Chapter Five: Lily, Hugo and Lucy, Sorted 2019

Normal type is Lily, Hugo and Lucy, italic type is the Sorting Hat

"Potter, Lily!"

I can't believe I'm really at Hogwarts! I hope I'm in Gryffindor like James and Al...

Would you mind being a little less excitable? I've got a headache.

Oh. Sorry. I'm just so excited!

A little less with the over-the-top punctuation would be nice.


Thank you. Now...Another Weasley?

No, I'm a Potter.

Oh, well, you're all much the same nowadays. You're very much like your mother, you know.

Really? Everyone says I look like mum, but I act more like dad.

Oh, yes, well there is that. A certain disregard for the rules that you get from him. But everything else, your whole demeanor, your independence and your tendency to obsess over things, comes from your mother.

So am I a Gryffindor like them?

I think so. GRYFFINDOR!

"Weasley, Hugo!"

I can hear Lily from here, prattling on. Why can she be quiet?

Now, you are definitely a Weasley.

Well, yeah, you just heard them call my name.

Even so, I like to make sure myself. Which ones are your parents?

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Yes, I see that now. You got your father's short temper, I see. And your mother's brains are there, but you hide them. Act stupid and crass. You're very much like your father.

What's wrong with that? My dad's great.

And the Weasley family loyalty. Yes, you're definitely a Weasley. And if you're a typical Weasley, you'd better be in GRYFFINDOR!

"Weasley, Lucy!"

I hope I'm with Molly or Rose and Lily. I'd hate to be by myself.

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there, or can I go back to sleep?

I'm here.

What sorry? Think a little louder, please, I can barely hear you!

Yes, Mr Sorting Hat. Of course.

It will do, I suppose. Now then...This is rather difficult. You don't really seem to belong anywhere - not brave, not cunning, not especially hard-working...What's the main ingredient in love potions, including Amortentia?

Umm...Ashwinder eggs?

Have a little self-confidence, please! RAVENCLAW!

The last chapter - I hope you've enjoyed it :)

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