A Simple Revition

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Chapter 8 – Pepper up and PINK!

The Great hall, in olden times it was a place for great banquets, balls and duels, for the elite and aristocratic of the wizarding world. A Place famed for its smooth stone walls. The enchanted ceiling that showed the world outside, in a stunning combination of imagery and witchcraft.

In current times however the great hall was used for feeding the students of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Such as now for the morning meal, of breakfast.

Many students had arrived early, hoping to see another extraordinary event such as the ones that had happened the past few days, and they were not disappointed…

"ALBUS!" came a scream as Severus Snape came flying into the hall as if the hounds of hell were after him, "I demand that you sack that, that pathetic? No, Moronic! Excuse for a nurse this instant." He screamed spittle flying everywhere.

"Now now", Smiled the ageing headmaster, at one of his favourite teachers, "She can't have done anything that bad, Where you forced to get another exam? You know it's for your own good." He laughed his eyes twinkling madly.

"As If that wasn't grounds enough for an expulsion, No It wasn't me. That insufferable excuse for a healer went and gave Lucius a Pepper up, a PEPPER UP!" He screamed in what could only be described at terror, a crazed look in his usually stoic eyes, as he gazed at the rapidly paling headmaster.

"Oh Dear,"

"Oh Come on Albus, pull yourself together, and Severus, the shame of you coming in here screeching and disturbing the students from their breakfast, for a silly little thing like a potion," Came the chiding stern voice of Professor McGonagall from next to the headmaster.

"A silly thing, SILLY? Do you even know what happens when he has even one pepper up, its, its. Oh Morgana and the Saints I can't even describe the horrors." Cried the normally dourly man, as he paced back and forth.

"What do you mean 'even one'," cried the headmaster rising to his feet, in alarm, "don't tell me he took two," Came the aghast croak from the headmasters throat, almost as if a chocolate frog would come leaping from its depths.

"I mean that the stupid woman gave him the key to the cabinet thinking that he was old enough to help himself and he took the entire stock!" Screamed the Black haired man, "I don't know how many he's taken. I however will be starting my holidays this second. I'll return if there is even still a castle to return to." He glared at the bearded man, his mind full of escape plans.

"Oh Please it can't be that bad" came the Scottish drawl of the beloved transfiguration teacher. As she glared at the two men who were acting like hell itself had arrived at Hogwarts.

"Entire stock, entire stock," came the whimpers from the aged headmaster, who was suddenly recalling an event some 26 years ago, when said blonde had accidentally consumed 3 doses of pepper up, the situation requiring 11 Aurors, 17 Unspeakable's and almost half the school recuperating in St Mungos for a month. "You know Minerva, I think I need a holiday too, You can handle being in charge for a few days can't you," He spoke, rapidly leaving his seat, his eyes never leaving the doors to the great hall, as if they were a drop of water for a man stuck in the blazing desert.

"ALBUS SIT DOWN!" came the harsh tones of his deputy, as rope sprang from her wand, dragging the struggling man back to his chair and preventing his rise. "Stop your tomfoolery this instant."

"But my dear Minerva you don't understand. You weren't there." Babbled the headmaster as he futilely tried to escape the ropes that prevented his escape.

"Now, now," Minerva patted his arm, "It can't be that bad." She smiled, before freezing as the great hall doors blew open, bringing a ghastly sight to view causing many of the students to scream.

"Hmmf,"Scoffed the potions master as he slowly backed away from the frightful image in the doorway. "Famous last words Minerva, Famous last words indeed..."

"Dun Dun DUUUnnnnnn"- forgive me had to put that in

"I've done it, I've DONE IT!" Came the scream of delight from an image that would be forever scared into the minds of all Hogwarts students. Lucius Malfoy stood in the doorway, the snakes that were once his hair, flittered around his face, causing his maniacal grin, that practically screamed insanity to dominate his face, but what was most frightening, most horrifying thing was….

He was pink. No, not skin pink, but pink, Bright sharp, sparkling pink. Like he'd taken a bath in pink glitter which had absorbed into his skin.

