worked in and said osama bin laden i accpected better from you how dare you try and hit our new student thats it i am demoting you to janitor. unfortanitly now that bin laden was a janator

he was unable to keep up the rent on his appartment so he had to result to giving kids hand jobs iun his janators closet for muny. but he was fond out bhy the pohlice and was sentenced to pirzeson were he was rapped to death 4 dropin da soop. after skool the kids went bak to spikes house dat he wisted 4 that was now in forks they put on rebbeca blacks new album and trowed up som devil horns wen friday cam on after some serious rocking out they deicided to hav a rice ball fight cuz it never snowz in forks and this way it wod be more japanese. after the ric balls fight they deicided to all masterbat to the latest mans best friend OVA there were so many hot naked sweety gay guys havin secks we codnt hek r selves while watin ta OVA i hard AN:get it! an idea later that night me and alucard decide 2 hav sex agan but try somthin defferent i wanted to plese hem cuz he was by and so was i so i straped om a dildo on my vergima and stuck it in alucards ass he liked it but wen it was over we jus ded it the natural way wit his weener in ma belly buton. o alucarm i luv u so much and i will nevir chet on u cuz i no ull never cheat on me cuz i love u andd they new it was

true cuz it waz. after we dud it we got into aulcards flyking japanese delorian and flew to helloween town it was just like it was on the disney channel with all kinds of mosnerts like zombies skelingtons incudinjg jack get it and most immportant of all were wolves and vampires we finallly felt like we were at home. we stomped in to dennys to order som choclate blood shakes with blod in dem at the tabkle across from us we noticed the grinch jackin off into a bowl of captain crunch which belonged frankenstien soma his jazz got into r shaks wich only mad them dat much hottir