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Chapter 1: The Legend Revives

Naruto had pulled a semi-decent prank. He was on the run from the ANBU. He managed to get into the forest as he tried to shake them. He knew the forest better than anyone. He then landed on the ground, about to run some more. He fell into a pitfall. The ANBU stopped when they heard him scream. They went to that point, but found nothing. The pitfall was gone.

-With Naruto-

Naruto had fallen unconscious. While he was out of it he had the weirdest dream ever.

He saw what looked like people with armor and wings. They had weapons of all kinds, and some were riding dragons. He realized he was floating in the air. He thought nothing of it, though. He was too occupied with the battle going on nearby. One of the arrows from a certain brunette had missed her target and hit Naruto.

Before he could dodge, the arrow went straight through him. He wasn't even harmed. The scene changed. Before him was what seemed to be a somewhat tan dragon. Naruto thought, 'What the? This thing was fighting in that battle I just saw.'

"I am the Jade Dragon. What you just saw was the last war of the dragons, about 15,000 years ago. The Dragoons are the ones with wings, while they command the dragons, such as me. I have decided to embark on your journey alongside you. I will give you advice from time to time, Naruto Uzumaki."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know more than just your name. I know you are also the host of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Guardian of the forests. This explains the pain I see in your eyes. You were treated as if you were the fox itself. You are not the fox, nor will you ever become the fox without use of your jutsu. There is only one thing left I must do."

"What would that be?" The Jade Dragon walked up to him. "I must seal myself into you. Through me, you will be able to not only summon dragons, but also take on my form. Over time, you will meet new dragons, and they will seal themselves as I am about to do. Any children you have will automatically be able to use our abilities, just as you will be able to."

"Ok, then how do I go into your form?"

"Emotion. When you show enough emotion you will automatically transform into my form. The cross form, the form of the Dragoon. This will not be an issue. You will be able to transform into a dragoon by giving off a slight yell. Which one you transform into, depends on the ones have been sealed, and what emotion you are feeling. For now, I am it. I will be alongside the Kyuubi. You will be able to talk to us both after a while. I can give you advice, and train you to use the Dragoon form. The weapon of choice is usually spear for the Jade Dragoon. When you wake, you will find a mark on your arm. When that mark glows for the first time, you might want to expect a little pain coming from it. There will also be a chest nearby. That chest will have a book with the names of the other Dragoons out there, and which ones can be used. There will also be another book in there on the Dragon Wars."

"How will I know how each one fights? When will the others come?"

"It will be in the book. As for when they shall come, I don't know myself. They will come in visions, or dreams. Also, the seal with the Kyuubi will be removed, and he will be allowed some freedom in your mind. You will be able to summon him, and he will actually listen to you. He may not like it, so you should only do so against other Jinchuuriki, or similar beings."

"Got it." Naruto said.

"One more thing. I said every child you have will be able to do this, however they will only gain the mark and the ability when they turn 5 years of age. It will surely be painful for them, but it will be well worth it."

"Ok, that was weird. I got you, Jade Dragon. When will I be able to speak with you again?"

"A few days from now, I will pull you into your mindscape when you sleep. That will be the next time. Farewell, Naruto Uzumaki." The Jade Dragon started to dissolve into Jade colored wisps. They all went to circle around his right arm. The next thing Naruto knows is pain. It was only there for a few seconds, but it still hurt like hell.

His vision blacked out. He found himself in a cave. He check the arm the wisps flew around in his dream. Sure enough, there was a mark there. He didn't feel anything. No pain, no nothing. He thought of the villagers beating him up to test something out. The mark started to glow. The glow turned into a bright light.

Naruto felt wind circle around him. When the wind died down, the shine retreated, and the mark was glowing the same color of the Jade Dragon. He had become the Jade Dragoon. Complete with wings.

He spotted the chest the dragon mentioned earlier. He placed his hand on it, and a few seals started glowing. "The hell?" The seals then broke apart. The chest opened up, revealing 2 books, and a scroll. The scroll had Uzumaki on it. One of the books said Legend of the Dragoon, while the other said, The Last Dragoon force.

"Looks like I have some reading to do." Naruto said, as he transformed back into his normal state. Something came to his mind. "Why don't I use that? I don't want others to know I have this just yet." Naruto made a few handsigns and placed his left hand on the chest, with the 2 books and the scroll in it. The chest went poof, and a mark appeared on his left hand. "Wow, that actually worked."

He started walking toward the exit. He found out that a few hours had passed, since night had fallen. 'Looks like I should get home.' He thought, as he started jumping through the trees.


The ANBU were still wondering what happened to him, and were looking for him. They didn't realize he ended up at the opposite end of the Village, since he had gotten home untouched by them. The Hokage had seen that Naruto was back home, so he called the ANBU back to him.

When the ANBU returned, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage, started talking. "Naruto Uzumaki is back at his home. Explain why he managed to elude 3 ANBU that were hot on his tail, by falling into a pitfall."

The ANBU had seen no evidence of a Pitfall trap in the area that had been covered up again. "Any evidence regarding Pitfall traps were gone. When we heard him scream, he probably fell into it. After that, we don't know where he went. As for what happened after that, we continued searching for him until you called us." A female, with a cat mask on, said. The Hokage sighed at this.

"Why I do this for one kid? He gets on my nerves more than my own grandson."

