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I've also changed the story line so it works with the one i'm writing !
I know that i've questioned the Doctors and Amy's relationship alot this story, ok, 'Alot' is an understatment but just hang in there with me. Because I think we all know who she's going to choose..

I stand there stunned. I don't know his name, Of course I knew it wasn't Doctor. But he never told me what his parents called him and here I am, trying to tell someone how much I love him and I don't even know his real name, How can we even work he knows everything about me, and me, all I know is that he's a 907 year old time traveller.

"So, Amy. Who do you want ?. The Doctor who will leave you when you're old and your hair's grey. Or Rory, Kind Rory, Who'd do anything for you ?"

"I've already chosen who I want " I tell him again.

"Well then, I hope you know which is real" He says and then vanishes just as the Doctor makes his appearance again.

"What world do you want to be real ?" He asks as he walks down the stairs.

Doesn't he know that already. I want him. "I want this world."

"You can have Rory if you want" He tells me, obviously hiding the pain as he says it, But he's got to much pride to say that he wants me to stay here with him,
He wants me to choose so that he knows where my heart lies.

"If it makes you feel better, i'll kill myself when I go back" I tell him, my hormones coming back with a vengance.

"No, I want you to be happy" Is his last words to me, I can hear the birds again. Damn it.

I'm tired, me head starts to fall and I can see the Doctor run over to me to catch me as I fall making sure I do no damage to myself or the baby.

I open my eyes and I can see Rory. "Amy, What the hell is going on" He demands to know.

Here goes nothing "I don't actually know, but..."

He catches Amy as she's about to fall, He lies her on the ground, making sure the blanket she has wrapped around her is still covering her or at least attempting to keep her warm.

He takes his blanket off not caring if he's freezing, and places it over Amy, hoping it will make her just a little bit warmer.

"You're scared" The dream Lord states, as he appears behind the Doctor

"Of what..?" The Doctor asks sounding more confident than ever, not even turning around to face him, he's still to busy making sure Amy's alright

"Give up the act, You know that she wants the normal life, the one you can never give her." The dream Lord laughs, The Doctor sighs, seeing his breath lets him know how cold the T.A.R.D.I.S has gone

"Rory can give her everything that you can't and you know that she wants it, but she doesn't want to break your heart. That is before you break her heart when you kick her out because she's too old for you."

"Drop it ! Drop all that. I know who you are." He says turning around to face him

"Of course you don't " He replys with a smug look on his face.

"Of course I do. I've no idea how you can be here, but there's only one person in the universe that hates me as much as you do"
With that the Dream Lord disappears.

"So what kind of danger do you face in this world, The oven coming to get you " He jokes.

How can he be making jokes, there's something out there and it wants to get me..

He knows about everything now, well except me being pregnant with the Doctors child, If he knew that I wanted this to be the dream then he really wouldn't take it lightly. Who would though, being told that the woman you love, the one you've wanted since you were a child, leaves you to be with her alien-man thing-y. Oh and bonus she's pregnant with his child. I was always taught 'Be silent when you know your words hurt'

"I don't know, the sink and the dishwasher could be plotting against me right now and I wouldn't even know" I tell him half joking but half serious. Call me paranoid..
And then I hear his voice, the Doctors voice and I want him to tell me that everything's going to be fine, he knows what to do, but this voice doesn't. his voice in my head says 'Paranoid'

Just wait 'till I get out of this..

I rest my hands on my large stomach, I know which world I want,
But which world is better for my child. He or she doesn't need to grow up with hundreds of aliens wanting to take them away from me, fighting to stay with me, they should have a childhood where the biggest problem is choosing which crayon to colour in with.
I'm turning myself against myself. I don't want this world, I want the Doctor ! No doubt about it.

I'm interrupted mid thought by the door bell, Rory looks at me knowing he's already lost the little fight. He sighs and stands up and walks off the the front door.
I try to relax. If i'm going to have to fight then i'll need to be calm to think of a plan...

I try to relax. If i'm going to have to fight then i'll need to be calm to think of a plan.

I can hear muffled voices in the distance. "Rory ?" I shout

Then a crash alerts me even more, trying to stand up fast when you're 6 months pregnant is extremly hard..

"Rory" I call again, not so loud this time. I start to slowly walk towards the living room door, so I can see the hallway leading to the front door. I poke my head out to see who's there.

I sigh with relief when I see Rory turning to face me "Ya' know, it's not nice to scare a pregnant woman" I tell him, He doesn't reply.

I take a step out of the door and turn to face him fully. "Earth to Rory" I say waving my hands about, "Rory" I yell as he still stares at the floor.

I take a step forward and he does't do anything, he stands still, scaring the crap out of me "Who was that ?" I ask him

He says nothing, his focus still on me "Rory Williams, Talk to me now !" I yell at him.

