sparklers and heart-melting kisses

life is like a shadow - it never stays in one place

i'm standing here anyway

however long it takes to steal your heart

-augustana, steal your heart

She felt carefree, lightweight, like she would float up into the night sky at any moment, as she twirled and twisted around people, dancing along to the music playing from someones car in the distance. Her blue eyes were wide and happy and her mouth was twisted up into a smile.

Faces of people she recognized vaguely blurred as she spun. All of her cares were gone – all of her worries forgotten. Eli stared at her as she laughed and danced. As she maneuvered herself flawlessly around crowds of people, he made to go after her it seemed, but for once, she didn't care. All that mattered to her was the way she felt in that moment.

She was at a spring break party on the beach. Most of Degrassi had come: It was the event of the year. Ali had dragged her to it and for once, she was glad she let her best friend dress her up and drag her out to a party.

The sparklers in both of her hands glowed brightly, lighting up her whole face. She laughed as she used her hands to make shapes in the air from the smoke, when one of them died. She didn't let it effect her, as she dropped it on the cool sand and continued to dance around.

The sky was dark and you could see thousands upon thousands of stars in it. Maybe that's what caused what happened next: her eyes were on the sky, her racing thoughts long gone, she was a million miles away as she spun. She didn't worry – she was a little ways from the huge fire some students had made before the sun went down earlier that day.

She let out a small gasp as she backed into a solid body - a guy's. Her blue eyes widened as he turned around to face her. His own brown eyes were calm, cool looking, as he stared back at her.

Her heart pounded in her chest and her blood raced under her skin as she watched him watch her. Something sparked inside her chest, something she hadn't felt since Eli. It could have been love, except, she didn't believe in love at first sight.

They stood there, watching the other for a few moments – all of which felt like a lifetime. Suddenly, it felt like the world had stopped spinning; like it was just her and him, and no one else. Maybe it was something in the air, or something she had drunk, or maybe, it was him, that made her feel so alive and suddenly very brave.

It's now, or it's never, she thought, her eyes traveling down, from his eyes to his lips. She tool a breath, and for once in her life, she also took a chance.

Just as the fireworks went off around them, she closed the distance between the two of them. Bright lights glowed around them, darkening their silhouettes as they kissed from one angle, making them look like one person, instead of two.

Without a word, this stranger had stolen her heart and she didn't even mind.

A/n: This is most obviously based off of the newest Promo for season 11's Now or Never. It sparked my interest and I have to say, Jake is HOT! Also, I would appreciate not being attacked by Eclare fangirls because of this, thanks ;)

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