I was coming home, finally. The war was over. I walked the familiar streets of my home town. I was heading back to my family inn to clean up anything I could. The air was still heavy. I looked ahead and saw a form lying in the street. Horror struck me seeing the tangled form of a body in a green uniform in the street. I glanced around, finding us alone. Quickly I strode over to the body. The man was blonde and had piercing blue eyes, beaten severely. He took a glance at me then turned his head away. His fingers twitched, the broken chain lay in his hand. A cross lay on the ground not far from the end of the destroyed chain.

"Deary, do you want some help?" I muttered kneeling down at his form. I eyed his arm that looked completely twisted. My fingers hovered over the bruises that were forming.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked in a thick accent turning his battered head to me. I stopped looking at the snarled mess in front of me. I had seen him before, but I didn't recognize him. The last I saw him he stood tall and neat in his uniform.

"Germany?" I questioned. He made no movement.

"So vhy do you offer help?" he asked his sad eyes glanced up at me slowly traveled down to his hand. "How can you trust me? How do you know this isn't a trick to grab you?" he asked I saw the pain in his eyes. I was tired of pain and fear, that's all my life consisted of for so long. I picked up the cross looking at it in my hand. The metal was cold in my hand. I took a deep breath, ready to say what had been on my mind for months now. I lifted my head up straight up.

"Because I believe that one day we can all live together, no fear of being hurt by our neighbor." I said my voice cracking. "That will never come true if I don't practice my word." I said, my voice sounding stronger as I finished. His blue eyes looked up to me a slight glimmer of hope shinned in them. His lips turned to a smile, so small that if I wasn't examining his busted lip I wouldn't have seen it.

"Zat is a beautiful dream." He seemed to laugh at me, but he didn't have the energy to. I sighed, taking a fleeting look down the street spotting the roof of my inn. I turned back to the freshly beaten country.

"Come Deary, you need to get attention to those wounds." I said putting my hand under his shoulder. "I'm not very strong, but you can lean on me." I said as I tried to sit him up, he ended up sitting up himself. I managed to get him up on his feet. He stood tall against my short frame. He leaned over me, his large arms lightly hanging over my shoulders. His head hung low, resting against his arm. I felt blood trickling down from his face, and down my neck.

"Vat is your name?" he asked softly. He limped as we stumbled towards the abandoned inn.

"It doesn't matter." I muttered, my mind was set on getting the heavy man onto a bed without clasping before getting there. The distance seemed like it was growing instead of shrinking, but I knew it would be worth it in the end.