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Silence, that's what greeted Severus Snape as he stepped through the floo, not that he wasn't used to silence, just that he wasn't used to silence in this place. Malfoy manor was usually full of noise, whether it be Narcissa's screaming at the house elves, Draco ranting and raving about school, or even on occasion, Lucius ordering everyone else to shut up. So to say he was wary is a major understatement.

"First he invites me saying he has good news, and when I turn up not a single person is around. What luck," He mutters rolling his eyes, though he would always deny it.

The sudden sounds of glass breaking, causes him to jump, before swiftly moving towards the solid oak doors of the main study, where the sounds of glass and wood breaking can be heard.

"I swear I didn't mean for this to happen, I didn't even know what it did." Came the voice of his godson, muffled through the door, worry and a hint of humor clear from here.

"Well, whether you knew what it did or not, you had better find a way to fix it," the voice of Lucius cut through the air like a knife, strong and angry, but there was something different about it, Severus just couldn't quite put his finger on it. "Where the devil is Serverus, he should have been here hours ago."

"And what do you need me for," Snape drawled, as he opened the door, only to stop dead at the sight before him. By the flickering firelight he could see, shattered pieces of glass, lay spread out over the floor, torn and scorched pieces of wood, embedded in the carpet, not to mention the over turned desk and completely obliterated couches, nothing like that amount of damage had been seen, since James and his ilk, had charmed Lucius hair purple and his skin a peculiar shade of green for a whole month.

But no, that wasn't what caused his stop, or the mouth hanging open. What did shock him was the fact that his best friend for the better part of 20 years, was glaring at him from what appeared to be a much, much younger version of himself. Did I bang my head in the floo? He thought, still stuck in the doorway, till, snickers could be heard from his godson, who was desperately trying not to laugh.

"God damn it Draco, stop that at once, and Severus, FIX THIS!" Came the screams of Lucius Malfoy as he threw another blasting hex at the wall.

"Wh-What happened?" He managed to ask, finally after the shock wore off, and he managed to move his mouth again.

"That, imbecilic, moronic, pathetic, child, left an unknown potion sitting on my desk, were my usual headache potion is left, and as they are the same color Mippet put it into my tea, and now look. Look, I am a teenager. Oh and that idiot there has no idea how to reverse it because he can't remember how he made it. Not to mention that bloody house elf already cleaned out the bottle so there is no sample left. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!" Lucius continued to screech, showing that his age wasn't the only thing to decrease; it seems his old temper was back.

"Hmm, and what were you working on?" He directed to Draco who was watching his father, his usually stoic face abandoned as he watched his father blast apart his study. A look of almost reverence clears on his face as he turned to the clearly amused Potions Master.

"Uh, a sort of reversal potion, to get rid of phantom pain. Like father continues to get headaches from a bad spell years ago, I was working on a potion that would get rid of it. It was just a muck around so I didn't bother to keep a record, and I'd already cleaned everything up by the time he started screaming." Draco answered honestly, worry clear on his face, before a slight smirk twisted his lips and a mischievous glint entered into his grey eyes, "Did father always scream like a girl when he lost his temper?"

Rolling his eyes Severus gave a slight inclination of his head as an answer, remembering how his old, now young friend always screamed like a girl when he was angry, especially when he got hit by that hex in 7th year; it took forever to get him to shut up.

"Hmm, you say it was created to help with his headaches?" Severus asked a though popping in his head.

"Yeah I based it off the idea of an old reversal potion we did back in second year," Draco answered, answering the question in Severus's head.

"Well that answers it. Lucius! You over dramatic queen. SHUT UP!" He roared, causing both Malfoys to turn to him shocked, and silent, for once, "Draco tried to get rid of your headache, which you sustained in 7th year, by making his own version of a reversal potion. This explains your sudden decrease in age. It reversed your body to back before you were hexed. Which coincidentally was 3 days after you 17th birthday. Congratulations Draco, you are now older than your father."

"Not for long," Lucius sneered at his son before turning to Severus, a look of impatience and anger evident on his smooth face, "How long till it wears off?"

"It doesn't," Severus answered a full blown smirk clear on his face. "You can't reverse a reversal potion. Congratulations my friend, you are young again." He laughed backing out of the room as Lucius started screaming louder than ever, throwing anything he could get his hands on at his son. Severus just laughed more as the door closed, wondering how this would play out, and what on earth he was going to tell the headmaster.

-to be continued...

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