Ok, I wanted to do this for a while, so humans and Pokémon are the same, like Ash would be him but blonde with Pikachu's ears and tail, anyway I hope you enjoy!

Beep. Beep. Beep. 'Good Morning Ecruteak City! It's 7 in the morning and everybody's getting ready for work, so join them and get going!' the news anchor man called into his mic, awaking this story's protagonist. A 13 year old girl opened her brown eyes groggily.

'I should get up now,' she thought '…but is it really worth it?'

"Eve!" Eve's mother shouted from downstairs "if you don't get up now, I'll have to come up and get you!"

'It's worth it.' Eve lifted herself out of bed, her brown ears perking as she yawned and her foxy tail stiffening. She shucked of her Cascade badge pattern duvet and jumped up, walked into the ensuite bathroom, turned on the shower, stripped and jumped in. The warm water washed over her body, fully waking her up. She stepped out and grabbed a soft, yellow towel and wrapped it around her body. She walked into the bedroom and started rummaging through her wardrobe. She decided on a pink t, which read 'Gotta catch all 'em boys!' and her light blue 'Squirtle-Squad' designer jeans.

"Eve!" Eve's mother called again "you have 60 seconds to get your tail down here!"

"Be right there!" She called back, fiddling with a hair band in her panic.

'Grrr, damn hairband! Oh, screw it; I'll just wear it long today!' Eve threw the hairband onto the bed, grabbed her bag from by the door and soared down the stairway, into the kitchen.

"Morning," Eve breathed, inhaling the smell of hot sausages.

"Morning sweetheart," Alan, Eve's farther, a man with light blue hair, crystalline blue eyes, long floppy ears - shaped like icicles- and a tail to match, wearing a white shirt, black trousers and a tie with a bubble pattern. If you still haven't guessed, Alan is a male Glaceon.

"You're just in time," Eve's mother, Sara, said, setting a plate of sausages and 2 fried eggs. Sara had deep blue hair, cerulean eyes, tan skin, fin-like ears on the sides of her head and mermaid tail slipping out of her classic style poke-dot dress, if you didn't know she was a Vaporeon, you obviously don't know Pokémon. Eve checked her watch: 7:15. 10 minutes. Eve shovelled the sausage and eggs into her mouth.

"Shovvy, got choo match jza bush (Sorry, got to catch the bus)," She said and ran out of the kitchen, grabbed her bag and ran out the door.

Alan and Sara stood looking at the doorway which there 15 year old, primary evolution, daughter just ran through.

"She won't evolve as easily as us you know," Alan said "no matter how much you feed her." Sara sighed.

I know," Sara responded "you trained in Ice Cave and I used a Water stone."

"I think Eve will be different, she doesn't seem like a water, fire or electric type…" Alan commented.

"She certainly not a dark, grass or ice type…" Eve added.

"That leaves psychic, but…" Alan started.

"But, both psychic and dark require something that is still unknown." Sara concluded.

"My Grandfather found the way…"

"So did my grandmother."

"Still, it's not our place to decide her evolution." Alan

"You're right, well time to clean up," Sara breathed.

"Time for work," Alan stood up to tighten his tie "Love you honey."

"Love you." Sealed with a kiss.

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