Set directly after AGMGTW- based on a theory of my brother's that we got carried away with before the big reveal. Part 1/3.

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The idea of killing someone had never given Amy any pleasure at all, but that had been before she was a mother. Now, with her hormones all over the place and her maternal instincts kicking in in a serious way, nothing was making her happier than the thought of killing Madame Kovarian, the woman who had stolen her baby.

Melody was safe, or would be soon, as the existence of River Song proved, but Amy wanted her baby back and the woman who had taken her punished. And for once Rory and the Doctor didn't argue with her. Rory agreed whole-heartedly, his Centurion alter-ego wishing nothing more than to ensure the safety of his wife and child. So the Doctor had no choice. He had returned, minutes after he had left, saying something about time locks and dead locks and TARDIS-proof seals that only River understood, all of which meant he couldn't get to Melody.

So the Ponds had told him what they wanted him to do instead, and rather than arguing he had shared a look with River before nodding his head and opening the TARDIS doors to allow them inside. Apparently he wanted revenge on the evil woman too.

So now the three of them were whooshing away to a set of co-ordinates the TARDIS scanners said Kovarian was hiding; nobody seemed to care exactly when or where, the only discussion they had was about whether Melody might be with her.

The strained whirring of the TARDIS stopped just as Amy ran down the stairs, fully dressed in an outfit she had found in the wardrobe. She took Rory's hand and together they turned to face the Doctor. His expression was unreadable and he wordlessly led the way to the TARDIS doors, flinging them open and striding into the room beyond.

The three found themselves stood in a dark corridor, in what could have been an old church or a castle. The walls were stone, and the floor was what looked like solid concrete. It didn't look or smell appealing, but it did look like somewhere you might put a hideout, and that was really all that mattered.

They were still taking in their surroundings and letting their eyes adjust to the gloom when a young woman came charging round the corner. She was about 20, and was slim and pretty. She had a torch in one hand and some sort of weapon in the other, and wore a very short denim skirt and white gypsy top, and her long hair tied back in a high ponytail. When she saw them she screamed and ran. But she didn't run away from them, like the Doctor had expected, but rather towards them, which was confusing. And it hadn't been a scream of fear or horror, but rather excitement or maybe even happiness. That was very confusing.

She didn't stop running, and practically threw herself at the Doctor and wrapped her arms around his neck in a surprising and slightly choking hug. "I can't believe you're here!" she cried, grinning from ear to ear.

Amy silently fumed. She was here looking for her daughter, her only child, her little girl, and some old floozy of the Doctor's was here, wasting time with pleasantries and hugs?

But the girl then let go of the Doctor and gave Rory the same treatment. The Doctor and Amy shared a baffled look as the centurion hesitantly returned the embrace. The girl pulled back for a few moments, and looked from one man to the other, practically beaming, before pulling both of them in for a group hug.

"Oh, Daddy, I missed you so much!" she sighed.

Amy flinched, not sure she had heard and correctly interpreted what the girl had just said.


The girl let the boys go and grinned at Amy. "Of course Mama, who were you expecting?" she asked with a laugh.

Rory wanted to be shocked by this revelation, but he knew as soon as his wife said the name that it was true. The girl was the spitting image of Amy, but with mousy brown hair like his (for which he was silently thankful; he didn't think he could deal with another feisty red-head in the house) and River's eyes. He knew Time Lords could change their faces, but his daughter had the exact same eyes as her older self.

"You're just… older than last time we saw you is all" Amy told her. It wasn't really a lie. The last Melody they had seen was a baby; River Song was another person entirely. For some reason Amy didn't want to reveal just how early on in the timeline she was. "Don't I get a hug?"

Melody grinned and wrapped her arms around Amy, giving her a tight squeeze. "Sorry Mama, timelines" she explained. "I saw you an hour ago; I haven't seen m'boys in weeks." She glared at the Doctor and Rory, who felt instantly repentant. "Anyway, can we leave diaries until later, if you're getting the same readings as I am then you know we do not have a lot of time."

The Doctor, who had stood in relative shock up to now, watching the response of his human friends, stood to attention, a small smile creeping onto his face. "Miss Melody Pond, did you just ask my permission for something?"

"It happens sometimes. It's your rule we'd be breaking."

"What about my other rules? Like no wandering off? And no guns?" he snatched the weapon out of her hand as he said this, but Melody barely even flinched.

"Those rules are stupid" she responded, pulling another similar looking weapon apparently from nowhere. "Dimensionally transcendental engineering." She quipped. "You'll never get them all."

The Doctor smiled to himself. He would never admit it, especially not in front of Amy and Rory, but he had a feeling that he was going to enjoy getting to know this version of their daughter. There was something about her, something that there were no words for. It wasn't the first time since meeting River that he envied his future self.

"Dungeons or tallest tower?" Melody asked, taking the Doctor's momentary trance as permission.


"We're in an old abandoned castle. The interesting stuff is always either in the darkest mouldiest dungeon, or in the highest room of the tallest tower."

"Dungeon" Amy answered. "Highest room of the tallest tower makes her sound like a damsel in need of saving." The boys silently agreed, and Melody nodded.

"Let's go then" said Melody with a smile. The weapon vanished back into wherever she had hidden it, and she took Amy's hand, leading the way down the dark corridor. The Doctor turned around to close the TARDIS doors, but as he did Melody snapped her fingers and the doors slammed closed of their own accord. "Come on Daddy, we're in a hurry!" she called, making Amy shriek with laughter as the pair vanished around the corner.

Rory and the Doctor shared a bemused look before setting off after their girls. Whatever was going to happen here today, it was defiantly going to be interesting.

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