The ANBU stayed silent, knowing he was talking to himself. "I guess it can't be helped. Watch over his apartment. When he is about to leave, bring him here. I would like to speak with him."

"Sir!" All 3 ANBU went out with a Shunshin. "That kid found something. I just know it. I want to know what it is myself."

-The next morning-

Naruto was met with the ANBU that were chasing him the day before. He tensed up. He knew he was caught. "Relax, Naruto. We are not here to hurt you. The Hokage wishes to speak with you about your disappearance." One of the ANBU said. This one had a tiger mask on. Naruto gulped and then nodded.

They went off in a group. Naruto found himself going faster than he ever has. He then realized he could feel the Chakra in his feet. He decided to try something else out. He jumped onto the wall of a building, and continued running after sticking for 3 seconds. He was still on the wall. The ANBU was surprised at how he could do all of this, when he couldn't do any of it the day before.

Naruto had jumped from building to building, using the walls only, and only using his feet to cling to them. (A/N: Guess the Jade Dragoon had some immediate effects, didn't he?) He landed in front of the Hokage's office building. He went inside slowly, the chakra flowing through his feet gone. He had already reached the Hokage's office when the ANBU reached the building itself.

"You managed to outrun them twice in 24 hours? This is a surprise, indeed. How did you do it?" the Hokage asked Naruto.

"Well, yesterday I fell into a hole. Next thing I know, I'm in a cave one the other side of the village. Night had already came. I decided to go home, thinking the ANBU had forgotten about me. I thought I was lucky when I got home without a single ANBU me. I didn't hear anything, even my own footsteps. I found out why this morning. As I was coming here, I sensed Chakra flowing through my feet. I didn't hear the footsteps, even when I landed on the wall of a building. I realized that the Chakra not only let me stick to the walls, it also silenced my footsteps." The old man raised an eyebrow.

"Climbing walls is one thing. Silencing your footsteps is something even Jounin have problems doing. Combining them both together... That's an interesting concept."

"Tell me about it. It came to me as I realized I was also faster than usual. I didn't know how this all came about, and I still don't know." Naruto said, as the ANBU had made it in through the door.

"Ah, you finally made it here. Did you catch the scent of Chakra as Naruto here out ran you here?"

The cat masked ANBU spoke. "Not yesterday. I managed to sense it, wondering how he was using it so easily today, when he couldn't do so yesterday."

The tiger masked ANBU spoke up next. "In addition, I managed to catch something else that might intrigue you. The wind wasn't hitting him dead on. Instead, it was moving around him. It was as if the wind was moving aside for him to pass. He had lost the wind resistance this morning, while he had faced it yesterday. What happened between then and now, I have no idea."

The Hokage nodded. "I was told the story. At least what happened on his end."

"I did have a weird dream last night. I saw what looked to be warriors in armor, with wings. Also, what seemed to be dragons were fighting alongside them." He told them about the battle. He left out the bit with the Jade Dragon. He didn't want them knowing about that just yet.

"After all that, I woke up in a cave. I went home, tired, yet I was going pretty fast. I passed out a lot faster than I thought I would, though. I got to my bed and fell in. That was it. I woke up, did the usual and went outside, finding the ANBU there." Naruto finished. The Hokage felt he was hiding something. He didn't call him on it, though. That dream seemed familiar, though.

"Do you know the name of the battle you saw? It sounds familiar." Naruto shrugged. "I think I heard something about Dragons, but that was about it. Or was it Dragoons? I can't remember. Anyway, something tells me that one of those words has something to do with the battle."

The 3rd Hokage knew what this meant, or at least part of it. Some things were missing though. "I see you've been holding out on me. A lot of information is coming to my mind, none of it good. I can see destruction. Of what, I am not sure. The area you described was a temple that was floating. I have only heard about it in a legend. I didn't take it to heart, but the name it was known as Legend of the Dragoon. It told of a battle with humans and Dragons fighting together, to defend a sky-high temple. What that meant, no one knows. It was supposed to have happened several millenia ago. It is said the legend had returned about 4,000 years ago, but no one has heard of them since. Only stories have been told, and this is from the events 4,000 years ago. Those stories have long been forgotten. A select few have found a book entitled Legend of the Dragoon. This book contained the adventures 4,000 years ago. I remember the one the one that used wind was a guy named Lavitz, but that was it. Nothing else comes to mind there."

"Okay, what does this mean?" Naruto was truly confused, but on the inside he was saying 'Don't spoil it for me! I haven't even read the thing yet!' One of the ANBU had found the thought, and the reason behind it. "Lord Hokage, he seems to have found the book you mentioned. He hasn't begun reading it, though." This ANBU was wearing a phoenix mask.

Naruto thought the guy was reading his mind. "I have been hiding things, yes. I do have the book and have yet to start reading it. However, there are many things I don't know yet, it would be better I if knew them first, and be prepared for an onslaught of questions. For now, though, I think this should stay between us." Naruto said all this, and everyone else in the room nodded.

"I will expect answers one day, Naruto Uzumaki."

"And you'll get them when I know everything I can."

"You are all dismissed." Naruto was surrounded in a whirlwind and disappeared. The ANBU just shunshin'ed out. The Hokage was surprised at Naruto's exit. 'He seems to be learning fast.'

-With Naruto-

Naruto got back to his apartment, and locked the door. He unsealed the chest, and read the scroll first. It had a letter that was addressed to him.

