Chapter One: Teddy and Victoire, Sorted 2009 and 2011

Normal type is Teddy and Victoire, italic type is the Sorting Hat.

"Lupin, Ted!"

I hate it when people call me Ted. My name's Teddy.

Well aren't you an interesting one? Metamorphmagus...


Fiesty too, and you desperately want to live up to your parents. Eager to prove yourself and brave and independent. This is almost too easy.

I'd just better not be in Slytherin. Do I get any say in the matter?

A certain amount, yes. You'll be surprised how many people think, "not such-and-such a house" and are so surprised when I listen to them. Then they never tell anyone, after all that effort.

Well then, definitely not Slytherin.

Oh, don't worry, you're not Slytherin material, really. You can be manipulative when you want to , but that hardly shows up compared with everything else. GRYFFINDOR!

"Weasley, Victoire!"

Oh, look at Teddy. Isn't he 'andsome? Concentrate, Victoire! Sorting!

Oh, another Weasley. I thought I'd finished with all of you a long time ago.

No, after me there are my brother and sister, and all of my cousins as well. I have eight.

Well, isn't that something to look forward to. But you're a lot different to your parents and aunts and uncles. Not as brave and dominant. You're just...nice. A little catty upon occasion, but loyal as they come. For sure you're a HUFFLEPUFF!

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