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It took a whole year for things to calm down around the whole Arceus incident, but people still talked about what happened and what they did.

Sangii and Jeremy ended up dating, and although they had the odd fight, they were happy (75% of the time).

Rita and Hearts also ended up having a very good (physical) relationship.

Oscar and Jacob had the most dream-like relationship, having never fought and remain deep in love to this very day. (But you'll never guess, Oscar's parents have yet to discover he's gay)

Jamie and Chris had the most comfortable relationship, despite being of opposing types it made it easier for Jamie to discharge excess electricity, that or she would just show off and not have to worry about Chris' proximity.

Ethan and Madison had possibly the cutest relationship, with constant blushing and sweet kisses (not the attack, don't worry)

And, of course, Eve and Zac had the most balanced relationship, they fought like any two people but they always ended up laughing at it and ending the argument with a kiss. A very, very good kiss.

Eve's visions only ever occurred when she wanted them to, being able to use Future Sight came in handy.

Ethan still remained in contact with Mirage over telepathy.

Elyon managed to attain a much more normal sleeping schedule, though she still slept like a dream baby, she always got up by the end of the week.

Eve did end up changing one vision; she prevented Jennifer from getting run over by her driver. Eve simply mouthed to him 'not yet' and walked away.

Soon enough, the day of their graduation arrived and they looked upon the place of such intense happenings fondly…


There was a ceremonial stage on a grassy field owned by the school. This is where the graduation ceremony would be held.

In front of the stage, Principal Arcane stood proudly behind his podium and gave his speech on how 'wonderful' this year had been and how 'inspiring' they are to the younger pupils and what a 'delight' it was to teach them. (It's complete Bouffalant-shit of course)

"Do you ever wake up," Jamie asked Eve "feeling like Jesus?"

Eve just stared at her friend, somewhat confused.

"Do I ever wake up…" Eve repeated "feeling like Jesus?"

"Yeah," Jamie nodded.

Eve stared at her for a moment, trying to wrap her head around what Jamie was saying.

"You know," Jamie explained "you wake up and you feel so good that it can't be real?"

"…Yeah," Eve smiled "OK. I get what you're saying, yeah I do."

Jamie smiled, she turned her attention back to the front, and Principal Arcane was about to finish his 1,000,000 yearlong speech.

"Oh my Arceus," Jamie complained "She'll be awake in time to hear the end of this speech."

Eve giggled.

"Hey guys!" Zac said running up, late.

"Well done, Mr. Scholarship," Jamie said sarcastically "you are, in fact, just in time for being late."

"I know I know," Zac sighed "my little brother got stuck in his tree house again."

"Tommy's still not happy with your new house?" Eve asked, with a small frown.

"He reconstructed his tree house, exactly as it was in our old house and now refuses to come back down," Zac explained "but he's here now, so everything's fine."

"Fine? Haven't you noticed?" Eve said "we're the only three here!"

"Are we OK?" Ethan called from the back, his fingers interlocked with Madison's.

"Yeah, barely," Eve whispered.

Ethan sighed with relief.

Eventually the rest of the year appeared.

Even Oscar who, with great passion, begged for Jacob to be allowed to come on stage with him, eventually showed up. Though everyone was against the idea, Oscar still pouted when he was denied.

Rita kept on saying she'd come in, but was always distracted by Hearts' lips.

There were such excuses as 'I woke up late' and 'last night was just SO crazy' and 'wait! Was that today?' and many others, but after all the hassle, everybody had managed to appear.

It had become apparent that Principal Arcane was intentionally stalling for the year. When the last person had arrived (namely Oscar, who refused to go on, but was eventually convinced). Principal Arcane then announced the end of his speech (at which point, half the audience returned to consciousness).

"And now, without further ado, I would like to present Class of 2015 representatives, and our current Student Body President and our current Model Student," Principal Arcane announced stepping to the side "Eve Takuyaki and Ethan Sakuya."

The Principal stepped away and sat down next to his wife. Eve and Ethan took the podium and smiled at the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Eve started

"Boy and girls," Ethan continued



"Honored guests,"

"And fellow students."

"Thank you for coming to celebrate this day with us," Eve resumed "it has been a long and terrifying journey. School, tests, studying, exams and finally learning the results have all been their own trials. We, as students, have spent the last thirteen years preparing ourselves to leave home and make our way in this crazy world and we would like to thank every single person who has helped us along the way, no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed at the time, we deeply appreciate it as it has probably helped shape us in to the Student Body President and Student Model you see before you today."

"We want to thank our parents because, obviously, without them we wouldn't be here, literally," Ethan took over "everything we've done up until this point has been so that we can stand here, in front of you all, as proud students and as an example of the great achievements that we can and have achieved. Obviously, there was the Arceus incident, but, let's face it, fight Arceus or do final exams it's a bit like Sophie's choice and we did both. We are here to tell how proud we are, but we're also here to tell you just how much we love this place and how much we're going to miss it. Nothing will ever replace either this place or the people here in my heart from now until the day I die."