Dear Naruto,

My name is Kushina Uzumaki, and I am, or was, your mother. I am sorry I wasn't there to help you all your life, but certain things made it impossible for me to be there. I had died the day you were born, as did your father. I would imagine that you revere him whether you knew he was your father or not.

I have some important information regarding our clan. The Uzumaki clan was once a powerful clan in the Land of Whirlpools. We were known for our fiery temper, and mastery with swords and our fists. We could use almost any weapon out there, and not many could match us. You will find a seal on this scroll, as well. It contains a convertible weapon, that can become a spear, an axe, a hammer, and a rapier. In another seal, you will find gloves with a mark on it. That mark is the Uzumaki clan's secret seal. They hold the legendary Masamune.

Masamune has a history that few care about, but those who know would avoid it, whenever possible. Only an Uzumaki has used it without feeling negative side effects so far.

In regards to our fighting style, we use Fire element Chakra in our palms, enhancing our blows. Those that could use lightning could use that instead of Fire element Chakra.

One more Jutsu we could use is known as the Point-to-point connection. We send our chakra as a pulse to find a certain person, or being. It travels through solid objects only, but we imagine if it were possible, we could use it through the air using wind based Chakra. We can also use it to scan an area for enemies, targets, and allies. No handsigns are required and it won't be detected by a sensory type. If one is an impostor, whether they have the same Chakra or not, you will be able to tell right away through a warning signal it will give you. It will be a great asset one day, and I hope you use it to your advantage. None have been able to use it in battle, but if you could do so, you would be able to find out what your opponent is about to do, before they do it.

Study hard, eat right. Don't blow a gasket on the Uchiha clan. It won't end well. It never does, and I know this from experience.

One more thing: Your father's name is Minato Namikaze. He was the 4th Hokage when he died. He died a Hero, wanting you to be seen as a hero. You hold within you a great power. The power of the Guardian of the Forest. The Prankster. The Kyuubi no Kitsune. If you intentionally release the seal keeping him there, he will be free to attack anyone. There are ways to get around it, but what they are, no one knows.

I only hope you can find a way to remove it without dying. It will respond to your rage, and being an Uzumaki isn't really a good thing in your case. Nor was it in mine, but at least I could control my anger to an extent. I'm not sure whether or not you can, but try to make sure you don't lose it. Oh yeah, you will easily be immune to the Mind-Transfer Jutsu of the Yamanaka Clan. This is due to the fact you have the Kyuubi inside of you. You are not the Kyuubi itself. Anyone who tells you otherwise, send them a glare similar to what I drew below this letter.

Good luck, and I love you.

Your mother,

Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto had been reading the letter, and tears started to well up. He was forcing himself to stay calm. He didn't want to transform now. It wouldn't help him one bit. He decided to look at the picture below the letter before he lost it.

It scared the crap out of him. At least it got his emotions under control. That was a plus. He rolled up the scroll, and brought out the book the old man mentioned earlier.

He started reading it for hours. Practicing the glare while he was reading it. He was reading it, and it seemed so interesting. He absorbed every detail. He got so into the book, he realized he didn't eat lunch or dinner. It was 9:02 PM at the point he took notice of anything else. This was because his stomach growled at him. He decided to eat, take a shower and get some rest.

-Naruto's dream-

He was in what seemed to be a flower garden. There was no sun, but it was bright as day. Not a cloud in sight, either.

"Welcome, Naruto." Said blonde looked towards the voice he recognized.

"Is there a name I can call you by? One that isn't Jade Dragon? That would make things easier for me."

The dragon changed form into what seemed like a guy that used the Jade Dragoon before him. Albert, King of Basil. He matched the description almost flawlessly. "You can call me Albert, if you like. That is the name of the last one to merge with me, and this is the form he last used me with. Also, there is someone here you should meet. Come on out, Kyuubi."

A fox with 9 tails popped in, out of nowhere. "I must thank you. That prison was cramped. I like this place much more. Much more natural, and peaceful." Naruto stood there in shock. He wasn't scared. In fact, he was somewhat glad. That was what shocked him.

"If you don't mind my asking, why did you attack the village? I already heard that you were the Guardian of the Forests. It wouldn't make sense that you attacked the Village in your territory." Naruto asked.

"I was being controlled by one with a powerful Sharingan. His name is Uchiha Madara, and is rumored to be dead. Apparently, he didn't die. Now, he is at least semi-immortal."


"He cannot die, be he can be killed. If that makes any sense, let me know. This is all I can find out."

"I think it means he won't die from a disease or by aging. He isn't invincible, so he can be murdered, if he got caught. Age and experience will be a problem, if someone goes up against him."

"Naruto, I believe I came to tell you something. I brought you here to let you know a few things. You should have found a scroll from your mother in the chest. It had a letter for you, did you read it?"

"Yea. That's why I wasn't scared of the fox when he popped out. My mother wasn't scared of the guy, so why should I?" Naruto said.

"Point taken. If one had the chance, they would try to kidnap you. Or worse, force the CRA on you. It would not be a good idea, to let others know who you are. Even more important, who your parents are. They are both respected and hated around the elemental nations. If anyone found out that you were their son, you would be attacked without fail. What your mother would think is the worst happens to be the CRA. The CRA, or Clan Restoration Act, would force you to have multiple wives, with powerful clans. She doesn't want you to become a pervert like your father's sensei. Speaking of your father, I found him when I was redoing the seal he placed."

