Title: The Last Time

Rating: K

Word count: 343

Summary: "Lily Potter knew this would be the last time she saw her son."

Authors notes: I came up with this after watching the new Harry Potter trailer. My first Harry Potter fic I've published, so yeah. Please enjoy. Rates and Reviews are love.

There was a storm outside, it was pouring rain, the thunder was cracking loudly and lightning was flashing every few seconds. There were sounds of a struggle downstairs and Lily Potter knew this would be the last time she saw her son. She knew her husband, the love of her life and her soul mate was lying dead downstairs. She knew that the Dark Lord was about to kill her and she would never get to see Harry grow up. She would never see her beautiful, baby boy grow into the strong and brave man she knew he would become. She would never take him to platform 9 ¾, meet his friends, his girlfriend, or his wife or his children. She would never see her beautiful, amazing, gorgeous son grow up into the man she knew he would become. She would never be able to see if he was more like Lily or James. Lily Potter would never be able to raise her son, and neither would James. James Potter, the man she loved, the man that she hated, detested and loathed at one point but grew to love and cherish.

Lily crouched down and looked through the bars of the crib at Harry Potter, bright green eyes staring back into hers under his untidy mop of black hair. He was crying and looked more frightened then anyone she had ever seen. "Harry, you need to be safe," her voice, surprisingly, wasn't cracking with the fear that was coursing through her veins. She knew this was the last time she would ever see her son. "Be strong." At that moment the door burst open, and she knew it was all over. She stood up, turned around and shielded her son from what was about to come. Then, the spell, the spell that ended it all, the killing curse, hit her. And everything went black. Lily Potter was dead. Her husband was laying spread eagle downstairs after sacrificing himself to try and save his wife and son and Harry Potter was about to change Wizard history forever.