A maniacal giggle escaped his mouth as he staggered into the room, "I've done it Severus, I've done it, Oh Yes I've done it" he laughed as he continued up the stones, showing those close enough the whites of his eyes.

"Oh really," Came the strangled voice of the resident potions master, who glanced around for an escape from the approaching monstrosity that was causing his eyes to sting. "What have you done?"

"Hahahaha," came the insane laughter sending shivers down the spines of the listening students." I've found a way to get back at potter, finally the little brat will get what he deserves," He giggled, his hands in front of his mouth, "And I'll get rid of these impossible, irritating snakes, and get access to a proper room that isn't red and gold. And you know the best part, do you? DO YOU?" He cried leaning closer to his old friend backed against the wall, wishing as if the stone would swallow him.

"What," he whimpered weakly.

"There's no cure", came the scream of delight from the previous blondes head, as he pulled from his robes a vial, "This, This is the mode of my revenge, the secret to my success, oh yes it is," he muttered gazing at the vial with untold worship in his eyes, scaring the rest of the students into hiding under the tables peeking out from behind the seats. "It's Perrrrfect" he purred rubbing it against his cheek. Before turning towards the Gryffindor tables, glaring at Potter, with a smirk worthy of the demons of hell plastered on his face. Not that Potter seemed to be too worried, rather he seemed quite fascinated with the morning Quibbler.

"Your time has come Potter," The medusa whispered with a voice like ice as he took another step to the green eyed teen, then another with the vial in his out stretched hand.

"Headmaster, I've done it!" came the cry as suddenly the side door banged open, causing everyone to glance at the young Draco Malfoy as he ran in, not paying attention to his surroundings. "I finished it." He smiled as he ran in, not noticing a small pile of glitter in his path that had fallen from his father's robes.

He did however notice as his feet went skidding out from underneath him, sending him flying across the wood, knocking him into his father, causing the precious vial that had been his potions crazed fathers work of the past 19 hours to fall from his hand, heading towards the ground…

"Nooo,"Was the strangled cry from the snake headed Malfoy as he gazed with anguish, as the vial made contact with the ground with a clink, bouncing once, twice, then hitting the ground again and going still. "Feww," came the relieved gasp, from his son as he glanced at the potion when 'crack' the vial split letting the sluggish purple liquid slowly drain out, leaving a small puddle of ruined potion on the floor.

"Oh dear," came the sigh of deputy McGonagall as she slowly rose signalling all the other teachers to rise and follow her, pulling out their wands they slowly advanced, on the shell shocked duo, in a heap on the floor.

"Now Lucius, I'm sure that everything will be fine," She reasoned attempting to placate the blonde as the teachers formed as circle around him, "Serverus can help you make it again, can't you Serverus," she snapped at the scared man still clinging to the wall.

"Uh yes," he creaked, "Please remove any more pepper up from him" he begged seeing his old friend slowly staggering to his feet, before turning to face his son lying on the ground.

"You," he hissed sounding very much like the snakes that adorned his head. "You did this, You, You," He growled raising his wand, toward to young blonde that was trying to scoot away, from the enraged, pink Malfoy.

"N-Now F-Father, come on, its ok, Your just a bit drugged up, you know it's just the pepper up. Don't you," he whimpered. Flinching as a wand was slowly trained on him, the glint of insanity in the eyes of its holder.

"Cru- WAMB the spell was cut off as professor McGonagall seemed to fly into the enraged Malfoy, attempting to pin him down. "CHARGE!" came the battle cry of the other teachers, as they joined in attempting to pin down the fighting pink blob.

"Didn't expect McGonagall to side tackle him eh mate," came the voice of Ron Weasley as he poked his head out from under the table to glance at his smirking friend. "No. At least now we know how she keeps up with the Weasley twins." Came the amused response from his friend before both glanced once more at the fight, as professor Flitwick was sent flying out of the scramble.

"He, Hem" came the amused voice of the still tied down headmaster Dumbledore as he took in the lively scene before him, "If I might make a small suggestion… "He smiled warmly before shouting in extreme fanaticism "HIT HIM WITH THE CHAIR!"

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