"You did? Did he have anything to say to me?"

"Yes, and then No. He was wondering why I was messing with the seal. I told him what was going on. He understands everything, and will support you in your decision. Your father told me me he was considered a badass by a lot of the villagers. Your mother was the Jinchuuriki of the same Kyuubi you see here now."

"I remember Kushina. She happens to be one of the most stubborn and thickheaded people I have ever known. She was good to me, and compassionate to others. She even has a secret area out in the forest. Minato proposed to her there. 2 years later, she was giving birth, and she died shortly afterwards, due to me being removed. I hate Madara."

"Come to think of it, she said not the blow a gasket at the Uchiha clan. You think that's why?"

"Could be. More likely than not, though, it's because of one of the Uchiha currently in the village. He tried to force your mother away from Minato. The guy is bad news, and you don't want to get involved in someone else's fight that ended before you were born. Kushina made that mistake many times. Don't make that mistake yourself."

"Ok, then. Don't hate the Uchiha for what they did to mom, or you?"

"No. If you go after them, it is because they did something to you. No because of what happened to your mother all those years ago. Not because of what Madara did to me. Madara isn't even considered an Uchiha anymore. He is thought to be dead. The events on the night of your birth prove that wrong. He is still very much alive."

"Looks like morning is coming. Better get ready. You have to go to the academy, remember?" Albert said. (A/N: Yes, I'll be using that name as well. Why do you think I had Naruto ask him that?)

"Yeah, I remember. At least I sealed the chest back into my hand. I'll be taking the book separately though. The gloves and rod will come in handy while training, as well. Later guys."


"Until next time."

-with Naruto-

Naruto woke up with a smile. He knew what everything meant. Besides, the Graduation exam ends today with the Jutsu portion.

"I just hope the technique required isn't clones. I suck at those."

"Don't worry about that. Your control has increased exponentially since you had absorbed Albert."

"Whoa, I can actually hear you? Nice. Does that mean I might actually pass?"

"There's a much better chance. However, I think a better version of clones is more your speed. I'll send you the sequence via this link made between us."

"Alright!" Naruto saw a single handsign. "So this is it? One sign?"

"Yes. Make double what they ask for. Don't go higher than 20 of them for the exam though. It won't help you out much."

"Got it."

Naruto left his house, locked the door, and headed straight to the academy. His speed had increased, due to the wind moving aside for him. Probably Albert's doing, but he didn't mind. It helped him out. He got to the academy and made it to the classroom, entering via the window. He knew the classroom was correct because Iruka-sensei was there. "Hey, Iruka-sensei. How you doing?"

The scarred Chuunin looked up and found Naruto. "Naruto! Your early! Why'd you come so early?"

"Actually, I left at the same time I usually do. I just got a lot faster. And I've been working on a new Jutsu. If the Jutsu portion is clones, you won't recognize the handsign from the class. That's the only hint I'll give you on it." Naruto said. 'Thank you, Kyuubi.'

"Don't mention it, kid."

-later that day-

They had been calling out names for the test. The jutsu would be told to them when it came to their turn. "Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto got up and went into the other room.

"Alright Naruto. The test is to make 2 clones." Mizuki, the other instructor said.

"Oddly, enough you told me about a new Jutsu you were working on, that you'd show if it were clones. Truthfully, I wonder how you've gotten with the new jutsu myself, even what it is." Iruka said.

Naruto nodded, and made the handsign. Neither of the Chuunin recognized it, period. Naruto then said, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Soon enough, Naruto had made 8 Shadow clones. All of which, were solid. They weren't illusions. "Looks like I did it right."

"Sure does. You did good. Maybe you aren't dead last, after all."

"Drop it. I'm not considering myself dead last, any longer."

"And for good reason. Look at their expressions." Naruto saw the expressions on both Iruka and Mizuki. Neither of them was expecting this.

Mizuki got up and went to shake the hand of one of the clones. "How do you like my grip?"

Mizuki's hand started hurting. "Damn, you got quite the vice grip." He sounded like it was hard to get it out. Naruto's clone let go of Mizuki's hand.

"Well, Naruto. That was impressive. These clones aren't illusions. They're solid. How did you come by something like this?"

"Kyuubi, any ideas?"

"Just say the thought came to you a few weeks ago. You found a book and saw it. I put a book on specialty handsigns in the chest. You could show it to him."

"Well, a few weeks ago I did find a book on specialty handsigns. The book showed it to me, and oddly enough, I'm a natural with the Shadow Clones. I could probably make 100 with ease." Naruto said, catching them both off guard. He dispelled all of them. "Well, Naruto: You pass. With top scores here."

Naruto nodded and went back to the classroom.

"I wonder how he managed to do that..." Iruka asked himself.

After everyone was done taking the exam, Iruka and Mizuki came back in. They gave off the names, Naruto Uzumaki being the one that raised more eyebrows than squeals when the Uchiha kid got called. "Anyone who had their name called will be here on Monday. And bring your headband, which you will be getting out the door."

Everyone nodded. Naruto reached the door, and didn't pay much attention. He grabbed the headband, and walked out ignoring any questions he was asked. He walked by Hinata Hyuuga and sensed something strange. He found her nervous that he was just passing by. 'I wonder why that is...'

"She probably likes you. Can't guarantee it though. Why don't you ask?"