After the speeches, the entire year came out on stage and was applauded. Then, they did the traditional graduation thing; they each grabbed their caps and with both gusto and excitement threw their caps into the air.

Everyone was in their little groups, sharing hugs and kisses and high fives and goodbyes. It was happy and sad. Everybody had decided where he or she was going after high school. Everybody planned to stay in touch, but secretly knew that they probably wouldn't. There were smiles and tears, sometimes both on the same face.

When everyone had left the stage, Eve had hugged Jamie and refused to let go. They swayed as the held each other tightly. Sisters always find it hard to part. When they did let go, they still remained close, not wanting to drift apart at any point.

"I know you got that sport scholarship in Viridian, but are you sure you can't take me with you?" Eve joked with tears in her eyes.

"I would if I could," Jamie said, showing genuine uncontrollable emotion for the first time "but you're busy too. You're going to Saffron."

"It's not far," Eve admitted "but it's still farther than we've ever been apart before."

Jamie nodded, acknowledging that things were changing and that they wouldn't always be together like they were before. Then they went back in for another hug, this one shorter but just as hard.

Eve pulled away slightly when someone tapped her on her shoulder. She turned her head around, still embracing Jamie, to see Zac smiling sympathetically.

"Hey," he said gently "can I get a hug too?"

Eve looked at him, back to Jamie, back to him and then to Jamie.

"Ok. Yeah. I love you and everything," she began "but, like, Jamie."

Zac chuckled, but understood. She smiled gratefully.

Then Jamie raised her head, flipped her hair and wiped the beginnings of a rogue tear away from her face. She exhaled whilst looking at Eve. She still looked like she was gonna cry, but the extremities had subsided. She then turned to Zac. She stepped forward and stood in an assertive position. She meant business.

"All right, boy, here's the deal," Jamie stated and counted the terms on her fingers "this is my girl so this is how it's gonna work; you are going to call her every night after I talk to her, you are going to make minimum monthly visits to her in Saffron, you are going to be loyal, faithful, understanding and encouraging and if I ever hear you made her cry, Arceus help you 'cuz Imma bring Zapdos, Raikou, Zekrom, Thundurus, every other electric type and the whole of Viridian- no, the entire Kanto and Johto region on you and we gonna kick yo white ass so deep in the ground Groudon ain't even gonna go down that far. Do we understand each other?"

Zac was scared, but he smiled and nodded in agreement. He knew how much those two meant to each other. Saying they were sisters was an understatement. (Saying they were lesbians was a dangerous overstatement, as Zac had found out the hard way) Eve walked up to Zac and smiled.

"You heard Jamie," she said poking him in the chest "you have to be nice to me."

"I think I can handle that much," he said. He then grabbed her by the waist and swept her off her feet in a tango position and leant down to kiss her. They were like that for a moment before separating. Eve was smiling and laughing, feeling elated.

Jamie looked at them shaking her head whilst smiling. Then she felt hands on her waist as well. She didn't need to look at him to know it was Chris. She just leant in and released a light electrical charge; she was so content she was almost purring, although not quite. Especially not loud enough for anyone to hear her do so.

"You OK with leaving?" Chris asked "I'm going to be in Pewter which isn't far from Viridian, so we'll be close. She'll be further though. Are you sure you're fine with that?"

"…Hell no," she said "but she's found her love. I found mine. We might love each other, but we've got lives to live. We'll be far apart, but whose to say we won't end up closer than ever?" She looked up at him hoping he would agree. She'd never admit it, but she was scared. Scared of losing Eve.

"You're going to be absolutely fine," he said hugging her "actually, you're going to be better. As Oscar would say, 'you're going to be fabulous!'"

Jamie laughed at Chris' impressions. When she calmed down she looked at his mask. They'd talked about it, but it was just too sacred to the Cubone species for him to remove it. But that didn't stop Jamie from lifting it up to kiss him, then and there. When she was done, she looked at him. He didn't mind her doing that. It was romantic in his eyes. It was a hassle in hers, but she understood.

"Hey! There you guys are!" someone called. The four of them looked to the source of the voice. They smiled when they saw Ethan running through, his hand clutching Madison's.

"What're you guys still standing around here for?" he asked excitedly "come on, the carnival across the street's open. Everybody's going!"

They all looked at each other, silently deciding to go to this carnival. All the couples went hand in hand to the fairground full of fun.

They must've spent hours at there. Ferris wheels, bumper carts, roller coasters, cotton candy, popcorn, soda, tea cups, tea cups again, being sick on the tea cups, being sick on the roller coaster, not being sick on the Ferris wheel. It was a wonderful day.