He falls to the floor in a heap. I work my way over to him as fast as I can..
"Rory" I plead with him, He has to wake up, he can't leave me.

The door opens infront of me. This isn't gonna' be good.

It swings open, hitting the wall. I look up the sun shinning down on me, It looks like something out of a movie. A man appears wearing all black.

"Who the hell are you ?" I demand to know, I think I could probably take him, then I remember i'm pregnant and the same size as a boat. He doesn't answer me.

I stand up leaving Rory, I don't know if he's dead or alive and in this moment in time, I don't have the time to find out.

I slowly back away from the shadow he doesn't move closer to me, or away from me. He looks frozen, maybe he's waiting for me to make a move.

I find myself at the bottom of the stairs, In my mind I try to calculate how long it will take me to run up of the stairs in my state. Hopefully long enough.

I turn and run as fast as my body will allow me too. I make it to the top of the stairs and choose the closet room to hide in. I open the door and slam it behind me. Locking it

I can't hear him. But i'm not going out there to check if it's clear. I turn my attention to the room i'm in. The baby's room,

The cot in the righthand corner, The room covered in blue, It almost makes me cry that this isn't real. That right it isn't real !

I hear a smash downstairs, and I try to hold my breath to hear any other noises. I can hear him walking upstairs, the stairs creaking with each step he takes. And for once i'm glad we bought an old cottage.

I need to get out of here. I make my way over to the first window and open it as far as it goes. It's not big enough for me to fit through it. Damn.

I run or waddle over to the second window and open it, this time I know i'll be able to fit through that. I lift one leg out duck my head and bring the other leg out,
so I know sit on the windowledge. I can hear the guy hammering at the door.

I look down, if I jump the fall won't kill me, just injure me.

I try to talk myself into it. It won't be long before I hear the birds again and I need to be as far as I can from him.

I take a deep breath and throw my self off the ledge, hoping I land feet first . I fall on the grass on my hands and knees. A burning pain stikes my back. But I know I have to get up and waddle away.
I get up with great pain and start to run as fast as I can.

But all I can think about is what the Doctor would say if he had seen that. Would he be yelling at me saying things like 'That was a stupid, irresponsible thing to do' or 'Amy, that was really stupid!, but good thinking'

I tell myself to stop thinking about him and concentrate on running away from the danger.

I find myself in the town center, if you could call it that

I know that there's hardly any people in this village, but it's never as empty as this.

I run to the post office and open the door. "Help me" I yell out of breath.

I look around hoping to see someone, but there's no one there.

The birds have begun to sing their song. I sit down behind the door and close my eyes.

My eyes bolt open and i'm in the T.A.R.D.I.S. I sit up and my arms instantly wrap themselves around my frozen body.
"Doctor " I try to yell but the cold has affected my voice.

I look around, the T.A.R.D.I.S has small icicles hanging from everything.

"Amy" He yells running down the steps.

I stand up noticing I have two blankets and he has none. I take one of them off me and hand him the other one. He smiles as he takes it.
"So, Anything happen ?"

"No, Not really.. Pretty sure Rory's badly hurt. A guy tried to kill me so I jumped out of the bedroom window, All the people in the village have gone missing."

"A bedroom window ?". You jumped out of a bedroom window in your condition ?"

"He was going to kill me"

"Are you sure he was going to kill you or are you just paranoid ?"

"I'm not paranoid. He chased me up stairs and I had to lock him out. He was trying to kill me"

"Ok, ok. I believe you" He says holding his arms out for me.

I walk closer to him and fall into his arms. I miss him,

He wraps his arms around me and I do the same. I can feel him as he starts to play with the end of my hair.

"I love you" I whisper to him. But instead of saying anything back he just sighs into the crook of my neck.

"You know that right. I don't want him, I left him to be with you. To have this crazy, exciting life, that's all I ever wanted. And I have it, i'm not going anywhere"

"Are you sure ?" He asks me

I pull away from him, hurt by his words.

"Am I sure ?. Are you seriously asking me this, for the past few hours i've been telling you that I want this life, that nothing's going to change it"

"Amy I know. But you can have a normal life"

I run both of my hands through my hair, he doesn't seem to be getting the jist at all. "I love you, But if you want me to leave. Then i'll go, I've done this before and I refuse to do it again. I'm not fighting for you if you won't fight for me."

"Amy, I love you, of course I want you to be here with me, I don't ever want you to leave." he tells me with a small smile creeping on his face.

"Good, I want this to be real"

He takes a few steps forward and hugs me, wrapping his arms around my body. He kisses my cheek as I lay my head on his shoulder.

"I've thought of a name" I whisper to him

"I want to name her, Cassie Rose Pond"

I know he's smiling.

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