"That would seem a little strange. And do you have to answer all of my thoughts?"

"Probably not. I just do so. It's funny, watching you get annoyed."

"Well, I'm not happy for being entertainment, but I do appreciate you giving me answers to simple shit like this."

The Kyuubi found out what he meant and shut up. Then Naruto went back to Hinata. "Hey, Hinata. You wanna take a walk with me?" Hinata looked at him and blushed. Her thoughts were making her light-headed. "Don't pass out on me. Please, do not pass out. I wanted to ask you a few questions, and this seemed like the time to do so."

Hinata managed to catch what he said, and tried to steel her nerves. It wasn't helping much, but it was better. "O-ok. N-Naruto." She managed to get out.

'She's nervous, as hell. Not a word on this, Kyuubi.'


They walked along and Hinata's nervousness went down. She was still blushing. Someone came up to them holding a knife. He was looking at Naruto like he was going to kill him. Naruto gave the guy the Uzumaki scowl. He backed up. Obviously, he was scared. What he saw and what Naruto intended are 2 different things. Naruto just went for the scowl.

What the guy saw: A red haired shinobi wearing a Phoenix ANBU mask. The sword the person carried looked like the legendary Masamune. He knew that look. That person. She was dead, but she was right in front of him. He ran off.

"Any idea what he saw? Cause I sure as hell don't."

"Your mother in her ANBU outfit. How he got that from the scowl, I don't want to know."

"Okay, then, I won't tell you my guess on the subject."

"Why did he run? What was so bad?" Hinata was confused at what just happened. "Uzumaki Scowl. You could say I learned it from my mother... who's dead now." Hinata looked down.

"Don't worry, Hinata. I don't really mind. I just wish she were here now. Let's keep going." Hinata nodded at his suggestion.

They made it to the training ground Naruto was leading them to. "Training ground 6. I used to come here often. I had to increase my efforts, in order to pass the graduation exams. Still, that's not why I came here."

"Then why?"

"I feel calmer here some reason, and its always the best spot to look at the stars. Especially when sunset hits, like it's about to." Hinata stiffened at that. They surely hadn't been walking that long. "Come on, I'll so you the best spot in the house."

Naruto and Hinata went over to 3 stumps coming out of the ground and faced towards the village. "Isn't the sunset the other way?" Hinata asked.

"It is. That's not what we're waiting for. Just look over there for now. First star should be coming out, in about 10 seconds." Naruto said. Right on schedule, a star started shining. 3 minutes later, the sky was filled with stars. Naruto just started gazing. His mind was blank, but he could tell Hinata was still in the area.

"I take it you like the view?" He asked her. She nodded. She couldn't take her eyes off the sky. "This is what I wanted to show you. It's always this good, if not, better. This is also the best spot for a meteor shower. Always a good spot for watching things go by. Hinata do you actually like me?"

Hinata looked at Naruto, wondering why he asked the question. "Y-yes."

"Well then. I'm glad. The nervousness was a little strange. It would make others think you were weak. I don't really think so. You have a lot of potential. That I can guarantee." Naruto said. Hinata blushed at that. "The only thing holding you back happens to be your nervousness. Find out what causes that, put it aside, and you can do better than you ever thought."

Hinata blinked at that. "What do you mean?"

"If I'm right, you're highly nervous around me. That's probably because you like me. You have to find a way around the nervousness. Shyness is the same thing. It's a good thing to have a mask sometimes, but the wrong type of mask can cause other people to laugh at you, or even hate you. I've been through both. I looked past it. I didn't even look at it after a while." Hinata's eyes went wide.

"How did you manage that?" Hinata was curious.

"Well, I couldn't just ignore it. I just had to prove them wrong. The determination to do that helped me out. I looked past them knowing they were in my way. When I couldn't ignore it, I had to go back, or around. More often than not I found a few hiding spots. I kept them in my head in case I needed them." Naruto felt something coming up to them. "Looks like we have company." He said looking behind them. "I take it this one's for you. I'm gonna split. Later." Naruto went away with the wind, Hinata looking at where he was at before realizing he was gone and looked forward, somewhat sad.

"Hinata, what are you doing out here this late? You know you're supposed to be back at the house long before now." The guy asked.

"I was looking at the stars. I was told they looked beautiful right after sunset. They were right." Hinata actually had stars in her eyes. She looked so happy. She felt happy, even if Naruto wasn't there anymore. "I guess I got so caught up in the view I forgot about the time." She got up and turned to the one that was there.

"Well, let's get going. Something tells me you were out here with someone. You do realize I'll find out who it was." The guy said, obviously her father.

"I know, dad. Things aren't always as they seem, are they?" Hinata said, wondering about what Naruto told her.

This caught her father off-guard. 'Hinata saying something like that? Never thought I'd see the day.' "More often than not, yes. Just don't tell anyone I said that. It would cause problems."

Hinata nodded. "I know. It's just something that came to me."

-The next day, Hyuuga mansion-

Hinata was up, bright and early. She was wanting to head out that day, so she got ready. At breakfast she told her father she was going out there for some personal training. "I'll be at the same spot you found me last night, or around that area."

"Good luck. Hinata, don't get distracted." Hiashi said.

"I'm not sure about that, but thanks anyway." Hinata said as she left.

"Neji watch out for anyone coming near her. Especially males. If her attitude changes, let me know who it is, what they're doing, and anything else you can find on him." Hiashi said.

