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They ran after her. Of course they did, none of them were willing to accept the word 'spoilers' as an answer for what she had just said.

"You had so better think that I'm my mother."

They caught her as she was trying to teleport away; the Doctor soniced her gadget as she raced towards a dead end, causing her to stand facing them, trapped in a corner, fuming. The Doctor knew he would pay for this later, but he hated not understanding.

"Okay, my fault I guess. You're always telling me that we should do diaries first, but I thought that once, just once, if we saved those couple of minutes that we normally waste, then maybe we could actually walk somewhere instead of running all over the place."
"Oh, Doctor, don't you get it? I'm not River Song!"

The Doctor tried to think of an explanation that fitted but his mind drew a blank. He didn't like the feeling at all; he wondered how humans coped all the time.
"You haven't changed your name yet you mean?" Amy suggested.
"No, I mean that I'm a completely different person." Melody snapped.
"But you're Melody Pond, you told us..." Amy took the prayer leaf from her pocket and held it out for the others to see.
"Yes. But not that Melody Pond." Melody was confronted with three blank looks. "I can't tell you this, I'm not allowed!"
"Who are you?" Rory demanded, using his best Roman voice. The girl didn't even flinch. Instead she folded her arms and used the same tone back at him.
"I'm the girl who plans to make your life a nightmare if you don't let me go!"
"Don't talk to your father like that." the Doctor reprimanded.
"He's not my father!" she cried out angrily. "You are!"

There was a moment of silence while the three adults processed the information. The Doctor's mind was spinning. She was winding them up, she had to be. It was a very River joke. She had called Rory 'daddy' earlier on, hadn't she? He thought back to those two occasions; the first had been when she was hugging them- she had hugged Rory and called him daddy. No, that wasn't right- she had been hugging Rory and the Doctor, a sort of group hug. And the second time had been similar, Melody and Amy had been walking away and she had called back… Had she actually been talking to him?

He couldn't grasp it; even if Rory and River died, he couldn't see himself and Amy being together, and even if they were, why would they give their child the same name as her own sister? And the chances of him meeting another Pond were pretty slim so she had to be related to Amy. It made no sense.

Amy was the quickest to understand.
"I'm not your mother, am I?"
"Of course you're her mother- she calls you 'mama'" Rory protested
"Do you really think she's ever going to let anyone call her 'grandma'?" Melody asked with a grin. Rory had to admit that she had a point.
"Your mother is River?" Rory asked. Melody just grinned at him and nodded.

"So why are you called Melody?" the Doctor asked. Melody rolled her eyes and directed her answer to Amy. Clearly she wasn't speaking to him just yet.
"You picked my name, Mama. You said that you wanted to see a girl grow into a woman who kept the name you chose."
"And so you should. I think it's a beautiful name."
"So do I Mama, I love it." Melody grinned. "It's better than 'Jim'"

"Jim?" the Doctor dared to ask.
Melody rolled her eyes again. She had said so much now, she supposed one more thing wouldn't hurt...
"My brother. Jim the Fish."
"I named my son 'Jim the Fish'?
"No, you called him Jim, the fish part came later."
"I'm not going to ask."
"Good, because even if you did I wouldn't be allowed to answer. Can we get back to the TARDIS before I say something that really causes problems?"

The Doctor looked at her, slightly confused. She waved her broken gadget at him; it was still smoking slightly. "You broke my transporter coil and scared me for life, the least you can do is give me a lift home."

It was starting to dawn on him. She was his daughter. His daughter. He had a daughter. And he had kissed her. He had properly kissed her. Not to mention the thoughts he had about her skirt and her bra… he archived those thoughts in the back of his mind, essentially deleting them from existence.

"Daughter. Home. Right, yes."

For once he really didn't know what to say, so he wordlessly spun around and wandered in the direction of the TARDIS, hoping the others would follow his silent example.

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