After all of that, they all decided to go to Ethan's new house. His parents knew he was coming back, so they decided to go out for the night.

So, as Ethan opened the front door, his mother decided to slide across the floor, looking at her watch.

"You're a little early," she said "I thought you'd be gone for a while yet. Oh well. I'm ready anyway. C'mon!"

Eve leaned next to Ethan's ear "Your mom's-

"Shut up," Ethan cut her off.

Ethan's dad soon appeared also. They left rather quickly, allowing the kids to be alone.

"We SHALL return later!" Ethan's dad emphasized the word with a mock military impersonation "be good. I don't want to move again because the house set on fire. Good night."

The room was silent momentarily, but everyone that wasn't Ethan had a sly grin on their face.

"Hey Ethan," Jamie started "your parents are-"

"Shut up," Ethan growled, pinching the bridge of his nose. He turned to see Jamie with an eyebrow arched "please." Ethan added wisely.

Jamie's face relaxed, but she still had her attitude.

They all sat on the couches around the room and watched movie. They ordered pizza too. Well, they ordered four, y'know. It was just the six of them and it was so awesome, fun…it was comfortable. Ethan and Zac still weren't all the close and Chris mostly whispered into Jamie's ear, but the girls were social, so they forced the boys to be social too.

"I am going to go get us a soda," Zac announced "anyone else?"

Eve, Jamie, Madison and Chris raised they're hands. Ethan wasn't thirsty but he raised his hand just so Zac would have that little bit more work to do.

Ethan then stood up and whispered something into Madison's ear. Then he walked over to the balcony door, opened the glass slider and stepped out. He went to the edge and leaned against the banister.

'Eve,' Eve heard Madison's voice in her head, she turned to find Madison looking away, she was communicating through Eve's psychic pathways 'go talk to Ethan, please.'

Eve stood up and stepped out onto the balcony, closing the slider behind her. She walked up the Ethan and leant against the banister next to him.

"What's up?" She asked.

"You know I still don't like Zac," Ethan started.

"Yeah," Eve chuckled lightly "I figured. Just as long as you don't kill him I won't mind."

"And if he kills me?" he asked.

"We'll send your family nice flowers," Eve joked. They both laughed.

"Y'know something?" Eve looked at him "when we first met, before anything with Arceus happened, I think I had a crush on you."

"Oh really?" Eve said "well, I'll be damned. I think I had a crush on you."

Ethan looked at her with mild surprise. There was always a connection between them. It had never been explored nor had they tried to explore it. They never really had the chance.

"So, if we had gotten together," Ethan asked "what do you think we'd be doing right now?"

"…asking ourselves one of two things," Eve responded "either, what would've happened if we hadn't gotten together or what would've happened if we hadn't broken up."

Eve looked up at Ethan firmly.

"You and I were never meant to be," Eve said "I can see the future. But more specifically, I can see the future as it will turn out with the decisions made so far. The future is always changing. If I looked into your future right now, tomorrow you might make a decision that completely alters what I saw."

"You're a wonderful friend of mine Ethan," Eve smiled "and that is all I need you to be. It's also all you need to be for yourself. Besides, Madison is a much better match."

The two of them shared a hug and then went back inside to finish the movie. Madison was sitting in Ethan's lap with his arms wrapped around her shoulders. Eve lay down in front of Zac; his head nestled in the crook of her neck and their fingers intertwined.


That night was not supposed to be crazy or wild as many graduations are. That night was three couples, six friends, together for one last time.

Chris was going to Pewter City. Madison was going to Blackthorn City. Zac was staying in Ecruteak City. Jamie was travelling all the way to Viridian City. Ethan was heading off to Olivine City. And Eve was, as you know, going to Saffron City.

They had the next two months to spend with one another. Though the first person to go off to travel would be Madison, it would be less than two weeks before they were all gone.

But certainly not forever.


17 years later…

Eve, with her hair short, pushed her keys into the lock on the front door to her house. Her house in Cinnabar Island. She pushed open the door and was attacked by three small children, each excited to see that Mommy was home.

"Hello sweethearts!" She hugged them all tightly. First her eldest, Eric (Eevee), 11. Then Sapphire (blue Zangoose), 9. And finally, Damian (Eevee), 6.

"I brought some friends over!" she announced.

Through the door came Aunt Jamie with 8-year-old Kyle (Mareep) his curly hair hiding his bright eyes, but no Uncle Chris. Then, Uncle Ethan and Aunt Maddie with Will (Eevee) aged 12 and Serena (Swablu) aged 14 with a purple streak in her hair.

All the kids went off into the garden whilst the adults opened and poured the wine and raised their glasses.

"19 years on here we are," Eve announced grinning "to Arceus' champions!" and in unison they called.

"To the Heroes of Sun and Moon!"


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