"Yes sir." Neji was miffed. He may not have a mission today, but he still has to work. His payment is his life, due to the mark underneath his headband. Neji left almost immediately. He kept a close eye on her the entire time.

-Training field 6-

Naruto was training himself with the sword his mother left him. 'Not good enough. I'm not being flexible enough.'

"Relax all muscles. Let your body do the work, not your mind. When you think too much, you mess it up. Let your body do everything."

It was worth a shot. Oddly enough, it worked. The blade flowed like a river. Highly smooth, and perfectly balanced. Someone came up to him while he was practicing. It was Hinata. Before he even looked at her, he finished swinging the blade. "Hey, Hinata. Glad you could come by." He turned around after he said her name.

"Hey, Naruto. I didn't know you used a sword. It doesn't seem like you, but the sword seems like it's a part of you." Hinata said.

"Yeah, well that's I'm going for. I'm not actually that good with it just yet. Actually, I have a question. How good are you at the Gentle fist?"

"Not that good. Why?" Hinata replied.

"I think we could do something about that. If you apply what I'm about to tell you, you should be able to get better at it. I could also practice my own at the same time." Hinata nodded.

Naruto gave her a few pointers. "First, a clear mind will be needed for this to work. Your nervousness is at an all time low. That's going to help out. Second, reacting will only keep you on the defensive. However, keeping an eye on your opponents movements while you defend, lets you see the mistakes they'll make, or already have made. Finally, act on instinct. When your opponent sees that your just defending, or trying to avoid getting hit, they'll get a lot more aggressive. That will make more openings than before, and you will be able to get a good hit in. With the Gentle fist, a light tap is all you really need. As long as you can get into their chest, you will be able to win easily."

Hinata nodded at this. Trying to memorize all of this. "Remember, when you have to get in close, you need to be able to react quickly. Ready?" Hinata nodded, and got into the Gentle Fist stance. Naruto got into a stance that few recognized.


Neji was using the Byakugan to watch what was going on. He saw Hinata and Naruto go into similar stances, but Naruto's stance left few holes in it. Any holes in his stance can easily be covered up with a quick dodge.

-back at the training field-


Hinata went after Naruto first. He dodged. It was a close call. 'Her speed is incredible!' he had to dodge often, but came close to finding a few openings that closed almost immediately. 'I guess I'll have to use that.' Naruto sent a pulse of chakra into the ground. It linked with Hinata's body frame.

Hinata was getting farther away from hitting him. His speed kept up, and so did hers. Neji was still watching with interest. He hadn't told Hiashi about this fight yet. He wanted to see how it would turn out first.

Neither of them were hitting the other. Naruto managed to get in a light hit as Hinata made a mistake, but she managed to not get hurt that much. She found that her speed went down a bit. It was in the area that he got close to. 'Not good. When he connects he paralyzes the opponent in that area. Looks like I have to be more careful.'

Naruto and Hinata were both getting tired after about 15 minutes. They decided to stop and take a break. They sat down at the stumps. Elsewhere, Neji went to Hiashi and told him what he just saw.

-with Neji-

Neji had just explained the spar between Naruto and Hinata to Hiashi. "How did she manage to get like that overnight?"

"I saw that Naruto was telling her a few things before they began. My guess is, he gave her advice on the style. His style was similar to the Gentle fist. The thing is, he's not using Chakra, so it can't be Gentle fist." Hiashi nodded. "We shall both watch them when they go at it again. They are most likely taking a break."

-With Naruto-

"Say, Hinata? What causes your stress? I can tell you have a lot of it." Naruto said.

"Mainly my family. They say I am too weak. It was just like you said last night. My shyness and nervousness made them think I was extremely weak. I figure that my father is watching me right now, as well." Hinata said. Naruto sent a pulse out to find the 2 that were watching them. He noticed that they were both in the Hyuuga Compound. One was Hiashi Hyuuga. The other was Neji Hyuuga.

"Well, you father and one other is watching us right now. They're both right next to each other, as well. They're just watching us with their eyes. Why don't we give them something to watch? Show them what you're capable of?" Hinata nodded. "Remember what I said?" Another nod.

"Then let's do this." They went at it again. They knew they were being watched. They were giving a great show for the audience. 'This is good. This is really good!' Naruto was thinking.

Hinata was thinking more along the lines of, 'He's got a lot more power in those hands than most would think. One thing's for sure, anyone who goes up against this style is bound to think he's not going all out. His speed is increasing every minute.'

-Hyuuga compound-

Neji and Hiashi were watching the spar with renewed interest. They were mainly watching Hinata's progress, but her opponent was the supposed Dead Last. "I don't see how one could go from Dead Last and a fool, all the way up to a level such as this." Hiashi said.

"I see a lot more going on now than last time. He's using lightning-based strikes to slow down his opponent. It's not Chakra but those few times he hits, it slows down that particular area of her body." Neji said. Some others had joined in watching with their Byakugan. They found it almost instantly. The fight caught their attention easily. They didn't appear to realize that they were being watched.

How wrong they were.

-with Naruto and Hinata-

They got back from each other after going at it for about an hour and a half. Both of them were panting. "I knew you were good, but I didn't expect this much. It's almost more than I can handle." Naruto said.

"Thanks, Naruto-kun." Hinata was panting harder than Naruto. Still, they looked evenly matched. Both of them looked over toward the direction of the Hyuuga Compound. They waved in that very direction, letting the others know that they knew they were being watched the entire time. After waving, Naruto held up his fingers in a 'V'. "Naruto-kun, is it possible to teach me how to do that?"

"I'm not sure right now. If I find out, I'll let you know. Okay, Hinata-hime?" Hinata blushed at the way he said her name. She nodded nonetheless. "Now I'm going to take my weights off, and see what I can do about my swordplay. It still needs work." Hinata nodded and sat down next to the stumps watching her 'hopefully' boyfriend swing his sword around. His blade started glowing. He sliced straight through a tree trunk with ease. Then his arm started glowing, and he jumped back, trying to calm down. He stopped for a bit. The glow died down. He was still being watched, he knew that. He couldn't risk transforming at this junction.

Hinata was confused as he jumped back. She saw the glow, but she didn't know exactly what it meant. "Naruto-kun? What was that glow?"

He knew Hinata would have been watching. The others, though, he was hoping didn't see it. "Something I don't want getting out just yet. No one, not even the Hokage knows about the glowing mark. I'd prefer it if you keep it that way. When I feel it's safe to talk about it, you'll know. Otherwise, please keep quiet about it." Naruto walked back over to the stumps, and sat down next to Hinata. "I would tell you now, but the ones watching us will know about it. I don't want that happening just yet. No one must know about it, got it?"

Hinata nodded. She was thoroughly tired from their sparring. She was staying awake because Naruto was there, but that was it. If he left suddenly, she would probably pass out. "Naruto-kun, I think you should walk me home. I think I've reached my limit. I feel like I should've passed out a while back. I could only go on because you were here. If you leave me here, I'll probably do what my body wanted to do back then." Naruto nodded. But instead of getting up to walk her home, he got up and the moment she grabbed his hand, a whirlwind surrounded them. The next moment they were gone.

-Hyuuga compound-

Naruto and Hinata had arrived in the same spot right next to the crowd. Some who wasn't using their Byakugan spotted them. "Lady Hinata! How did you get here so fast?" This servant caught the attention of all others. They looked directly at her, making her look like she was a new item. "I take it you guys can take it from here? She's very tired right now. As am I, but I can manage one more Wind Transfer. Which just so happens to be how we got out of there."

Hiashi nodded at this. "When you jumped back I noticed your arm was glowing red." Naruto stiffened at that. "Why is that? It's not some curse is it?"

Naruto shook his head. "I can't say just yet. I don't have all the information I need to determine that. It's a gift from someone that was once nice to me. Hinata, you need rest more than I do, so tomorrow you shouldn't go back to the training area. I have a feeling that you're going to need the rest soon. You should know I don't want you pushing yourself too hard. If you're going to go that far just for a show, you should rest up. You may have something to prove, but that means nothing if you get yourself killed from it."

Hinata nodded. She finally gave way to the sleep edging at her for the last 20 minutes. Naruto caught her, and his mark glowed a silver glow. This caught the others off guard. "Don't worry about it right now. It's signaling something, but I haven't figured out what each one means. Red is not good right now. That's all I can say for sure." he said as the servant was taking Hinata away. The silver glow went dull. The mark went to its normal state, and vanished. "I must be going. I guess I'll see you guys next time. And no spying on us Lord Hiashi. I know the kid next to you was the one who started out first, but I'd rather not be spied on. It's a form of stalking which I am not fond of." Naruto was surrounded be another whirlwind. The whirlwind vanished taking him with it.

"Someone should tell the Hokage what we found out." One of the other Hyuuga shunshined out of there. "This information will be useful in determining his skills. He might, just might, be worthy of her. If he can get her to come out of that ridiculous shell, I won't have any complaints." Hiashi said.

-Hokage's office-

Naruto was speaking with the Hokage about something regarding Hinata. The Hyuuga came in on them, only to find that Naruto was talking with the Hokage. Naruto said something first.

"Why are you here?"

The Hyuuga simply replied to him, "I am here on orders from Lord Hiashi. The Hokage was to know what we found out." Naruto smirked.

"He already knows. I was just now telling him what you were doing with me and Hinata. I figured that Hiashi would have sent someone to inform him of that, so I came here. In truth, I can still use chakra. I haven't told you how I knew who was watching me, and from where. He already knows how though, all I had to do is mention a certain red head. He got it instantly." The Hokage nodded at this.

"I believe you said you had one more item on your list. What would it be?" Sarutobi asked.

"A request for the teams. I'd like Hinata to be on my team. The other one I wouldn't care less. Somehow, I believe that the council will place me with the Uchiha Brooder. I wouldn't mind if Hinata Hyuuga were there. It would be a lot better if you placed her on my team for her, as well. She has a thing for me, but isn't quite sure how I feel. So in all respect, I would like her to be placed on my team, with the intention that I will help her in any way I can. She easily feels stressed around her family. It will take some time, but I might be able to help her out of that situation, as well."

"Actually, Lord Hiashi had one more thing to say, but he was going to say it tomorrow morning. He didn't tell me what it was, either. My guess is what he wants to talk to you about something that involves Hinata Hyuuga." The Hyuuga messenger said.

"You might want to tell him what I just told the Old man. If it has anything to do with that, he shouldn't bother coming. If it's exactly what he wants to say, tell him to come to Training Field 7 tomorrow at noon, instead of here. I'll be training there, but he is the only one to come. No servants, no back up. No one is to watch from a distance, either. Make sure this is known by everyone in the Hyuuga clan."

The Hyuuga messenger nodded and left. "Remember, what I said. If Hiashi doesn't come in tomorrow, then that means he agreed with my request. The council wouldn't bother going against the Hyuuga Council. The fighting style I used is still experimental. Hinata knows it, but the other Hyuuga don't. I'd like to keep it that way."

"Is that all you have to say at this point?" Naruto shook his head. He pulled out a book and handed it to the Hokage.

"I managed to finish it. I'm going through another book now, and that's what I'll be training on for the next few days. I have 5 days until teams are announced. Until then, I will be working on my fighting skills. My swordplay still needs work, and my Lightning Rogue style is still experimental. Hinata doesn't know the name of it, and I have modified it to fit my own skills, and the Uzumaki clan's fighting style. Namely, my mother's style." Hiruzen raised an eyebrow. "Don't ask how I know. When the time comes, you will know. Until then, that very book will be kept as a SS-class secret, known only to you and me. It's a lot better for the others to think Dragoons are only a legend."

The Hokage nodded. "Very well. If that is all, then please be on your way." Naruto nodded and went to Ichiraku's ramen shop. "Ah, Naruto! Where ya been?"

"Sorry, Ichi. I've been a little busy. That last prank I played was a killer for a lot of people. Myself included." Naruto said. "I guess the usual is fine."

"Alright, 3 miso and 2 pork, coming up!" Naruto was hungry, but he didn't have to wait long. He never did. "So, I hear you found someone that you like. Care to share?"

"Sorry, not really up for it. I've been busy trying to break some of her bad habits. One of them is almost completely gone, while I've started on another one. She's highly stressed out because of her family." Naruto told the old man.

"Gotcha. Here ya go!" the old man said handing Naruto his bowls of ramen. "By the way, I heard that a girl in the Hyuuga family has changed immensely. I didn't catch her name, but if you ask around you'd be able to find out easily. It's been the talk of the town today. I heard she was shy as hell a few days ago. Now she's really outspoken. She's nowhere near as shy, almost as if it was gone. No one knows if someone helped her, or not."

Naruto stopped eating his 3rd ramen bowl about halfway, just to grin. Ichiraku knew that grin. It showed he actually knew what was being said, and knew more than anyone else. "You mean... It was you?"

Naruto's grin got even wider. "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! You've actually been helping someone else out? And it's a girl?" Naruto nodded, his grin never leaving his face. "Her name's Hinata Hyuuga. She's the heir to the Hyuuga Main Branch. She's not like the others in the clan either. She doesn't have the superiority stick up her ass, like the rest of them do. For that reason, she's one I'd actually like from that clan. If she comes by today, make sure not to tell her that I told you. She doesn't want anyone outside of her family knowing I've been helping her right now. I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact, it would be better if the other villagers don't know I've been helping her."

-The next day-

It was noon, and Naruto was training with his sword. He is currently able to swing the blade fast enough that his arm doesn't even seem to move and he slices up a tree into at least 25 pieces. 'My control with that technique is getting better. I have to use chakra in my arm to make it go fast enough, but doing so makes it harder to channel chakra into the blade itself.'

Hiashi was walking up to the area. Naruto noticed this, and checked the surrounding area. Then he check the area around the Hyuuga Compound. None of them had the Byakugan active. A couple of fights were breaking out, here and there, but that was somewhat normal there. Hiashi had made it to Naruto as he was checking the compound. "I believe you wanted to talk to me about Hinata and the selection for the teams?"

"I said that if you wanted Hinata to be on my team to come here at noon. It's a little past noon, but it's close enough. Is it safe to assume that we agree on something?" Naruto asked.

Hiashi nodded. "We do. I believe I know the reason you want her to be there. You wish to be close to her. My reasoning is different. I want her to become stronger. You have helped her in ways I couldn't. If you manage to get her out of the shell she has been in for so long, I will allow you to date her, even if you are not of a clan."

"I guess we agree on more than you thought." Naruto said.


"Hinata has a long way to go. I managed to get rid of most of her shyness. She still blushes from time to time, but that's about it. He nerves are at an all time low from what I've seen. They aren't completely cooled, but they are still low. Her stress levels is one thing I have to work on more than the others. However, I found out it's based at home. The Hyuuga clan has been working her to the bone, and she can't take that much abuse. She's a lot more frail than most think. She told me herself yesterday, that if I weren't nearby, she would have passed out long before she did. That last spar would've ended about 15-30 minutes beforehand had she crashed when her body wanted to. She said 10 minutes early, but the way she was going, I would say 15-30 minutes. Earlier if my observations are wrong and missed a few things."

"Okay, that takes care of that. You are actually concerned about her. The thing is, how much?" Hiashi asked, thinking the blonde wouldn't answer.

"I'd lay my life down for her." He said, straight to the point. Hiashi was not expecting an answer, and especially not that quick.

"That's a little hasty don't you think?"

"For what she's been put through? I don't think so. If anything, it should be faster. Nothing else could be that far into my mind. Not even with what's inside of me." Naruto said, shocking the Hyuuga.

"You know about it?" Naruto nodded. "That and more. I know of the day it happened. I even know of more than most people would think is even believable, much less true. Have you heard the Legend of the Dragoon?"


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